Hare: ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Colin Croft (French Leave), Derrick Gray (Primate), Les Salmon (Ever Ready) and Ian Angell (Hippo).


“A good area, good trail, good fun.”   This detailed and expressive report is all that was submitted – sums it all up tho’.

On On


Next Run  20 April: TBD (GR:) – Centre of Attraction and Easy Rider


Ed: excellent notes, Flash!




Hares: Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone).

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), David Bales (In the Lead), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Colin Croft (French Leave), Derrick Gray (Primate), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat) and Steve Booker (Dickhead).


A truly beautiful afternoon without a cloud in the sky – jus a pity ‘someone’ felled a tree across the road on Beacon Hill and no one seemed too interested in traffic control.  However, after the standard brief we entered the Training area and set off in a leftish direction for a few hundred yards (or fewer metres for those who work in metric measurement) before diving into the trees on the right with Fruit & Nut at the fore.  It was a pleasant trail down through the trees until the ground started to open out.  A short pause before picking up the trail to the left with In the Lead living up to his name.  Meanwhile, F&N, Primate and Cyclone brought up the rear which was not quite so surprising.  The trail now took the front of the pack down to a gateway beyond where the trail actually went over a stile with Petal was first to clamber over.  Then it was down through a very attractive, wooded trail where Mountain Rescue was unfortunate enough to find himself at the front.  By now In the Lead had caught up just in time to check out the path to the right while aforementioned MR went straight on to find the regroup.  Once more F&N was lucky enough to find the fresh trail that took us left and right up a very steep hill, bringing Old Thumper back from her sally forth along the wrong trail – sad thing was that had she stayed where she was she would have been closer to the trail’s eventual path; but that’s all part of Hashing.  On we went, puffing up the steep incline.  As we ran along the edge of the hillside we passed four old concrete bunkers left over from WW2 on our way to the inevitable trig point at the top.  The dulcet tones of Old Thumper now took us down the other side of the hill where it became almost sheer on the ‘interesting’ side of the path.  Down to the bottom we descended to a crossroads where once more OT found the trail to the left and led us through considerable, unavoidable, thick, wet shig that led us back parallel in the direction from which we had recently, very recently, emerged, but further down the hillside. We paralleled for a while before arriving at a very familiar junction with, to the left a very steep rise and to the right a more gentle descent.  The descent won the day and OT, Easy Rider, Ever Ready and Petal were now leading the rest as they turned off left into thicker trees following a well laid tail full of confidence; misplaced confidence, for they decided downhill was the way.  They were wrong.  The trail actually turned right uphill a bit to the top.  Hi Hat saw MR checking up the hill and made a good decision to lead the back runners and follow on for there was a fine trail leading up and over towards the large open area near the main public car park.  It was from hereon that the pack and your scribe parted.  The majority crossed the road leaving MR to check only to find he was wrong again.  However, the trail was rediscovered crossing back over the road towards Caesar’s Camp.  It was not too long before In the Lead once more established his position in Hash life.  By now Dickhead (delayed by the felled tree) appeared amongst us. He and In the Lead now, foolishly perhaps, decided to follow the trail that led back down the hill.  Meanwhile, a small group decided that, as we were going to have to gain the full height of the ridge, we would go straight up the hill and find the trail somewhere at the top.  Which we did. And we found a much relieved Primate who progressed with some doubts that he really knew where he was when he didn’t. Soon, some sooner than others, all were home again and we proceeded on to The Alma for very pleasant libation and a jest or two.


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Next Run  6 April: Vicarage Road, Bagshot (GR: 905632) – Cruise Control



Hares: Tony Soane (Sony Tone) and Brian Langford (Cyclone).

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), David Bales (In the Lead), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier), Colin Croft (French Leave), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Derrick Gray (Primate), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

Please note:  Primate turned up for Run 336 to find no one there.  He had failed to check the website and therefore not realised the list had been changed – let that be a lesson hard learnt!


Surprise, surprise – Centre of Attraction arrived with ten minutes to spare! Apologies were offered for the length of the upcoming run – the army had ‘very pleasantly’ asked the hares to avoid the vehicle test track as they would be using it.  So, Sony Tone and Cyclone had to readjust their intended and take us on an alternative.  Trouble was that the area he knew as a child had changed a bit in the last half century! Dog owners were advised to take their leads and off we went from the car park with Silvier quickly sussing out the trail down to the left (and that saved Easy Rider from a pointless foray into the wilds in the opposite direction - it was a close run thing). The trail now took us over to the A30 and we paralleled for some time until we reached a cross junction.  Here, Easy Rider was not persuaded to go under the railway bridge to check - it was not so much a feeling that it was the wrong direction but his fear of the apparently glutinous mud deposited beneath the bridge.  After a while we heard the tinny sound of Fruit & Nut’s broken horn and we were off alongside the railway line and up the next rise.  Old Thumper chanced a check into the woods while Silvier pressed on along the main track. By now, F&N had fancied an ascent up a very steep hill and his tinny trumpet encouraged the following to follow further. Near the top, by which time there was a certain slowing of the pack, F&N disappeared to the right while the rest rested until Silvier located further deposits of flour to the left and we proceeded along the ridge to the left up to the old water tower, until we saw a returning French Leave.  More delay.  Then Easy Rider picked up the trail that took us down the hill and we continued the descent only to join up with In the Lead who had now joined us at the first regroup.  Beside us were manmade undulations created for exciting mountain bikers. F&N couldn’t resist undulating and fortunately found himself on trail and so we continued our push into the countryside.  Soon we were amongst housing and came to the pedestrian bridge over the motorway.  Here we were advised of a short cut, a very short shortcut, if anyone wanted it but the main trail went straight on and on and on. Then to our relief we saw Silvier returning towards us and the next pedestrian way through to the main road.  So, having run downhill through the trees, we now found ourselves running back uphill beside the road.  A bit of a flog on, we all safely negotiated crossing over busy main roads where we were counted at the second regroup just to make sure we had survived thus far. Then there was no alternative to running through the housing estate to find a way back into the common and that was some way.  Eventually, we turned right off the main road and up and over the rise that led down to the first lake where there was the third regroup.  By now, Silvier had missed the sign and was seen running along the far side of the lake ignoring all raucous shouts to join us at the regroup.  But it was a good indication of where the trail was to lead us.  Round the ‘home’ side of the lake took us to a second lake that in turn went on to a third lake and we were now running along well defined but narrow tracks through gorse and heather.  As we ventured into more open countryside only Cyclone was missing and the pack was split further for a while but F&N once again called us on and up to the top of a rise where once more we lost the trail.  Old Thumper now took up the lead and we wended our way down the slope towards the sound of the motorway.  Now back in familiar territory, it was Mountain Rescue who took the lead down to the tunnel under the motorway and up the steep slope on the far side only to see Silvier in the far distance awaiting our return.  He claimed no knowledge of missing the last regroup and was loyally waiting for Petal to come home.  Back at the car park, Primate was already there checking that no one had marked his new car.  The Pine Ridge offered us refreshment where a jolly group managed to fit around one table to witness the arrival of a besuited F&N who really did look right out of place amongst the scruffs…


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Next Run  23 Mar: Caesars Camp (GR:829492) – Cyclone & Sony Tone



Hare Alan Jewell (Easy Rider)

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Rik Rawcliffe(Giant Haystack), David Bales (In the Lead), Sarah Nagel (Petal) and Steve Nagel (Silvier).


The Return of the Magnificent Seven.  So it rained a bit on the Hare but it was fine for the Hounds so why were so many wimping out?  It was a simple start as we turned left on to the main road towards Deepcut Rail Bridge but we turned off into the woods before getting to the bridge.  Here started a looong straight run up above the canal – but it was pleasant enough and the excessive shig along the way kept a certain awareness amongst the runners.  And so we proceeded, sloshing along through the mud with a plunging right that took us down to the canal side with Silvier and In the Lead doing what they know best at the front. Skirting the boat yard took us to the first regroup where the leaders restarted by going off in entirely the wrong directions.  The rest of the pack crossed the canal and turned back towards home and, almost opposite the boatyard, we turned left and up a smart new walkway to a black topped road in the woods.  And what did we do?  We turned back to continue our progress eastwards parallel to the canal but out of sight of it but now in sight of the railway.  The road led us over the railway bridge and we set off through the trees towards the main Deepcut-Pirbright road.  Over the road, into the woods on the far side, wending our way down to a familiar junction of tracks.  Silvier was still well to the fore encouraging us to catch up with him.  Now, before we started this run, we were told that some the markings were created using twigs and branches in case the heavy earlier rain washed away the flour (a tip apparently gleaned from Baldrick’s Time Team).  Such was Silviers’s eagerness to proceed with great pace that he ran past the first (relatively inconspicuous) wooden arrow but also somehow missed the second one – and this one measured some 4 feet by 3 feet and was pretty obvious.  Anyway, the trail now took us up one of those particularly steep inclines but was made a little easier by not going straight up.  On top was the next regroup where we waited for Petal who in turn was leading a shattered looking Fruit & Nut.  Silvier now decided the front was no longer his position and volunteered to let someone else go at the front.  That didn’t last for long and soon he was taking us down through the trees having spotted the wooden arrow that was now made out of tree trunks 12 inches in diameter to a well known open space where there was a delay as Hounds sought the way ahead.  Giant now took up front running as the rest of the pack tried to catch up from their fruitless flour hunt. Through more trees, across the Old Guildford Road, across the wide open space and down the hill on the other side.  Now here’s the sad bit: your scribe, ever reluctant to lose hard won altitude, lost the pack from whom no calls or cries were heard and no response to his ‘Are you?’ given.  But he was not alone – no, the ever-lagging Fruit & Nut was in similar frame of mind and equally out of contact.  So, they knew the quick way home and took it. Meanwhile the main pack continued on the scenic trail that led them to the bottom of the hill, turned right into trees off piste then climbed uphill for a change, picking up another bike trail off piste and emerged onto a track more or less following the telephone/electricity pylons back towards the canal. At a cross track another right turn for 200 yards before turning left along a fence which took them up to the top of the hill where there was a viewing point overlooking Farnborough Abbey.  Back down the hill onto a familiar track through the gate that led to the Frimley/Pirbright road, left to the canal bridge and along canal to exit at Deepcut bridge and back. Finally they gathered in the Rose and Crown at Frimley Green where F&N regaled the assembly with tales of the end of the world and his plans for an escape to Mars – or something…

On On

Next Run  9 Mar: Lightwater Country Park (GR:902618) – Sony Tone & Cyclone




Hares Derrick Gray (Prime8) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready),

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Ian Angell(Hippo), Colin Croft (French Leave), Tanya Jacobs-Cusack(One More Time), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), and Rik Rawcliffe(Giant Haystack).


There was encouragement at the start when briefed that there was to be only one regroup which, for Deepcut, indicated a short run.  Overcast and cool we set off from the car park over the main road following Fruit & Nut straight over and into confusion.  Hippo checked left, Easy Rider called us on having seen French Leave and Hi Hat disappearing up the to the right path.  Not so much confusion now as we wended our way to a church, through the graveyard and on to another road across our front.  We were now in a posh part of the country with some ‘lovely’ houses.  Now we turned off and into a well fielded area and on to more woods.  French Leave and Giant set off to the right while Sony Tone continued straight on muttering about it being the more likely route.  He was right and the ‘On On’ call nearly brought Sony back to the main pack – but he soon saw what was happening and continued on his original way.  The trail was now heading across a wide open area leading towards the noisy motorway.  One More Time was now heading the pack that had paused to see what she was up to.  Soon she was retracing her steps to follow the pack that had turned off to parallel the motorway.  Fruit & Nut came across a prostrated French Leave who appeared to be doing some press-ups.  He was actually trying to get up having been downed by a protruding tree root.  We now went through the tunnel under the motorway and passed into the Windlesham Arboretum for our regroup.  There was some very interesting running now; ‘things’ all over the place – things like giant garden pots, decorative ponds, ‘Roman temples’ as well as some splendid trees, lots and lots of trees as one may well expect in such a place.  One More once more ignored the ‘THIN ICE’ warning sign and went off in the wrong direction, French Leave headed towards the motorway (also wrong) and Sony soon called us straight on - to yet another road that had to be crossed.  Easy Rider now took the lead and led a well strung out pack across yet another open area with a couple of horses for company and down to… another road.  Over we went and joined a footpath running parallel to said road and into a housing estate.  The FRBs got it wrong and so finished at the back for a while - actually not quite at the back - that was Hippo’s privilege.  As we progressed through some trees with One More, Giant and Easy Rider to the fore again, the back runners were given the chance of a short cut which they gratefully followed.  Sony and Cyclone then checked out the wrong route leaving MR to go for the true trail and the ‘On In’.  On the way he met a worried Ever Ready who had seen nothing of the FRBs who seemed to have just disappeared.  However, on arrival at the car park, the FRBs were already changed and ready for the On Inn and denying having taken a short cut.  They did have to admit that they may have gone wrong somewhere…

Soon, quaffing was the order of the day at The Surrey Cricketers with a few jests thrown in for good measure.

On On


Next Run  23 Feb: Entrance to Princess Royal Barracks (GR:902568) - Easy Rider




Hare ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control).

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Brian Langford (Cyclone),
Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Karen Allen (Designer), Ian Angell (Hippo), David Bales (In the Lead),
Dave Collin (Sorry), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Sharon Harvey (Olympic Feat), Steve Osborne (Wally), and Ben Ralston (Lonely).

Dull - the weather that is - but the sun really did look as though it was trying to get through the thick cloud.  Hippo had spotted some flour on his way in to the car pack and so led the pack back out through what was now the exit.  It was a good start but from there he went downhill by turning left when everyone else turned right; that is apart from Cruise Control who picked up a pair of keys that were still warm and stopped to ask if any Hasher had dropped them. There appeared to be no one but Hashers in the area so it was a reasonable presumption that they belonged to one of us.  None would admit to owning them, so they were later handed in to the Golf Shop to await a claimant.  Meanwhile the pack, now joined by Centre of Attraction and In the Lead, continued along an overgrown track leading to the main road.  Most turned right – that was not right for the trail crossed the road to the left and after a lengthy wait for traffic we all managed to get across (apart from Hippo, still astray). The trail ahead looked very long as we started to follow the fence line of the range safety area and it looked as though it was going to be a very, very long one.  Having covered excessive distances, the FRBs started to lose confidence and then came back having lost the trail.  The tail enders picked up a trail running parallel and back the way we had just come but turned to stay beside the range fence that followed considerable undulations of great steepness with Wally giving commentary on whether we were going up or down. At the top we arrived at the first regroup.  Once all gathered the pack split to check the three possibilities.  Fruit & Nut followed Olympic Feat to the right while Wally kept straight on.  It was In the Lead and Sorry who picked up the middle trail and we followed on through some pretty close but immature trees to the Married quarters area and around to the back of the Officers Mess.  Instead of crossing the main playing fields we turned into the housing estate and across the attractive circle and on over the road to the second regroup where we patiently waited for Prime 8 and Hippo to join us.  Setting off again, it was the straight choice that won the day but this is where it started getting a little tricky.  The pack had become spread out and there was insufficient calling from the front.  Your Recorder found himself alone and his cries of ‘Are you?’ led only to the also lost Cyclone, Wally and Fruit & Nut turning to join him in response to his calls  (NOT very helpful!).  Wally then reckoned he’d found the trail and went off on his own while the other three decided to go for home.  Wally was not seen again.  In the bar it was apparent that those who had earlier returned safely were hugely concerned with the well-being of those still not returned.  So concerned were they that they had already finished their first beers…  The Golf Bar chips were as good as ever!

On On


Next Run  9 Feb: Windlesham Recreation Club (GR:935639) – Prime8 and Ever Ready



Hares Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Brian Langford (Cyclone),Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Rik Rawcliffe (Giant Haystack), and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

The weather forecast was right – it was overcast and even tried to rain a bit.  We started almost at 3.05 and Centre of Attraction lived up to her reputation by screaming up the hill to park her car and leap out to join us as we were moving off.  A return to the car to switch off the lights, and a second false start before really getting going and there was no stopping her – for a while.  The pack, led as expected by Silvier, set off down the hill across the open space north of the car park.  Fruit & Nut disappeared into the bushes for some reason while the rest stood around chatting and catching up with the current gossip.  Typical Deepcut.  Silvier came back from his early exertions having found a bar.  Almost off in the correct direction, he missed the vital blob and kept straight by the entrance to the woods.  However, Petal found the change of direction and Giant Haystack, cutting back from his investigations announced the discovery of the trail and he was off like the preverbial.  Soon the whole pack was following the stream that they had to cross.  Along the other side for a while before finding they had to cross another branch of the same stream.  A third crossing got everyone moving through close trees with Silvier now leading the pack – the wrong way!  Giant again found the trail that led to a main junction of tracks.  It was satisfying for the Hare to see the pack well split, all going up false trails:  Ever Ready up the hill to the right, Silvier dashing around tracks to the left, and once more Giant spotting a potential way forward along the perimeter fence of the fast test track and we were on again.  A short delay before the trail was picked up wending its way through the thick forest ahead.  Once out in the open again, the pack dithered trying to find the way ahead.  Silvier had been closest but had not gone quite far enough and a Hare Hint helped him on to the next stumbling point.  Now this was more difficult to find   and it took a stationary Hare standing beside the flour before Prime8 directed the pack on.  And on they went only to be confused once more with Sony Tone convinced he was on while the rest of the pack were proceeding in the opposite direction – but too far in the opposite direction.  Because it was a difficult trail to pick up, the Hare’s Hint became invaluable.  Prime8 and Sony were now well in the lead as they strode across some very rough and wet ground leading the regroup.  Once on the move again, Silvier shot off in the wrong direction as did Giant while Petal and Cyclone went past Ever Ready who was investigating along similar lines.  The pack was split at a junction, but the down hill wanders won the day and soon we were across the main road.  Now Easy Rider came into his own as he strode off leading the pack up a track that would end with a back back if he’d been allowed to get there.  However, he was called back by Silvier who had found the trail leading along a drainage ditch.  Unfortunately he failed to spot the trail going off to the right over the ditch and up the hill through more rough undergrowth.  Up and over we went, going down the other side and suddenly left into some dark, ‘spooky’ woodland.  We gently made our way upwards along a soft fir needle covered path, then plunged down the hill and across an adjoining track.  It was here, as we neared the fishing lakes, that the cabaret started.  A military truck was struggling to get out of a sticky situation.  As reinforcements arrived to assist we decided to leave them to it – apart from Centre of attraction and Prime8 who seemed transfixed.  The rest made their way around the first lake and back into the woods on the far side where all but Silvier (who knows the area and had struck for home alone) were bemused by the lack of flour.  ‘Looking in the wrong place’ was rebuffed by claims to have searched all over a 4 mile radius but there was absolutely no flour.  So the Hare had to show them that there was flour, abundant supplies of flour if only they would look in the right place.  Most took the easy route home while Easy Rider took the difficult way with Giant’s full blown encouragement.  And so we all ended up uninjured, not too wet and contented that we had all survived the trail and arrived back before it got too dark.  Thirsts were quenched in the ever pleasant Tweseldown.

On On


Next Run  26 Jan: Pine Ridge Golf Course (GR 935639) - Cruise Control



Hares: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), David Bales (In the Lead), Tim Dodd (Hanging About), Steve Booker (Dickhead), Caroline Booker (Soggy Fringe), Paul Cobley (Horn), Peter Cunningham (Cunninglingus),
Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Ben Ralston (Lonely) and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie).


The weather was not the best but it had turned quite warm (by current standards) and foggy.  We started after the late arrival of Cunninglingus who was promising the arrival of Lonely in due course.  We didn’t wait but Sony Tone, who was on a test run after a long enforced absence, volunteered to stay at the start and offer advice.  We set off through the ‘PRIVATE – Keep Out’ gate into the gathering fog, across the sports field and into the depths of the surrounding woodland.  The trail then opened up but quickly plunged back into the woods to the left and ran back parallel to the out trail towards the car park from we which we had just departed.  Then we turned again along a third parallel path back in the direction we first set out. Dickhead suggested it was a Mountain Rescue false trail but this was quickly denied by the accused.  Yorkie sussed out the next delay taking us up to a major cross path and it was Cunninglingus who now realised the trail went straight across into more close country. For a moment Jolly Green Giant reckoned we were almost back where we started and complained about the quietness of the front runners’ calling.  The trail was comfortable to run because of the deep leaves underfoot but quite difficult to follow.  At one point Dickhead didn’t lower his head low enough and was struck by low branches returning to their normal position.  His response was a series of ‘Ow, ows’ that was met by Old Thumpers unsympathetic response of ‘Duckhead’.  Now Hanging About was at the front but this situation was not to last as once more he took the wrong trail.  Old Thumper started to query the number of observation platforms in the area - we may have been near a school but it was more like a stalag complete with watch towers and barbed wire that we had to negotiate at the first regroup situated on the far side of a locked gate.  Off to the right, following the line of pylons there was a choice - very soggy, muddy path or a gravel roadway and the more thoughtful took the latter. However, the gravel eventually gave way to a little mud before we shot off to the left to follow Horn into another leafy footpath that was full of shig.  There was another delay at the next cross junction until In the Lead called us on and JGG was heard to castigate Hanging About for taking the wrong way again and failing to ‘keep his ears open’ for the ‘On’.  We were now led through some pretty good low-lying shig alongside a lake.  The ground now undulated very gently as we approached yet another check that caused debate as to the ‘obvious’ way and the obvious way it was as we set off clockwise around the lake before heading off away from the lake. Once more, we went left with Hanging About proving again that if anyone was going got take the wrong track, it was he. For the second time we approached some horses on the path but fortunately they were to the left and we went right. At the next regroup it became apparent that F&N and Cunninglingus were chatting too much and dropping back but they did take up the invitation to move a bit faster to the regroup. Then there was a long, straight run to the third and final regroup from where we could see the line of pylons and the road so knew we had to go left to get home.  This knowledge did not help Hanging About who for the last time on this run took the wrong path… At the car park, the newfound ‘tradition’ of having no down downs for Deepcut was blown to the winds by Dickhead who awarded drinks to the hares.  This was followed by F&N who awarded Lonely, who had by now turned up and found his way around the trail alone, his down down and re-named David Bales as ‘In the Lead’.  Cunninglingus got one for trying to ‘sell’ a mucky run and Dickhead was given one in revenge for his earlier awards.  Almost as an afterthought, F&N produced some glüwein that went down very well before we reassembled at The Hatchgate where the conviviality continued for some time...

On On

Next Run 5 Jan: Windlesham Recreation Ground (GR 935639) – Prime8 and Ever Ready.






Hare: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut)

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), David Bales (On the Lead), Tim Dodd (Hanging About), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), James Roberts (No Entry) and Toby, and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).


Only the brave attended – plus Mountain Rescue cowering behind the camera


The brave few assembled on a cold, windy car park.  Centre of Attraction was nearly early and on the dot of four the Hare called for the circle and a short brief for it was too cold to hang about for long.  But Fruit & Nut ain’t know for his brevity and the briefing took almost as long as the run by which time we were glad to be on the move.  On the Lead was in the lead and the first to get up any speed and obviously did not hear the warning that running too fast increased the wind chill factor.  We set off in a north easterly direction and soon found just how difficult it was to follow a flour trail in dirty snow.  But follow we did until Hanging About took up the lead.  Three regroups, we had been told and the first was swiftly upon us – or were we upon it?  Doesn’t matter, the effect is the same and we were soon cooling off again waiting for Primate8 to catch up.  Actually, it just seemed a long time but was probably only 30 seconds.  Then we were off again with the two leaders checking trails while Mountain Rescue, in order to stay warm, ran up a third path only to find he was on.  There was a very similar experience involving Ever Ready (still in his shorts) and once more MR accidently found himself at the front.  It didn’t last for the next move took him to the rear of the pack.  Little Prick was chuntering on about being on her first real run since Swanage while No Entry struggled on carrying Toby who insisted on removing his hat and gloves and probably everything else had he been able to move more readily – overdressing is the best description, but then it was quite cool.  And so it continued but not for long before Hanging About announced the ‘On Inn’ that brought On the Lead.  We were back after just half an hour and that was absolutely right for the conditions.  A very good trail despite the weather.  Then it was off to ‘Mr Bumble’ for refreshment and a jest or two.  Short report for a short run.


On On


Next Run 15 Dec: Windlesham Recreation Ground (GR 935639) –Prime8 and Ever Ready.




Hare: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Ian Angell (Hippo), David Bales (On the Lead), Tim Dodd (Hanging About), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Colin Croft (French Leave), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Brian Holden (Mojo), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox),  Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper) and Mike Robertshawe (GM)


The weather forecast was appalling so it was good to see so many turn out.  We started by leaving the car park through ‘the hole in the hedge’ and the Hare’s hopes that the pack would plunge down the slopes to our front were thwarted by Silvier disappearing off to the left and straight into the trees. However, his lead was short lived for he took off not to be seen again until half way round the course and going in the wrong direction.  He obviously has not read Mountain Rescue’s Hints for Hares that suggests false trails are no longer than about 100 yards!  Anyway the rest continued over some steep undulations that ran parallel to the road and it was the two layabouts (Hippo and Prime8) whose lethargy paid off for it was they who were first to cross the road towards the ranges.  Now Centre of Attraction appeared, late as so often happens, but she now found herself close to the front on the pack that wended its way down the leafy track, turning up the slope now proceeding in the opposite direction and paralleling the road back on the other side towards the car park.  Through some close country we went and ended up crossing the road to Pirbright and into the woods opposite the car park from which we had left some 15 minutes before.  Over the main road we went to a regroup below the rail bridge. It was here that Prime8 and Hippo decide discretion was the better part of valour as they returned to the car park and on to the pub where there was a nice log fire burning and cool beer on tap. Now the pack split with On the Lead going straight over (false) and Hanging About going right (false).  So the GM took the now obvious route to the left but that, too turned out to be false.  It was C of A who found the devious turn up through the trees and we soon found ourselves on the level open area for a check. The pack now floundered about a bit before the anonymous ‘On’ was called and the pack disappeared into the trees. Now Bidet felt his knees had had enough so he, too, went off to the pub never to be seen again. Meanwhile Mojo was spotted keeping to the main track which was actually quite a sensible thing to do as things turned out.  The tree party seemed to be having trouble until Old Thumper called them back to the main track. At the bottom of the hill was a check – and a backwards running Silvier who decided to complete the trail the wrong way round.  The rest followed Petal and C of A into the trees and followed the trail over and down to a newly opened up area.  Easy Rider checked right (wrong), Old Thumper and GM went off up a couple of false trails, and F&N inspected an empty Coke can. French Leave checked out the steep (and correct) hill path upwards and onwards to the next regroup and a chance to gasp while resting. FL sussed the trail again after Old Thumper and Mojo had found the false trails and set off along a lengthy downward sloping track.  FL now celebrated his success by falling over and was soon overtaken.  The returning front runners claimed there was a bar on the track but after a word from the Hare found the bar was in fact an arrow leading the pack through some mixed close countryside.  At this stage comments were being made about the lack of daylight as On the Lead and Mojo took us to the large open ‘plain’ where GM was shown the rough general direction to take for we did not wish to interfere with soldiers resting in the area.  Having crossed to the far side the pack fell down into the dell where again there was a bit of a problem finding where the trail now went.  Taking pity on the two who had done more than their fair share of checking, On the Lead and Hanging About took the lead and led the pack along the railway fence up to the top of Tunnel Hill.  With fading light, the GM was once again told which path to take.  He did so for a while but then didn’t spot the flour leading off through the heather.  Timely calling put that right and soon the pack was wending its way down towards the ‘In’.  A back track caught some and there now seemed to be a reluctance to lead.  However, Easy Rider found himself at the front and it was he who had found the trail leading to home while most others floundered back on the hills.  A simple run down quite a long track took us almost back but then there was that last drag back uphill to the cars.  As we arrived, so began the rainfall – immaculate timing.  The On Inn was the White Hart where a jolly ale or two was supped…

On On

Next Run 1 Dec: Yateley Common (GR: 838595).



Hare: ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control),

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Ian Angell (Hippo), David Bales (On the Lead), Tim Dodd (Hanging About), Derrick Gray (Prime8) and Brian Langford (Cyclone),

The sun faded, the wind blew, clouds gathered (as did nine worthy Hashers) at the appointed time and re-appointed place.  The Hare’s brief was: “It’s not over there.” And after some prodding: “There are two, or maybe three, regroups”  and “It’s not a long one.” So with that we set off and then realised that Centre of Attraction was not with us despite expectations.  We left the Hare with some flour to indicate where we had gone. We set off downhill away from the road.  We had experienced CC’s devious about turns before so were being careful to try to avoid a repetition.  On we went and around and on some more.  At a check with three obvious options Hanging About didn’t, On the Lead wasn’t and Cyclone departed to check them out.  Then Fruit& Nut went off in a most unlikely direction only to find the ‘On’ once more.  We now headed into a huge loop that almost took us back in the direction from which we had come.  We had fallen for it again and we started to go uphill with On the Lead back in the lead.  He turned sharply left up a very steep incline before reaching the top only to go down the other side.  Snide, muttered comments from the Hare about keeping to the high ground did not improve the situation as we had to descended once more.  The front running was now between Hanging About and On the Lead (but they weren’t always there as time will tell).  We progressed wending our ways back and forth and followed our leaders up (again) until we broke out into open country.  Then we found the wounded Easy Rider and Prime8 approaching from our right, telling us that they had been on the trail the whole time.  As the rest had also been on trail, it became apparent that there were more dastardly deeds in the area.  Now Mountain Rescue took the lead back down the ‘other trail’ and at the bottom of the slope found a Hare in paroxysmal great giggling who was dead chuffed that his figure of eight had worked so well.  Now back where we had been some time before, MR was the first to find a trail, only to hear another cry of ‘On’ from a very different direction – so we parted.  MR’s trail went for some way before it ended with a check already kicked out.  By now, the pack was distant but just audible and he soon caught up with Prime8 and Hippo struggling up a steep, narrow gulley.  From the top it was the same old story; down again in a very similar gully to that up which we had recently risen.  It was from a low altitude regroup that F&N and Prime8 took off up in most unlikely looking direction but it was the latter who found himself at the front of the pack (for at least thirty seconds) but it was now Hippo who soon took the lead for much longer (at least ninety seconds for it was not possible to overtake on the narrow footpath).  More hilly running, more twists and turns.  Soon we were heading for home and broke out of cover on to the main road for a while with Cyclone now well in the lead.  But, he was not looking and missed the change of direction across the road and back into the woods.  The two main front runners were keen to catch up so they, too, missed the turn.  Now MR was able to lead them to the ‘On In’, for once not caring too much that he was at the front (until it started going up a bit more steeply when he was easily overtaken).  It had taken us just about an hour to complete the course only to be told by CC that the whole trail was only four kilometres and was in just one grid square…

‘Twas a pity there were not more hounds for it was an interesting trail in very pleasant countryside.  But then, it is often the case that quality not quantity…


On On

Next Run 17 Nov: Tunnel Hill (GR 918558) if all goes as currently planned.


Hare: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider),

Hounds: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Sharon Harvey (Olympic Feat), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Rik Rawcliffe(Giant Haystack), Dave Collin (Sorry), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

After the previous evening’s torrential rain the sun truly shone on the Deepcut Hash and produced a glorious sunny, but cool, afternoon.  The Hare gave scant briefing and Centre of Attraction turned up, grateful that we had waited for her.  “Over there” we were told so over there we went. Over the cattle grid and immediately left towards the wooded uphill bit where we rose to a higher level.  Then we descended until we came to the wide open plain across which we crossed to the undulations of the far side where we undulated forever – and ever, with an uphill bias.  It was pretty. And Olympic Feat was heard to express her delight by squeaking excitedly “It’s here!” And a little later “It’s here again!”  Cruise Control came to her rescue with a mighty roar of the more recognisable “ON ON”, and so we proceeded. The sun shone through the trees, the ground was dry and puff was short. We undulated – and undulated.  It was new boy ‘Sorry’ who found the on so we followed, and undulated.  We ran above and beside the A 325 for a few moments and for one dreadful moment it looked as though we were to return back through the undulations from whence we came.  But, no, the Hare was not that unkind although he did admit the thought had crossed his mind.  We arrived at the first regroup – and what a regroup it was.  We could see for miles and also see Hi Hat in a familiar squat on a tree trunk. The cold air was the trigger to get the pack on the move as soon as possible and soon the sound of Cruise Control was heard, shortly followed by “Ow! Ow! Ow! OW!”  Later, Giant Haystack admitted it was he, not CC, who was surprised by the vicious attack of the gorse bushes through which we were now running.  By this stage we were proceeding downhill to join a main track and on to the second regroup.  It was here that Ever Ready noted and announced that Petal was looking a little ‘peeky’ – a comment that was not going to help her hurting leg one jot. Suitable castigation was issued. At the restart, it was interesting to see the good illustration of advice given to Sorry – DON’T FOLLOW SILVIER!! For as Fruit & Nut took the left fork, Silvier took the right. Silvier was wrong.  This was a strange sight indeed; not because Silvier was wrong,  but because F&N was at the front of the pack and blowing his horn as hard as he could – normally he causes consternation by blowing his horn from the back.  Down to the lakes we went only for the Hare to call the front runners back as they had missed a significant right turn that led us along a familiar track, over a surprisingly small patch of shig (normally it can be vast but seems to have developed a leak somewhere) on to one of the major roads through the area where there was no pause for recovery.  Instead, we paralleled the Bourley Road all the way back to the car park.  It was long.  Very long and straight for DH3 and Hi Hat was somewhat disappointed after running the whole way  only to find out it was all downhill to the On In.

Now there was a difference.  Down Downs have never been popular with DH3 so a decision was made that in future there would be none.  Instead, the Hare(s) would be treated to a beer at the On Inn to reward effort and outlay.  Easy Rider was the first to appreciate this change of tradition and appreciate it he did – we hope.


On On…

Don't miss the next run on 3 November ...  Windlesham Recreation ground (GR: 935639).




Hare: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), David Bales (On the Lead), John Elder (Seis Matters), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Sharon Harvey (Olympic Feat), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Rik Rawcliffe(Giant Haystack), Mike Robertshawe (GM), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi) and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie).

The weather was exceeding kind for this Hash.  The morning rain stopped and the sun shone on the pack as they set off into the training area – for nearly 100 yards before grinding to a standstill at the first check. It was not an easy one and soon the pack was a pack no longer but a wandering mass on the search for flour.  The ‘On’ was called by On the Lead (?) who had proceeded straight on before veering to the right and finding the trail on another main track.  Soon, we swung off to the left and into closer country. And then found ourselves following the pylons for a while. Having now gone out into the open we could see the front runners led by Seis swinging round to join a figure on the top of a sunny hill top.  Seis and Giant Haystack seemed reluctant to turn back but turn they did for there was a regroup at the top of the hill. Primate8 managed to beat GM and MR to the top (but then it was not a race so no kudos there) and even the Hare with his horn was keeping up.  It was obvious to all that the only way to progress now was to go down and it was Giant Haystack who struck lucky with his choice of track and we descended down a tricky path to another check.  GH went one way, MR another, shortly to find themselves at the back of the pack with Seis once more striding up another slope in the other direction to the second regroup. From here it was GM who located our way forward but he soon found himself at a back check.  Yorkie now led us up to the top and we proceeded along a ridge that followed parallel to the pylons.  Then came another check that held us up for not long as we plunged down the other side of the ridge to follow Seis along a long path through the open countryside.  Into a wooded area we went, bursting out into the sunshine once more and a one blob check. Yorkie now had the bit between his teeth as he took us to a false trail that wasn’t really and on then to the third regroup. From here it was a simple run home with Yorkie showing us the way along quite a long, straightish track in where down downs were duly served up to the Hare for laying the trail, to the Grand Master for getting all the back checks and to Prime8 for completing all of the trail.  Yorkie got his for being ‘the right doer’ (no idea why!) and Olympic Feat for her athleticism.  By this time your scribe had done a runner and has no idea where the On Inn was…

So, On On On to next time




Hare: Flash Gordon (Cruise Control)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), David Bales (On the Lead), Ray Darby (Honey Monster), John Elder (Seis Matters), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Osborne (Wally), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over), Karen Allen (Designer), Ian Angel (Hippo), Chris Farmer (Bidet).

A very keen and expectant pack met up at the Pine Ridge Golf Club being informed they would have a last chance for much sunshine, and temperatures soaring as high as 77° F(25°C) before seasonal rain in 24 hours, and a trail by an imaginative Hare, Cruise Control.  The Hare declared a relaxing trail with a number of regroups, the trail not crossing any golf greens.  The pack took off to cover areas for the first ‘On-On’, to be called ‘On’ by Ever Ready over a fixed-gate onto a woodland track for a good jaunt and Designer flying her way to the first check with at least five options.  Old Thumper showed spirit heading on out and a little left to call ‘On’ a grassland track that took the pack circuiting into more woodland.  Another check, adjacent to the golf-course, where three golfers were considering their next drive when a Lady golfer offered us some white golf-balls to firm-up our trail!  Fruit & Nut took her up on the offer.  Continuing on up into the woods with ever more interesting checks that saw Seis Matters bravely going out on a number of options.  On the Lead’s four-legged friend, Leo, also enjoyed the various options.  We emerged out of deep woodland on to a forester’s track (big enough for horse and cart) for a regroup, and four-way check.  ‘On’ was called left and fifty yards before cutting right, back into the woods and a climb up to a somewhat challenging circuit to take the pack left.  Fruit & Nut erroneously went straight ahead to meet a military fieldforce training group on ‘field’ target practice so he added a mile or so before rejoining the trail.  Good woodland with nice and interesting tracks through trees and bushes took the pack east to hit the ‘Northern Way’ between the RLC Camps and the golf course to eventually hit the ‘On-Home’ and the On-In to the RV.  The pack regrouped a the ‘Pine Ridge Bar’ where down-downs were awarded to the hare for a fun-trail, to Wally for confessing he was on home-ground, to Hippo and to On the Lead for keeping four-legged friends in tow.  A good brew was enjoyed on the Club patio with all much enjoying the sunshine before the autumn-of-change.



The Pink Panther



Hare: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider) AGAIN! (web ed. 'He's a sterling chap')

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), David Bales (On the Lead), Ray Darby (Honey Monster), Brian Holden (Mojo), John Elder (Seis Matters), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagle (Silvier Fox), Steve Osborne (Wally), Ron Peasley and Mette Sorensen (Leg Over).

There was a little dampness in the air and it was not from the mouth of Easy Rider (he wasn’t really spitting) who found himself lumbered as hare  for the third time in succession (is this a record?).  Anyway, sympathy aside the next problem was the presence of Wally who wanted to know just what the backside we were doing in his park.  He had brought with him three heavies to make sure he survived the trail and the ‘heavies’ were welcomed to join us – little did we know they were fast ‘heavies’ who led for much of the way. So we set off across a football field with Silvier in the lead in the wrong direction (OK, so what’s new?).  Old Thumper got us back on to the correct alignment and Mojo took us off further into the open parkland.  Meanwhile, Fruit & Nut was limping along on his strained Achilles tendon while Wally tried to get him interested in the BLT Run the following day when he would experience a Hash the like of which had not been experience ever before - and here was a ‘new’ boy talking to a true veteran (in more ways than one) of the promise of a new experience - it was not encouraging.  The trail took us over the miniature railway line to the bank of the canal up to the Basingstoke Canal Information Centre where we had our first regroup.  It was Silvier again taking up the lead across the open field and through the gate into the jungle beyond.  Straight across the track and uphill went we; up and up, crossing all lateral paths, and still up.  Then we turned left and found ourselves going down and down to the major cross junction below the Old Guildford Road start point and a check. There was Wally doing his thing and telling us that that it was a regroup and we had got our signs wrong. Actually it was here we thought there was an example of significant, devious Hash Haring; Silvier went off into the open countryside to the right and Seis Matters up the hill towards the OGR.  It was Ever Ready who now found the trail going in completely the ‘wrong’ direction, and we were taken back towards the canal before turning off into yet more jungle.  Clever move, we thought; but then the Hare spoiled the illusion by admitting he had to change direction because of military activity in the area.  At the next major crossroads, Seis was straight off up the hill closely followed by On the Lead whose little dog was unable to keep up, and with Wally being encouraged to go off on the wrong track to the right.  Now Silvier found the trail turning left up through the trees towards the viewing point at the top of the hill. As the previous front runners cut across to the top, Silvier did his best to destroy their lead by calling ‘On back’ before admitting he was just joking.  At the top, Mountain Rescue now took the lead before colliding with Silvier who was still in a hurry to regain the lead.  Now Seis found himself at the front but lost the flour and his confidence and decided the trail may have been back through the trees.  Mountain Rescue’s perseverance paid off and the call was given for the pack to join him along the road to the bridge back over the canal.  From there it was an easy trot home where we witnessed Seis running across a large open area having gone too far along the canal and found Silvier already home having also ‘erred’.  Then it was the Down Downs – they caused considerable exaggerated yawning but our RA was determined to keep going by awarding drinks to the ‘Unbeatable Hare’, to the returning Hi Hat for being an excessively AWOL Hasher and to Honey Monster and Mojo for joining us as ‘well established Hashers’.   ‘On the Lead’ was duly named and Silvier got his for being ‘poorly camouflaged’ by wearing the wrong shirt or something obscure.  Wally got one for his Hash ignorance – a charge that he refuted but drank up nonetheless.  Then it was to the Rose and Thistle at Frimley Green for well deserved refreshment and continuing mirth.

ON ON ‘til the next one…


Hare: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider)

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Derrick Gray (Prime 8), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Colin Croft (French Leave), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tim Dodd (Hanging About) and Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction).

The weather forecast was not good – nearly correct but not good.  The rain wasn’t ‘torrential’ but it did keep up an increasingly steady rate of precipitation.  The Hare was the only member of Deepcut staff to turn up and he had to because he was responsible for the trail.  He tried to change the rules by staying in his car while the pack ran but he was not allowed to get away with that one.  If we were going to get wet, so was he.  He gave his brief: “If you can find any flour, good luck to you.  It’s that way…”  So that way we went from the lake’s side into the woods along the main road; for a while.  At the first major junction, the pack split.  Hanging About kept straight up the road, Old Thumper went off along the edge of the lake to the right, some meandered around the road to the left and the rest didn’t bother to even meander.  The Hare was concerned because his first marker had been washed away.  OT found the remains of the trail and soon we were back off on the ‘on’.  Underfoot was extremely soggy and Hanging About took over the lead and ran off further into the trees between the two legs of the lake as we now gently increased altitude.  The first regroup was at a main junction and the pack was remarkably ‘together’ at this stage.  HA started off to the right and OT continued uphill, with the former being on the correct trail. Positions were changed at the next junction where OT found herself ‘on’ again along a long, straightish uphill but soon the running order reverted to their former positions.  In fact, these two were dominating the front running – not that anyone else was complaining.  Uphill we went, still uphill along twisting and turning close, dripping shrubbery.  Then we were confronted with a check of many directions.  The pack split to cover all possibilities but this time it was Ever Ready who found himself on trail as we now started to go downhill through some attractive woodland that would have looked so much better in sunshine.  By now HA was back at the front and led us over several cross tracks to another great selection of possibilities.  He took us uphill again and the flour trail had become very difficult to see.  However, the hawk eyes of HA were working well and we were kept working quite hard.  There was a plaintive hoot from Fruit & Nut’s horn – it sounded as though he was trying to let us know that he was still around and hanging in at the back and would soon be joining us at the second regroup.  Once more HA was off on the right trail until we approached another junction where we momentarily lost the trail.  However, Mountain Rescue now found himself at the front on his way back towards the lake and came across the ‘On In’ still quite a long way from home.  Later, the Hare did admit he’d had enough of laying flour and thought we’d find our own way home.  Well, MR slowed a bit and was immediately overtaken by HA, Ever Ready and French Leave who almost straightway took a wrong track and found themselves at the lakeside in thick undergrowth with no easy way through.  Meanwhile, the slower MR spotted the trail marker and took the easy (and correct) way home.  It was some ten minutes before OT and C of A turned up having taken a wrong turn somewhere, and a further five minutes before Prime8 and F&N returned.  The Hare got his Down Down for what was actually a very pleasant run in the rain.  Other recipients were Prime8 who had known the area of old (very old, in fact most ancient of days) Hanging About for his leadership and Centre of Attraction for allowing her dog to cheat before the run started!  We repaired to The Crown and Cushion for a very pleasant period of resuscitation where Fruit & Nut eventually joined us, complaining that he had collected a puncture (well, actually his car had been given one).  There was much mirth, advice about timing and the weather conditions and not a drop of sympathy.  Later, quite some time later, it was witnessed that F&N, who has spent his ‘working’ life in transport, seemed happy to watch the gallant Hanging About change his wheel for him.  The rest of the watchers decided it was simply too wet to stand and watch for a moment longer…





Hares: Ian Lowers (City Slicker) and Alan Jewell (Easy Rider)

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Derrick Gray (Prime 8), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Flash Gordon (Cruise Control), Ken Allen (Designer), Dave Allen (Spring Along), Ian Angel (Hippo), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Colin Croft (French Leave), Tanya Jacobs-Cusack (One More Time), Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Steve Osborn (Wally),

No 1 Hare was being totally truthful when he described his run as ‘short and constricted by the firing ranges, the railway and private land’.  Wally set off with great alacrity while the rest sauntered away, apparently taking little interest.  In the distance, Wally could be seen running around searching for the trail and then he disappeared through a gap in the trees.  The rest passed through a separate gap and now Cruise Control was in the lead with the No1 Hare not far behind, thus encouraging CC to continue at his unnecessarily fast pace.  He was too fast for his own good.  Mountain Rescue soon regretted being so close to the front when he found himself front runner for a while.  The trail led through the trees to a stream over which we had to pass.  However, the natural form of events soon meant that CC and now One More Time took the lead to the first regroup sign, the latter enjoying the softness of the forest floor under her feet.  We regrouped as one does, but no Wally.  The ‘On’ looked too obvious but sucked CC along while the more wily MR and OMT set off up the rise where they found they were completely wrong and CC was correct.  The trail now took the pack across the main road towards the rail bridge under which we did not go.  We turned smartly right and followed the railway fencing until we had to get back up the embankment and back across the main road.  The way forward was through bracken but soon joined a better worn path that was easier to follow all the way down to the stream.  Some were lucky enough to witness Designer leap for the far bank, water bottle clenched in teeth, as she just managed to grab a small tree trunk to stop herself falling back into the water.  CC was kind enough to offer to save her water bottle, while Easy Rider’s offer to assist her bodily was flatly refused.  Meanwhile, MR knew there was a crossing point a bit further on and slunk off to find it only to realise that he was being followed by half the pack.  The other half were still searching for the ‘On’ while MR led his group back to try to make it look as though they had been on trail all the time.  Up on the main road, Wally was spotted going in the wrong direction but was too far away to appreciate what we were up to.  Soon, both parties joined up at a regroup on the open area alongside where our cars were parked.  Still no Wally.  We set off again in a loop around the field that eventually (quite quickly actually) took us back to the car park.  Half way through the Down Downs, Wally was seen in the distance wending his way home.  Down Downs were awarded to the ‘Rubbishy Hares’ (actually, most of us appreciated the short run, either because of upcoming appointments or because it meant more time in the pub).  Dave Allen got his as the new boy in town and was named ‘Spring Along’, Designer and Petal for being girls who really care, Hippo for inexplicable reasons and Wally for getting back eventually.  It was Old Thumper’s birthday so she got a Hashy Birthday after distributing very tasty cakey thingys and then some retired to the White Hart for a traditional ale (and untraditional wasps).  Short run (1.33 miles and 30 minutes – boy o boy did we get a shift on there) and a short report.


‘Til next time, ON ON



Hare: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds:), Steve Nagel (Silvier), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Sarah Nagel (Petal),  Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sue Figgis, (Centre of Attraction), Derrick Gray (Prime 8), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Flash Gordon (Cruise Control), Lizzie Gordon (Fast Ahead), Tom Gordon (Hot to Trot) , Alan Jewell (Easy Rider) and Stu Lusher (Dumpling).

A short brief of easy to understand information, an indication of direction to start and Silvier shoots off in the wrong direction, heading straight for the ‘In trail’.  Called back by Old Thumper who was listening to the brief brief, the pack as one made off up the start of Beacon Hill.  At the first available opportunity, the trio of Gordons led us into the woods.  Their downfall was being at the front for soon they came to the first back back and they found themselves now at the rear of the group that had abruptly turned into deeper woods.  The trail wound its way through the trees to a major track.  OT was off on the wrong track while Easy Rider went in exactly the wrong direction.  So it was Cruise Control who took over once more and he could be seen far, far away along the path going well.   Until, that is, he came across his second back back.  Silvier Fox was soon up there going off on the wrong track.  By now, Centre of Attraction was at the back and had more time to observe the undergrowth around her and she took up the lead as once again the trail changed direction and disappeared into thicker undergrowth.  We wended our way through the trees into more open ground and paused at a major cross tracks.  Fruit & Nut went left, Cruise Control right – both were wrong. Silvier went straight on and was almost on track but missed the flour leading over freshly mown grassland where the returned F&N spotted the trail and took us to the next regroup.  CC caught up having gone wrong and Dumpling now took a lead off to the right while F&N took the left.  The latter managed to find the false trails and go off in a circle on to the already completed outward trail, while the former found a false trail but had the sense to investigate another path while in that vicinity; good move – he soon had us off again and we followed a broad track to another check.  By now Hot to Trot was taking the lead while Dumpling investigated a well covered path to find he was ‘on’ again.  The hare anticipated the next check would be more difficult and was somewhat pleased to see the pack well spread out, mainly in the wrong direction. CC wandered so far it is thought he had discovered the ‘in trail’.  Silvier was getting warm but was beaten to it by F&N who knew the hare’s thinking too well.  The trail now went steeply uphill to the well-known trig point and the first regroup.  Dumpling had the misfortune to check down the wrong track, HtT was off along the ridge to find Silvier returning from another false trail and ‘someone’ called the pack down the correct trail where some enjoyed the grace with which Hi Hat sat on his backside (everyone had been warned it was slippery).  It was eagle-eyed Hot to Trot who now spotted the trail going off down amongst the bracken and called everyone on again.  Another false trail for Silvier, and another call from CC and HtT who this time failed to spot the sudden change of direction that OT picked up and took us through some scruffy sunlit trees.  Into close countryside, the trail turned again and took us to a one spot check that was supposed to hold up the pack.  But HtT now really had the bit between the teeth and queried the possibility of the trail following the boundary of the old reservoir.  He was off and soon everyone was following the trail that eventually led to the second regroup at the top of the hill in the pleasant sunshine.  Now we realised Petal and Fast Ahead were no longer with us.  We waited, Silvier did his husbandly thing and set off to look for them but they were not far behind and were soon with us again.  Something a little different now- the trail actual reversed back the way we had just come and OT with Petal were soon leading us back down the hill, around the old reservoir and along a defunct drain.  CC was unfortunately at the front to find he was now following a back back while the rest of the pack dropped over the edge and down to the lakes.  Again, it was OT who took the lead around the lakes and up the hill on the far side.  A pause while the pack thought and some actually sought.  Up the trail went for the last time.  The hare, having taken a short cut, arrived at a crucial junction just in time to witness Silvier run straight past the change of direction of the trail while accompanying HtT’s eagle eyes once again came into play.  Silvier had better local knowledge and quickly picked up the route home, while closely following CC and son seemed to be having a bit of a race home.  Back at base we soon realised that three were not with us.  Did anyone care? You bet your sweet bibby they didn’t.  In fact there was some relief that F&N was one of the missing for it meant a quick get away to the pub with no down downs.  So we thought.  We should have known better for twenty minutes later, F&N arrived with a tray of drinks: one for the Hare, two for Fast Ahead and HtT for being absent for so long and one for Petal (can’t remember why) who was already into her wine and really didn’t want a beer – one sip and the rest went back to and into F&N…  On On ‘til next time.



Hare: Steve Nagel (Silvier).

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Sarah Nagel (Petal),  Steve Osborn (Wally), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Steve Booker (Dickhead), Colin Croft (French Leave), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sue Figgis, (Centre of Attraction), Derrick Gray (Prime 8), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat) and Libby Ralph (Old Thumper).

In some 45 plus years of Hashing, your scribe had a new Hash experience this day – no Hare.  Not only no Hare, but no one from Deepcut at all – no trail, no Hounds, nothing.  Checked the grid reference, checked the other car parks in the area but all to no avail.  So, Silvier gamely volunteered to lay a live trail while others thought ‘straight to the pub’. Anyway, Silvier set off with a couple of small containers of flour, promising nothing too long.  Six minutes later the pack started off in the rain to try to follow the new trail but were stumped at the bottom of the first slope.  The pack split and tried the different uphill tracks until Old Thumper called the on.  By now Mountain Rescue was almost at the top of his hill and was not going to go back down only to go up the next one.  In the event, he beat OT to the check, but made the wrong guess at the next junction.  It was now Wally who could be seen through the trees making for the hinterland.  So with all the pack now on track (except Bidet who was walking wounded and making his own way complete with dog) we came across Wally returning from what he thought was a dead end. Perseverance would have paid off, for he had been on the correct trail.  It was now MR, uncharacteristically at the front, who plunged down a narrow, overgrown and dripping path over the tunnel itself, and there was the flour once more.  On rising and descending on the far side, Bidet appeared with the advice that there was no flour the way he had just come, so it was up to the open ground beyond the railway line.  Here, there was a definite pause.  OT hunted one way, a disorientated Dickhead another.  Wally tried. And MR. French Leave was seen to leave the pack but was soon deterred from the search.  Then there was short-lived relief when MR came across a check and one blob, but no more.  We looked, we hunted, we searched and got further away from each other – apart from the main group who were happier standing around waiting for the FRBs to solve the problem.  Eventually OT called the on only to be overtaken by Wally who had now stumbled on the trail the way the Hare intended.  And so it continued until your scribe found himself a long way from the rest of the pack (and now, possibly, ahead of the Hare who was hiding in the undergrowth watching intently for the chance to escape).  Oblivious of the proximity of the Hare MR continued on his now lonely way to where he reckoned the trail would exit the trees.  The rest of the pack could be heard in the distance with Prime 8 worried that he would not get back in time for the circle.  That’s how it ended.  The Hare actually made it back first after some 35 minutes with the pack following in due course with even Prime 8 getting back in time.  Wally threatened to take over the Down Downs if F&N went on for too long but it was a short welcome for the Hare whose efforts were rewarded with many a Bravo and nods and sounds of approval.  He got his Down Down and was accompanied by Petal for no real reason. Old Thumper threatened not to attend again if she got a Down Down every time she attended – she got one this time as a very professional Hasher. Ever Ready had one for his lack of observation and failure to find any of the trails, and finally to Prime 8 for fearing a late return for the circle.  The White Hart in Pirbright was our very pleasant watering hole.

So, ‘til next time (at Tweseldown)…

On On and please, Deepcut, try to get some representation!




Hare: ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control)

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Karen Allen (Designer), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Osborn (Wally) and Tom Allen (No name yet).


The small pack started celebrating the absence of Fruit&Nut when they appreciated that there would be no down downs at the end of the run!  From the car park the trail went straight into the woods and down the long, wide track.  Mountain Rescue was left trying to dislodge and ingested fly but managed to get rid of it in time to see Petal leave the main track and plunge into the cool of the woods proper.  On the way to the first check there was some genuine shig and soon the pack was trying to find the way on. The trail led intro some more open country.  Wally now set his pattern of taking the wrong road and it was Easy Rider who, with a reassuring nod from the Hare, found the way on to the original path but much further on.  Once more we found ourselves rising until we came to a check.  An attractive hole in the fence led Mountain Rescue to investigate, only to find deep shig, and the on was called  with a reassuring bellow by the Hare, taking the pack uphill again and in the opposite direction with Tom Allen leading the way to the next check. Here, Designer decided to let her son do the hard work while she rested with the remainder of the pack.  Wally was off down the hill while Tom returned having not found anything.  We had a short spectacle of Wally’s ballet movements before he disappeared round the bend (an apt expression) and the Hare once more helped the pack by confirming Wally was right this time.  So, we all trotted off in pursuit following the trend set by the Grand Old Duke of York. (And, boy, were there some hills in the area – not only steep, but plentiful).  Soon, we were at another regroup but there was no sign of Wally.  Had we lost him? Had we really lost him? If we had it was not for long for Ever Ready was now well up the next slope yelling his head off and Wally reappeared at the bottom of the hill. The Hare was now particularly unhelpful as we searched once more for the trail.  The most attractive way was past a sign forbidding entry by unauthorised persons into the ‘Euroforest’ whatever that may be. Anyway, the land now became rolling forest – and what rolls! With Ever Ready still at the front (it was, of course a small pack) we now struggled up the steepest bit of land in the area with Wally trying to persuade himself that it was ‘Flat, flat, flat…’. Daft beggar; it was about as steep as could be climbed without crampons.  At the top, things opened up a bit as we hit a confluence of major tracks and the penultimate regroup.  It was here that the Hare warned us that at this stage he was running out of flour and that we would be nearly home when we could see the church steeple.  Not that it was apparent from the amount of flour and the false trails leading away from the check.  So we set off following the track previously checked out by Tom whose mother accused him of being blind.  Helpful Hare again got us going, but not for long because the now overconfident Ever Ready was forced to return to the point where the actual trail deviated left and followed Tom.  However, he made up for it by spotting the next deviation that took the pack steeply down through the trees and back up again to join the track we had just left. Up on to a flat area with two marvellous views; and, yes, we could actually see the arch of Wembley Stadium from where we were. “It’s all downhill from here…” lied the Hare. Tom set off down the hill in the direction of Wembley, Wally wandered off straight ahead and it was Mountain Rescue who stumbled on to the trail. But not for long was he at the front because there was a myriad of small tracks going every which way.  Wally now reckoned he had he dog trained to sniff out the flour as he found himself back on track.  However, said dog didn’t see the sudden change of direction as the trail turned almost back on itself.  Here, the trail then vanished. Completely disappeared to the human eye. “I laid lots on this corner. Honest,” to quote the Hare as he pointed out slight, very slight variations in shade of off-white marks underfoot. As we now moved through some delightful, shady woods, Designer and Petal were expressing their appreciation of the cool. As we came out of the woods for the long road run for home the Hare returned to ask if we had actually seen the deer.  “What deer?”  “The one with the white moustache.  He’d been eating all the flour!” was the defensive response.  As we set off along the road, we passed the Pennyhill Sports Centre and realised we were not so close to home after all but soon, the church steeple came into view and we had made it in quite good time.  Straight to the Pine Ridge Golf Club for refreshment and in the case of the Allens, huge chunks of chocolate caramel cake and ice cream.  How much better that was than a down down…




Hares: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut) and Colin Croft (French Leave)

Hounds: Alan Fiddler (Outrider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue),  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).


It was wonderful weather but a small turnout – but what a bunch; two Fab Hares and The Magnificent Seven!  It started as before by crossing the road and heading off up the main track.  The Outrider veered off half left leaving Ever Ready and Easy Rider to follow on while Primate looked on disbelievingly.  Outrider was on and the more reluctant runners wandered in slow pursuit trying to gain some enthusiasm and inspiration.  Along a pleasant shady path we moved with our original FRBs still leading.  At the check, even Primate was there waiting for ‘someone’ to give the off once more.  Ever Ready was soon back from a dead end and it was Outrider who was soon held up once more by yet another check.  Now it was Mountain Rescue who went astray as he tried to get others to ‘buck up’ and find the trail.  Shortly, the trail surface deteriorated and we found ourselves following along what appeared to be old motorbike tracks that had hardened in the sun – not easy running.  Then it changed again and we found ourselves in amongst great deposits of fallen branches and twigs that snapped and cracked as we moved over them.  We spent quite a while now searching for the trail, but find it we could not.  Even Sony Tone and Cyclone gave up chatting for a moment or two as we started widening the search area.  After five minutes we still hadn’t found our way.  Outrider once again came to the rescue and led us across to a decent path and regroup.  Ever Ready had the luck this time as he led back out into the sunshine before soon going back into the shade along a broad path that led us to a wide open area. Although Ever Ready found the trail, somehow Mountain Rescue found himself way out front until he came to another three-way check.  Easy Rider picked up the trail and led the pack towards home.  However, the way was booby-trapped by clouds of flying midges and the prize for the biggest mouthful went to Outrider.  Easy Rider led the pack home followed by Ever Ready, MR and Outrider.  But then there was a five minute gap before the rest of the pack turned up.  Having arrived home, the Hares informed us that we had all missed out a loop of one and a quarter miles; apparently, during our extended search around amongst the debris in the woods, we picked up a part of the return trail, thus missing the loop.  Oh, joy!  The Hares got their down downs for their efforts, Outrider and Mountain Rescue received theirs for ‘camouflage efforts’, and Sony Tone in order to finish the beer.  We repaired to The Hatchgate for resuscitation and jolly jabbering.


‘Till next time, ON ON…



Hare: Alan Fiddler (Outrider) and Andy Rogers (Sky Hi),

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox),  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Colin Croft (French Leave), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Frank Farrell (C17), John Elder (Seis Matters), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over), Sharon Harvey (Olympic Feat), Flash Gordon (Cruise Control), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Zoe McAllister (Kanchi), Denise Catlin (Flying Doctor) and Dave Strauss (Straddle Various)


I t was a truly lovely afternoon for Hashing; warm, bright and with great company in a familiar area that was to produce a really good trail.  The briefing was short and we were off and up the hill to pay our respects to Wellington then down the other side.  Through some quite close countryside we went, ducking and weaving through the undergrowth until we came to some open ground that sent French Leave off in the wrong direction.  Meanwhile Silvier and Seis were searching out the trail and were soon off again until we met up with the Bourley Road and the first regroup.  Taking advantage of the pause was Hi Hat who sat himself down to conserve whatever energy he had and Sky Hi (who, as a Hare, should have known better) and Prime8 had to be called back from making a poor choice of ‘Left or Right’.  Over the road for a couple of hundred yards before diving, nay plunging, into the dense undergrowth on a trail that was fraught with nasty spiky bits.  Your reporter at this stage was keeping to the clear path that seemed to be running almost parallel to where the pack was moving only to be accosted by Straddle Various who came down to check out the area – he was wrong, too.  Then we swept up into the more hilly but more sparse woodland and Silvier with Seis continued their lead that took us to the top of a sandy hill for a check.  With most of the pack assembled at the apex, Prime8 (who hadn’t quite made it to the top) was accosted by ‘the military’ who wanted to use the same slopes for some driver training.  Silvier was the first down (again) and soon there was a file of runners following him.  Now they went right into some significant undulations in a shadier part of the countryside. The short cutters and contour followers were joined by Olympic Feat who had a sly word from a Hare and they were on again only to plunge down into the depths carefully watched by MR who was as reluctant as ever to lose hard-gained altitude. After a while he (MR) realised he was being followed by Easy Rider who didn’t really want to waste energy.  Flash was living up to his name as he sped across our front to join the descending pack.  Then Easy Rider realised he was being followed and soon half the pack was sticking to the high ground.  Shortly, the true followers trudged back up the hill only to have to revert to their lower elevation once more.  Easy Rider decided to take a ‘bold step’ to join the pack.  Eventually there was a cry from the very top of the hill and we assembled at the next regroup to admire the view.  From the top we descended to the lake to another check that took a bit of solving with Silvier and Straddle going the wrong way.  With ‘On’ called we all ended up at the top of yet another hill but from where we could enjoy the views over Farnborough.  Having got to the bottom, we were confronted by what can only be called a precipice – near vertical up where we had the third and last regroup.  Once again, it was Hi Hat who found the seat but Centre of Attraction who declared she ‘was out of condition’ collapsed on the ground beside him - but then most were feeling a bit knackered.  The ‘On’ now took us down the hill and on a route to the return over the Bourley Road.  From here it was a fairly simple run home past the stock car racing circuit.  Down Downs went to the Hares although only Outrider remained for the ceremony.  Flying Doctor and Straddle Various got theirs for being on Bourne Valley Run the night before and Centre of Attraction for turning up on time with a dog and Cyclone for turning up with his four legged friend.  Kanchi (an exuberant returnee all the way from Australia) and Mountain Rescue (a jolly good fellow) got theirs and the rest of the family who happened to be nearby got theirs for just being there.  Finally, Old Grouser was there and received his tankard as the retiring Grand Master.  The Tweseldown was selected to be allowed to offer us refreshment and a good choice it was on a bright, sunny and warm evening.





Hare: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds: Chris Farmer (Bidet), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox),  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Colin Croft (French Leave), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Frank Farrell (C17), Paul Armstrong (Back Up), Steve Booker (Dickhead), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), John Elder (Seis Matters), Alan Fiddler (Outrider), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Libby Ralph (Old Tumper), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Stu Lusher (Dumpling), Martin Woods (Top Secret), Sharon Higham (Olympic Feat) and Katie Male (Spring Along).


The weather certainly brought out the crowds today…  The RA greeted everyone, particularly the new Hashers and the returnees who hadn’t been with us for some time.  The brief was relatively quick and only once interrupted by the RA.  The pack set off down the well trodden path that leads to the Arena tunnel where it paused while some checked out the potential leads; for a while, with no result until the dulcet tones of Silvier were heard.  He had stumbled upon the trail having once again ignored the stop line.  He soon got his come-uppance but very sadly no one witnessed the incident.  It was the mud all down one side that gave the game away.  The trail went through some of the rare shiggy and rose up to cross over the driver training circuit. Silvier repeatedly got to the front and then complained about repeatedly following all the false trails. The trail now turned and twisted through the trees to the first regroup. The slower ones caught up as planned and the race was on again, crossing a lot of similar and confusing tracks. A check marker delayed the pack as the more adventurous Hounds checked out.  Silvier went off in the wrong direction (again), Old Thumper took another wrong one and kept going.  Fruit & Nut likewise selected a false trail but persevered to where it actually joined up with the correct trail (but he didn’t twig) meanwhile the rest chatted.  Eventually the message got through and Fruit & Nut called us on out into the open and up a sandy track until it veered off into the gorse.  The trail then led back down eastwards towards the Fleet Road and turned north to a back back that split the pack, most of whom backed in the wrong direction.  Old Thumper did her path finding bit once more and was over the gate and off around the lake with most following – in fact all following except Outrider who was certainly riding out and doing his own lonely thing. From the regroup, it gave the Hare great pleasure to see Silvier go off in totally the wrong direction (and the choice was either right or left and he went right which was wrong).  The front runners had already been warned to look carefully for the trail, but did they?  You bet your sweet bibby they didn’t.  But again Old Thumper was there to get them going again and it was over some pretty rough ground that we went.  After wending their ways through the difficult undergrowth, the pack split with most following the trail but many doing their own sensible appreciation of the situation.  Bidet held forth about people coming from every direction but there was great confusion until Sky Hi found the trail as a reaction to Outrider’s cross country cry of ‘On On’ (yes, he was still doing his own thing). At the end on the long uphill winding track there was more confusion.  Bidet got the right idea but went off 180 degrees out and who was it who picked up the trail this time? Why, it was Old Thumper again this time supported by Dickhead who complained about some of the twigs flicking around his head.  Then it was down to the main valley bottom and this time Silvier got it right while Hi Hat rested his weary self on a convenient log.  Through the trees to another regroup where we all met except for Outrider who was still doing his own thing.  The pack tried to tempt him back by going off in the wrong direction and he nearly rejoined the pack before about turning and going back to where he had previously spotted the trail. Twisting and turning back through the woods, across another couple of tracks, into the jungle for a time, along the main nullah for a while and soon we were back home.  Well, most of us were but the Hare had to go back for the rear four who were delayed by losing the trail.  Down Downs went to the Hare for his barely adequate trail, to Stu who got his tag ‘Dumpling’, to Katie who will for now be known as ‘Spring Along’ for that is the way she moved.  Centre of Attraction got hers for turning up on time with Bidet who’d forgotten his knee pads.  Old Banger and Olympic Feat received libation for their late return to Hashing, while Petal was called forward for being famous and getting her photo in the local paper – her retort that it was time the RA went to Spec Savers said it all.  Finally, Frank Farrell became ‘C17’.  Then it was off to The Tweseldown for resuscitation where a weary and subdued group of tired Hasher tried to recover…






Hares: Chris Farmer (Bidet) and Martin Potter (Goofy).

Hounds: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Brian Langford (Cyclone),  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Colin Croft (French Leave), Sue Figgis(Centre of Attraction), ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Les Salmon (Ever Ready) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone)

“Which way do we go?” asked Cruise Control standing on and ENORMOUS arrow.  Once the mirth had subsided the pack moved off in the directed direction all the way down to the bottom of the hill where we turned sharp right and ran all the way back up again.  Only Bidet failed on this unnecessary expenditure of precious energy, using the excuse that he had to await the (late again) arrival of Centre of Attraction.  Once we had all joined up it was over the road and down to a now familiar sunken path.  Silvier soon came back from his checking and a helpful hare marked the way ahead and that took us back up the hill only to have to descend once more.  Silvier and Cruise Control now seemed to take the lead as the pack followed some severe undulations through pleasantly wooded countryside.  It was a good half hour before the first (of three) regroups was encountered.  Goofy was all for the pack setting off before Prime8 had caught up but in the frequent mode of Deepcut, it was a while before any enthusiasm for checking was generated, by which time Prime8 had caught us.  There was quite a pause while the trail was checked out, spreading the pack far and wide (well, wide, anyway).  There was now some more mountaineering but the cool weather encouraged some exertion.  A touch of shiggy was encountered on what was otherwise a dry trail.  By some error of natural events and some unwise short cutting, MR found himself at the front of the pack and the query from French Leave was indicating that technically that made him officially an FRB.  As regular readers may recall, it is not a position in which MR likes to find himself.  Now we neared the lakes (or are they ponds?) where BT were at work.  There was disappointment expressed by our rear runner that it was not a beer van.  So, with some outlandish guessing the shepherd led his flock off around the pond.  Not convinced, MR went the other way, an option approved by the Hares.  However, it put him in the FRB position that does not agree with him.  We have been through some close country before but this was close!  There was holly trying to get at every exposed bit of flesh, the ground was uneven, overhead cover low.  There was barbed wire, water, brambles – the whole lot.  Most survived relatively unscathed, but not so Ever Ready who lost the argument with the barbed wire and was soon well bloodied.  The trail led the FRBs off in the wrong direction and they had to be called back to follow the rest of the pack who must have received directional aid from a Hare.  As your scribe was one of those called back the threat of vitriolic reporting was brushed aside by Bidet who expressed a distinct lack of remorse and certainly no care for what was written.  Moments later, a softening of attitude gave a clue that the trail need not go up ‘that’ hill yet again, at least not at this stage. So MR managed to stop Fruit & Nut from calling all the rest back and together with Bidet and Easy Rider enjoyed watching Petal and Silvier  with Cruise Control and Cyclone pounding their way up to the third and final regroup where we didn’t actually regroup.  And that was the end of it really.  Silvier wasn’t the first one home, nor was Cruise Control, nor even Goofy.  Nor Bidet.  Nor…

Down Downs went to the Hares for their excellent and entertaining trail, to Silvier for his warm up dance routine, and to Centre of Attraction for her cause of the initial special circuit.  Prime8 got his for hugging himself half way round, and Easy Rider for being the new Hare Razor.  The Harvester provided us with ale and a place to relax and bullshine and for Weeks-to-do Sony to re-empasise his imminent retirement.


On On




Hare: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut),

Hounds: Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), John Elder (Seis Matters), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Alex Lamb (Soggy Gusset), Clem Maginniss (Hard Hat Harry), Graham Wilson (Kerb Crawler), Steve Booker (Dickhead),  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Mike Johnson (Shrinky Dink) and Colin Croft (French Leave)

 Being ‘that’ (busy) time of year some of our regular hounds were absent, however one or two were still there, not being able to fly out due to ‘volcanic cloud’, in particular Shrinky Dink missing his Mediterranean shores and Cyclone who had decoded to enjoy the British Spring.   To the contrary, French Leave has returned to the UK from two plus years in France, having so missed his Hashing!  The Hare had little to say (Hey, now there’s a record worth recording) but warned of three regroups and a little shiggy.  The ‘check it out’ was called ‘on’ up the residential track only to hit a check back (already!) and directed the pack right out into the country heath land trail.  Soggy Gusset and Dickhead exuberantly leading to a ‘check-with-a-view’ and Seis Matters bravely checking down a steep track towards open heath, the ‘on’ was back along a cart track that led to a well known junction to a check at the end of local habitation.  The pack were heading up-hill for a couple of hundred yards onto open sandy plain, checking numerous options – to hit right-and-across more open sandy ground and one-dab-check that dispersed the pack, ‘on’ to enjoy a nice woodland trail ahead right and left, taking in a check-back from a T-junction that intrigued French Leave, such things once never existed ‘on’-trails! – back fifty yards and right for more enjoyable woodland to then descend to the main track.  We there enjoyed a good quarter mile jaunt that saw Hard Hat Harry opening up, so happy to be back after a three-run break; Silvier also broke the second rule of Hashing (no racing) as did Petal, to hit a four-way junction and a regroup, the FRBs took off on three main tracks, Kerb Crawler calling ahead on a big track past a ‘forestry’ parking area to hit a back-check, Prime8called ‘on’ from the parking area into a copse where we leapt over an intriguing assortment of trenches! – breaking into the open on the far side by a pond in which Royal Engineers practicing bridge laying (they didn’t seem to realise they were laying a new railway line with sleepers), the hare chatted with a Gurkha NCO he’d met earlier as another check was made and ‘on’ called up hill to a dry concrete pond and steps to a bushy track, open ground and a check with many options.  Hard Hat Harry found some glorious shiggy but a hilly climb was called o-back into another sandy area, heading west for a woodland trail and the third and final regroup from which Silvier headed out over open ground to do the extra mile! The rest headed into a trail through flowering gorse bushes to hit a final hill for the ‘on home’.  The Hash Circle formed up and declared an interesting trail but short on shiggy.  The Hare gained a D2, and Down Downs also went to French Leave returning to the Hash, to Hard Hat Harry and Silvier Fox for being AWOL, Shrinky Dink and Cyclone waiting for the Spring; and the pack went on to ‘Mr Bumble Inn’ for refreshment and Grade 8 chips.





Hares: Tanya Jacobs-Cusack (One More Time) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone),

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Sarah Nagel (Petal), John Elder (Seis Matters), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Ian Angell (Hippo), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie) and Alex Lamb (Soggy Gusset) with Gaji.

Overcast and cool.  The briefings were short and only a little late for the hounds were fretting to get on the move. Seis and Yorkie were off with Gaji dragging Soggy not far behind.  More haste, less speed lived up to its repute for the rear running MR saw the trail going off left as the main pack followed to the right.  Seis wasn’t so far in front that he quickly was able to reconnect with those who were going in the correct direction.  Hippo, who had not only been sounding his horn, was soon over the road and into the woods with Yorkie doing his thing at the front but in the wrong direction.  MR was lucky enough to find himself on the right track where he stayed for all of three, perhaps four minutes when Yorkie and Soggy once more assumed the front running position.  We had been warned of the shiggy state of the ground and shiggy it was.  There was little in the way of defined path so following the trail was not quite so easy, but we prevailed thanks to pertinent positioning of the flour.  The first, of four, regroups was soon upon us with Ever Ready complaining about ‘not being able to get going’.  It was here that most of us saw Petal for the first time, she having arrived not quite promptly.  Seis now took the lead.  Along some fields, through open tree land and past a field with an impressive sight of some fifty horses, it was not long before the next regroup.  Hi Hat looked (and sounded) as though he needed the rest while Bidet offered advice on the options open for any eager hounds to check out.  Hippo, who had at the start worried about there being no slow runners this week, found himself once more at the front; an extraordinary sight.  We passed some splendid abodes and a voice from one queried who we were.  It was Bidet who answered the query with  “Pseudo athletes…” and he wasn’t just talking about himself.  Another couple of regroups, some pleasant running, some good shig and an Easy Rider who agreed it was probably easier to open the gate than follow Seis over the top to avoid the water.  MR led the way and then admitted he was wearing his waterproof socks again, by which time there were many pairs of damp feet.  Having been told it was a short 40-45 minute run we were a bit surprised that we were still so far from home.  However, with the SCBs to the fore we were soon all back for the down downs.  The Hares got their deserts for a good trail but One More Time admitted that it was her first attempt and that she had really just been the Flour Girl.  Petal was presented with a Virgin Cola and Soggy Gusset got a beer for being away for so long.  Yorkie received his for adding to the shig and Hi Hat for being away for so long; Hippo for being such a keen horn blower, and Mountain Rescue for going/not going overseas or something.  Then it was to the White Hart for an ale or two and where Sony generously treated us all to some excellent chips…


Anyway, On On ‘til next time at Starve Acre




Hares:    Alan Jewell (Easy Rider) and Ian Lowers (City Slicker)


 Hounds:  Lt Col Mike Robertshawe (Down Under), Geoff Cooke (Free Ride), Flash Gordon (Cruise Control), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Karen Allen (Designer), Alan Fiddler (Outrider), Steve Booker (Dickhead), John Elder (Seis Matters), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut).


At somewhat short notice, the hares took-on the trail in one of our favoured locations.  The pack was well blessed with a sunny interlude in the weather, the recent rain-fall had topped-up the “shiggy”, always adding to the fun.  The pack were notably exuberant, and some were seen to be loosening-up in anticipation. The starting check saw all keenly heading out in every direction.  Somewhat unexpectedly we were called straight-ahead up a nice woodland track, leading out to the northern side of the area.  A check on-track saw Seis Matters, as ever, checking the less likely area.  Down Under and Cruise Control taking a cutting up-hill into woodland undergrowth to call us “on”, then it’s leaping over tree stumps and logs to another check and re-group, and out into an open heath area with heather and gorse coming into flower.  A good free-running area for the pack until the next check,   with a selection of tracks to choose from.  Fruit & Nut called “on – on”, but the trail bared off, and he carried on directly.  The pack eventually hit a track by a wire fence, turning at the bottom to head up and over a footbridge across the M3.  Heading right, with Petal and Designer adding spirit to the pack, dashing along in their “pink kit”.  The pack hit the trail south-east.  Another check taking them back into woods and a good climb through trees, up which Ever Ready sped, followed by the pack, for a level trail, hopping over branches, where Dickhead was in his element.  The trail then descended, eventually, to hit some large puddles and a secret check that had Fruit & Nut baffled.  With the M3 in sight, the pack headed left, gently continuing the down hill trail to more woodland, emerging into open heath land led by Down Under. Then into trees to climb and again descend to a familiar track that led to a tunnel under the M3, and “on home”.  The pack gathered for the awards/down-downs, but there was no Fruit & Nut.   The pack waited and waited, but still no Fruit & Nut.  The pack was now becoming a bit worried as they were missing precious drinking time.  Free Ride back-tracked on his bicycle and eventually both arrived unscathed. Down-downs went to the hares for an interesting and enjoyable trail in excellent weather conditions.  To Down Under and Free Ride, for warming-up on bicycles.  To Designer and Petal for their “cat-walk-pink T shirts, and Bidet, as Field Marshal, keeping the Religious Adviser well informed.  The “on – in” was the well-favoured Pine Ridge Golf Club, where the chips were an excellent grade "8”.


 “On  - on”



Hare Alan Jewell (Easy Rider).

Hounds: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Sarah Nagel (Petal), John Elder (Seis Matters), Mike Robertshawe (GM), Alan Fiddler (Outrider), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Tanya Jacobs-Cusack (One More Time), and Brian Langford (Cyclone).


“Are you flashing today?” asked One More Time of Flash Gordon. He wasn’t and he didn’t and she just got her Flash and Hash somewhat mixed up.  It could happen to anybody.

The wind was chilled, the sun was weak, the clouds were thickening and it was beginning to look not very friendly.  The trail started off westwards up a gradual slope that goes on and on.  The response from the hare to criticism about an unfriendly start was “It gets worse!”  And it did.  It went on for a while then turned on to a sandy track that went up and up and up again.  All this time Sony Tone was showing off at the front at a fair old lick, with Seis Matters keeping pretty close to him. The rest were straggled out behind but coping reasonably well with the uphill.  Now running parallel to the main road we levelled out and started a downhill stretch.  Oh, joy!  But it didn’t last.  Our front was crossed by a major track and we found the first regroup.  The pack split.  The GM went to pay compliments to a tree, Sony went off along an obvious track into the woods, Seis took off up the next hill, Mountain Rescue waited for Prime8 and Fruit & Nut then just waited while the rest gawped.  Sony picked up the trail after a while and we were off again, still going east.  Down through the trees along beside a drainage gully we went, across another main track, along more gullies and out into the Bourley Lakes area.  Around part of the first lake and into woods on the far side where we turned and started off up – again; through more trees.  The pack split a bit to make sure that all possibilities were covered.  Now the pack was feeling a bit more comfortable and feeling was returning to fingers.  More uphill ensured higher body temperatures with  the GM commenting that a bit of uphill does us good and will be more fun.  He, at this stage, did not realise quite what ‘good fun’ he was about to experience. Once we levelled out, the trail turned back parallel to the way we’d just come.  “Can’t believe he went back that way,” came from MR as he strode straight by, followed by F&N.  Bad mistake.  Meanwhile, Seis was following the flour and the two lost souls had to admit their wrong turning and rejoined the main trail – so they thought.  Having caught up with the hare and a lonely Prime8, there was some alarm at the admission that he had somehow managed to lose his own trail.  But, the next regroup was not so far away and soon everyone was together again.  GM was all for going up the hill but was warned to look out for the double bluff.  Later, from half way up the hill he was heard to remark that it was not a double bluff and so we struggled on up to another main lateral track. Up, it had to be up.  So up we went again with One More Time making good time over this part.  By now Outrider was out front and took us to the very top of the hill and out along the ridge top.  Nice view, pity about the temperature (or lack of it).  Once half way along the top, the trail led us back down to another regroup.  By now we knew we had lost Prime8 and F&N but then realised that Outrider was also missing.  Soon his yellow day-glow jacket appeared as he returned from an over-run and as we weren’t fussed about the two OFs* we set off down the hill again with Seis leading us once more.  There were some gasps from those not expecting the sudden steep descent but all made it safely to the bottom and back along the home trail.  When we got in we found Cyclone who claimed to have arrived late but followed flour from the start all the way round to the finish but couldn’t understand how he had beaten everyone home.  It was pointed out that he had severely curtailed the true trail and grossly short-cutted (this is a Hash word not found in a normal English dictionary).  The hare got his down down for laying a good trail over familiar territory (for some) but managing to put in some devious twists, Mountain Rescue got his for going horribly wrong, while One More Time got hers for being ‘fully committed’. Then there were Cyclone and Seis Matters who got theirs for doing their own thing.  Off to The Tweseldown for a jolly drink and a crisp or two and that ended a very good, if not well attended, Hash.


On On


*Old farts


Hare Flash Gordon (Cruise Control)

Hounds: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), John Elder (Seis Matters), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Martin Potter (Goofy), Mike Robertshawe (GM), Karen Allen (Designer), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Steve Booker (Dickhead), Alan Fiddler (Outrider), .

With Cruise Control in charge we all anticipated severe rain for he is the one who seems to attract precipitation.  As it happened there was a threat of light drizzle as we set off to the east (his instruction for the departure) with Silvier being well orientated and Goofy offering navigational advice from the rear of the pack.  At the 50 yard point, Fruit & Nut was there congratulating all on getting that far.  Then it was across the road and down the planet’s steepest, slipperiest, most unsafe descent to momentary chaos while the front runners searched left and right (there was no straight on).  Silvier got it and the pack progressed up the slippery slope and then down the other side.  Now, it turned out this trail was really for proper runners and that left most of us some way back.  The tracks were deep in shig all the way.  Some of them were long and the first of these had been gently downhill for a long way.  This was fine at the time but we knew, with some foreboding, that we would have to pay for this descent with a whole lot of uphill later on.  For the back runners,  it was depressing to clear the woods to the edge of the fields only to see these minute figures in the far distance searching for the lost trail; they were far, far away and by the time we’d crossed the first large field the front of the pack had progressed still further along more slippery slopes.  A regroup gave short respite as our new GM observed that the near vertical slope to the front had not been climbed recently and was therefore not worth checking (I don’t think any of the Deepcut pack would have considered going up slopes like that one) and it was not long before Dickhead found the markers and was off again., bringing Seis Matters and Silvier back from their investigations in the opposite direction.  On a sunny, warm day the trail from here on would have been perfect. BUT, and it is a big but, the weather was not very nice as we floundered on through attractive woodland, past a house on the lake to the next regroup.  Here, Bidet, doing his Field Marshal bit, wondered what on earth had happened to Hi Hat – had anyone seen him?  Well, the only one not to see him was Bidet for Hi Hat had been there holding up a large tree for quite some time.  Designer had designs on going for a swim in the lake but thankfully she failed to take the plunge and we were off through the woods once more. As the pack swung off the main track it was apparent right at the back that the hare was not following and he had to admit to a ‘crafty loop’ around the lake allowing the late comers to catch up.  Now we started to up again, and up. Almost at the top a call from the right flank indicated that there was no need to complete the climb although for some it was the lesser of the two evils.  A bit of contouring, still through considerable shig, took us to a depressing sight – long, long undulations (mainly up) with the front hounds once more visible in the far distance.  Once the rising undulations were completed, the trail was simple and led us right back to the car park.  By now it was raining properly.  By the time the RA had completed the trail, most others were already changed and Fruit& Nut was persuaded by popular demand to hold the circle in the limited shelter of the trees from the wind and rain.  For laying a ‘refreshing’ trail, Cruise Control was awarded his down down.  Others went to the GM on his first run with us in that exalted position, to Designer (unidentified one), to our scenic explorer, Hi Hat, to the millionaire two who had managed to take time off from work to join us, Silvier and Seis, and finally to Dickhead for returning from being AWOL for so long.  We repaired to the Harvester where the absent bar tender kept us all waiting for our beer and, eventually, a jolly time was had by all.  Pity about the way the traffic outside built up so much…




Hares: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut) and Ian Lowers (City Slicker)

Hounds: Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sarah Nagel (Petal),Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over) Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), John Elder (Seis Matters), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat) Anne Holland (Clogs) and Martin Potter (Goofy).

The snowing had stopped, the wind was cool, the sun was out and the RA was banging on until told to cut the cr@p and get on with it. The essence of what he was saying was that it was a short run and started over the road.  So it was over the road with Silvier to the fore as usual as we paralleled the road until the trail was lost.  Fruit and Nut had left one of his plastic markers in place and that gave Mountain Rescue all he needed to follow the true trail – “MR’s got it” from the co-hare was additional welcome confirmation.  Soon Silvier was at the front again, only to lose the trail again by which time MR had spotted the flour on an alternative track.   From here on, it was either Silvier or Seis at the front with the rest of the pack content to follow on. There were some longish straights alongside some fields that led to the first regroup.  It was here that Fruit & Nut commented that at least the pack had had the sense to avoid the Trail around the large field (the first shortcut).  The truth is that the pack didn’t see the trail around the field, at least blind Silvier didn’t see it and the pack followed him like lost sheep. Still, we waited for the two hares to catch up as we didn’t want them to get lost. While waiting, there were comments: “Couldn’t you have found somewhere warmer for a regroup?” It was pointed out that this was as warm as it was going to get. City Slicker regaled us with a tale of a herd of deer in the field while they were laying the trail.  Leg Over responded that the herd was at that very moment probably discussing the pack they could now see… Meanwhile, Seis didn’t believe the returning Silvier that there was no trail to the front so he led Ever Ready astray.  Now, it was a while before Silvier eventually found the trail again in some pretty rough undergrowth and he only did so by shortcutting and coming across the trail by accident. Meanwhile, those who were on the correct trail were accused by Bidet of crossing a bar.  So, we crossed an invisible bar…  But that led us to the second regroup.  Again, we waited for the hares to join us before moving on.  It was now an unremarkable run through some pleasant countryside, in good weather, with good company.  Towards the end there was a plaintive cry of “ON BACK” that was repeated by Fruit & Nut several times but the pack decided they were too close to home to be diverted, so there we are; a short run of 45 minutes, just like the old days – perhaps we shouldn’t have taken the shortcuts but at least it left us more time for the On Inn.  Down Downs were awarded to the Hares for their efforts, to Goofy and Hi Hat for their return to the fold (in the case of the former, absent since Run No 271 on 13 August 2008!!), to Easy Rider on taking up the appointment of Trail Master and to Clogs who was on her ‘first run’ with us. The Hatch Gate offered us great hospitality and it was Ever Ready who supplied the very good chips for one and all (rated at 8.5).

Short run, short report…




Hares: Tony Soane (Sony Tone) and Karen Allen (Designer)

Hounds: Flash Gordon (Cruise Control), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Ian Angell (Hippo), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over) and Alex Fryatt  (Toby or not to be).

Centre of Attraction arrived nearly on time and before we started!  Almost before the brief brief was over, Cruise Control was off in a flash (pun intended).  Having been warned that we had to cross a road (and back again) it was not too difficult to guess roughly where we were going and CC’s guess was the better, leaving Fruit & Nut up the wrong path.  So over the road and around the boundary fence we went and soon came upon the first check where Hippo went to kick out the circle and got a dose of cramp for his trouble; he retired.  A bit further on was the first of four regroups.  Now it was Cyclone who took up the lead and there he remained for quite some time. Eventually he was overtaken, but not before leading us over and around and down and up again. The hares had obviously sought out all the hills and were making the best use of them.  MR now took the lead for a while and soon had everyone on the wrong trail, not helped by CC who had somehow stumbled upon the home trail and called everyone on but going the wrong way.  Even Designer had to admit nothing in the area looked familiar so we all turned only to hear Bidet claim that he had covered this same path three times and was getting a bit fed up with it.  The call came from distant woods and the remains of the pack converged on the lead hound and we stumbled on to the next regroup.  It was here that we found Toby who had come across Sony Tone who was accused of going the wrong way.  Once they sorted that one out the pack set off again and now Ever Ready took the lead.  It was obviously a day of unconventional leaders, particularly when Cyclone was found to be at the front once more. It was also noted the Easy Rider was unusually close to the front on many occasions and very much one of the front runners.  All very unusual.  As we burst out of the undergrowth on to a main track most of us knew which way felt like the path home and were somewhat taken aback by hearing the call of Toby taking us in totally the wrong direction – like 180 degrees out.  But he was on so we followed down this long, straight track with Bidet complaining that it was about time we had another check.  His wish was answered and now Ever Ready spotted the trail going up a very steep incline over his left shoulder.  Now we were beginning to fulfil the feelings of the inbuilt directional systems that some have.  Having puffed our way to the top, everything flattened out and the trail took us back across the road and through the housing estate to the playing fields.  Across the fields and we were home.  Down downs went to the Hares of course for their gallant efforts, to Toby for some obscure reason, to Hippo and Mountain Rescue for being adventurous.  Centre of Attraction got hers for her amazing repetitions, and for increasing his fitness, Easy Rider got one too.  If you understand this bit, well done ‘cos I don’t.  Over to the golf club we went for refreshment and chips and a good chuckle or two.

A note of thanks to Sony Tone who has stepped down after many years of arranging our receding hare line and, more recently, liaising with MOD Lands to enable us to use the training areas.  He also set up the insurance cover now necessary for the Hash. His efforts have been appreciated.  It is with some relief that a note of welcome to Easy Rider as the replacement Hare catcher, and thanks to Fruit & Nut who has assumed the insurance mantle.  Mountain Rescue will continue to write this rubbish and may take over as Web Master if he has to. 

On on.


Hare: Flash Gordon (Cruise Control)

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Ian Angell (Hippo), Elizabeth Gordon (Fast Ahead), Karen Gordon (Mrs Flash), Thomas Gordon (Dashing Forward), Tanya Jacobs-Cusack ( One More Time) and Mark Cusack (NNY).


“What’s shig?” was the response to our Hare’s short, damp briefing.  The answer was very quickly discovered as the pack rushed off into the jungle that surrounds military camp.  It was probably Silvier who was at the front, but then it may have been Yorkie – at this stage of proceedings, your scribe was well behind have tried (in vain) to find something to mark the ‘Off’ direction for Centre of Attraction who had given warning that she would be late.  Eventually, the back of the pack could be made out disappearing into thick woodland that was very soggy underfoot. The first regroup was well positioned with some limited shelter from the drizzle. On the move again with Silvier calling us on we wended our way around the back end of the barracks. The rain now eased off.  Around the headquarters building to the Royal Way went we only to meet Silvier coming back down the hill crying that the way ahead was blocked off – it wasn’t and we proceeded as before up to the top and on to that large open space that on this day seemed quite huge for we guessed we had to cross it. The front runners missed the great big arrow that took the trail across the middle of the area and it was too late for most when we realised that the Hare was taking a more direct route towards the Officers Mess.  On by the Mess went we, and into the married quarters where to our delight and deep gratitude, the Duncan family were waiting with mince pies and glüwein for us all.  Trouble was getting started again afterwards.  With some reluctance we moved off in totally the wrong direction but the Hare soon got us on the correct path and we wove in and around the trees until we found ourselves confronted by a very steep downhill section that went up steeply on the other side.  Now we witnessed a most extraordinary sight – it was a demented Hare who was determined that the pack should suffer on the hills.  He shot up the far slope at an amazing pace, yelling for the pack to follow him.  Most of the pack blundered on across the valley while the more astute half dozen watched from their vantage point with a mixture of awe and pity.  Silvier, once more in the lead, then took them on down the far side only to reappear and come back up to the watchers who were now exceeding grateful for the avoidance of the unproductive undulating.  Meanwhile, there was a call from within the woods that was thought to be Yorkie taking his usual short cut but it turned out to be Easy Rider who was passing the time of day with Old Grouser who had managed to get from the party outside his house on one crutch. Now the watchers were well to the fore but this was a short-lived phenomenon for the next regroup stymied further immediate progress. The light was now fading fast and the Hare wisely decided to cut out a ‘deep’ loop through the trees and we just followed Dashing Forward along the main path to the back of his house for the down downs in the drizzle.  Cruise Control got his for laying a good trail under difficult conditions, Silvier and Yorkie for being Old AWOLs, Ever Ready and Bidet for their SCB’ing, Elizabeth for jumping over everything including the RA and Centre of Attraction for being her quite normal late self.  At the Pineridge Golf Club Hippo walked out in disgust when he realised there was no London Pride on tap, and Bidet surpassed himself by buying six plates of chips and then realised that not everyone had turned up.  However, there was no wastage and the gannets managed to scoff the lot.




On On into 2010


Hare: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds: Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), John Elder (Seis Matters), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Les Salmon (Ever Ready). Adrian Lambeth (Nettles), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie), Steve Booker (Dickhead), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction) and Alex Fryatt (Toby (or not to be)).

The temperature rose to 0.5C by the start and the snow continued to drizzle down but an intrepid 16 hounds turned out to enjoy the fresh air.  The hare’s brief was short and soon the pack gratefully got moving – that is apart from Centre of Attraction who had not yet arrived and the RA thought we should leave before her arrival otherwise she would not be late.  Having been shown where the trail started, the pack was on track for all of about 100 yards but were soon seen floundering and following the front runner like a lot of lost sheep.  It was Yorkie on home territory that got them all going by turning the pack through 180 degrees an getting them on to the racetrack side of the Tweseldown road.  Having explained to one and all that against the snow the flour looked ‘yellow’ a pedantic Petal corrected the hare’s terminology by declaring the colour to be ‘Magnolia’.  Whatever the colour, it showed up remarkably well, even that which had been covered by a film of snow.  Anyway, the pack split at the first fork and then decided to take the wrong fork until Silvier was heard to call the On.  But not for long as he quickly arrived at the first back back.  Fruit & Nut headed in the right direction but was overtaken by Silvier who led the pack down a leafy wooded track that in sunshine is really rather lovely; but not today in the grey, overcast and snowy weather.  Once more like sheep, they followed their leader up the wrong path and Prime8 had to call them all back again as he took the lead. That didn’t last either but he enjoyed being at the front while there.  Once more Silvier was at the front and for once took the correct track while others either wandered around in the hopes of discovering some valid flour or idly waited for a call.  Well, Silvier got them all going in the right direction but then he found another check.  He chose the wrong path initially and returned to take another wrong one but this time took Seis with him for good measure.  Old Thumper tried another track in the wrong direction and Toby got the right one that took the pack into the racetrack area proper.  Fears that the trail may be too difficult to follow were unfounded and the majority floundered around.  A moment’s excitement when Fruit & Nut thought he’d found the trail but it was false.  Then we heard the dulcet tones of Silvier and Nettles who had completed the circle without realising it and were now trying to get everyone to go on another circuit.  A wink and a nod to Petal got the cooling pack on the move again and soon we were right across the race track and into the woods.  Bidet called at a check but did nothing else but lounge around and soon we were at a regroup beside the road – well, most of us were but Seis turned up in his own good time.  Over the road went we, across a nullah and deep into the woods where the trail went up the slope until we hit a main track across our front.  This split the pack with many now trying to locate the trail but as ever there were the layabouts.  It was Bidet again who spotted the link and he was off through some quite close countryside.  Now we hit a familiar main track junction and the pack seemed to be somewhat reluctant to check down the hill.  Old Thumper was the first to go down and her inquisitiveness paid off and the rest of the pack was called in from far and wide.  Down the track and then a branch off and up through the trees to the ridgeline along which we proceeded.  Down the other side where again there was a bit of a pause until another wink and a nod got the pack back on the straight and not so narrow.  From here on it was plain sailing although a bit soggy underfoot through what Ever Ready considered ‘interesting’ countryside to the end.  The circle formed and re-formed to make way for an exiting car and the RA continued his awards.  To the hare, of course, for his festive trail and to Toby the outward bounder who was returning after a considerable break. Old Thumper got hers for repeating history for turning up with Deepcut again, and the delayed Centre of Attraction for her time planning.  Nettles received his for being such a long leave taker having taken the afternoon off to add to his Christmas hols.  Then there were Petal and Silvier who won their award for warming up before the ‘off’ – actually they ran across the car park to buy a Christmas tree that Nettles had to hug all the way home…

A very happy Christmas to all our readers

And best wishes for good fortune in 2010



Hare:  Ian Angell (Hippo)

Hounds: Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Tayna Jacobs-Cusack (One More Time), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Amy Allen (On Target) Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), John Elder (Seis Matters), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Helen Williams (Full Frontal), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over), Rik Rewcliffe (Giant Haystacks), Alan Fiddler (Out rider), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Karen Allen (Design-Her), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Anne Tynegate (Aqua), and Tony Case (Fruit & Nut).

We, and indeed the Hare, were blessed with a rain free day! – that and one of our well favoured DH3 locations attracted a good pack, both in numbers and quality.


The Hare gave an encouraging briefing, confirming that there was at least one re-group, and we were off over the mound-ridge siding the parking area, and down through the trees Hi-Hat commenting on what a good way to start and warm-up; hitting the bottom we headed right the first check, Silver Jumper opting for a hill to the right, Sony Tone headed under the bridge and called ‘On’ half right ahead, Armoured Farmer led the pack after him.


A good woody trail took us to encounter the first up-hill challenge, and Full Frontal went for it keenly showing spirit, which was needed by all for the following steps and slippery return to ground-zero.  More nice forest again with good going to a check that took us to the road (“petrol”) an on-over into more good woods; Aqua was now flying, having caught-up with us after a 5-minute late start, it being a DH3 tradition for a Harriette so to do.  Some subtle circuits and checks took us back over the road and ‘On’-to more rise-and-fall sections.

Well warmed-up near some star performances in the checking out and running some long falsies appealed to Old Thumper and Seis Matters.  A steady rise and then a great and stoney climb took the pack to a re-group on a large open hill-top; “check-it-out!”!  and Sony Tone leapt down in a homeward direction and soon called us ‘On’, to lead us into more gentle rises and falls where On-Target was going well, now well into the spirit of the hash, with Silver Jumper in hot pursuit.


The pack were now over the railway-tunnel with short-sharp ups and downs which Petal and Leg-over found great fun, indeed so exciting Full Frontal decided to join them over rocks and roots with muddy sections.


Not far from ‘Home’ a check saw the pack heading up right, and then a pleasant rise and fall section to the “On-home”.  The Hash Circle formed-up and the RA carried out the awards:


The Hare (Hippo) – congratulations on fixing the weather for an excellent fun up-down-up trail.


Old Thumper – former GM of NH4, our Mother Hash (checking us out?).


One-More-Time – A ‘Christening’; and for her constituent enjoyment of the hills.


Armoured Farmer and Hi-Hat - For being ‘AWOL’; drawn to X-C Biking

and Round the World Sailing respectively.


Full Frontal – for giving a call to ensure we would all be present.


And the pack went ‘On-Inn’ to the ‘White Hart’ on  Pirbright Common – excellent ale and the chips scored an ‘8’


 On-On!The Pink Panther



 Hares:  Derrick Gray (Prime8) and Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue).

Hounds: Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), John Elder (Seis Matters), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Amy Allen (On Target) and Helen Williams (Full Frontal).

The rain started just before the pack assembled and lasted until the run was over.  Thanks Murphy.  The pack followed instructions and moved off in an easterly direction along the main road.  Silvier and Seis were to the fore, as anticipated, but they were returned by the check back and had to follow Sony up the footpath and into the woods.  We had by now left the level ground and started a long uphill drag through some pleasant (apart from the rain)    wooded country.  We needed sun to show up the colour of the leaves, but it was not to be.  A grey uphill run took us to a regroup where, yes, we regrouped.  The front runners tended to be the same for most of the run with Silvier and Seis checking out all the false trails; an act that delighted those runners anywhere near the front.  We soon got used to seeing both of them returning to where they should be.  They were not alone in taking the wrong track – Petal confidently led Leg Over and Full Frontal along the higher track while the trail followed the more picturesque and pleasant lower track along the river bank.  The rest charged on along the riverside enjoying the experience.  Front runners were led over the river bridge only to have to return from the false trail.  A check had the pack puzzled for a while but perseverance paid off and we were soon on our way again.  Soon we were at the second regroup where we witnessed the front runners plunging into wild undergrowth in the mistaken belief that that was the way the hares had gone.  Our newcomer in the form of Amy Allen (later to be named ‘On Target’) had already become suspicious of the hares’ devious laying and decided to check down the hill. She was correct and soon had the pack back on trail.  Once through the woods the area opened up and an errant Silvier returned to find the trail over a stile and alongside a small lake.  The looping trail allowed the back runners to short cut to join Silver who was now in full flow.  Bidet, who had been complaining about the problems of being a front runner now found himself uncomfortably close to the front and his dulcet tones, perhaps tinged with a bit of panic, could be heard encouraging us to join him.  At the third and last regroup, there was only one way to go so all set of at pace to get to the open common.  Again Silvier was at the front but not for long as the trail ended and he went off in totally the wrong direction followed like lost sheep by most of the rest of the pack.  It was now up to Silver Jumper and On Target to lead the way and others soon followed.  The trail looped back on to the main track to the edge of the common and down through the houses to the main road and The Lamb.  Here the down downs were awarded to the Hares for a fine trail, to Full Frontal who was making her first appearance with us, and then to On Target whose first Hash it was and Silver Jumper who was using his daughter as an excuse for not running.  Bidet got one for his honesty and truthfulness in admitting he had taken a wrong turn and got lost and one to Fruit & Nut for following him.  The On Inn gave us a very good welcome and not only served up good ales but produced some truly wonderful chips.


On On…


 Hares:  Ian Lowers (City Slicker) and Tony Case (Fruit & Nut)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Ian Angell (Hippo), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), John Elder (Seis Matters), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Clem Maginness (Hard Hat Harry), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Les Salmon (Ever Ready)and Mette Sorensen (Leg Over).

The brief wasn’t (as usual with our RA) but it did tell us to expect just one back back and several regroups – all pretty useful stuff, especially the ‘several’.  The way to the On Inn was pointed out to us but we knew what he meant and we set off at a gallop with Seis Matters leaping off along the wrong track and most of the pack following like sheep.  The slower starters reviewed the situation and off went Little Prick with a “Don’t follow me” straight from the car park to the downhill bit.  Before we could all go down the hill she turned off and the sheep now followed on through the undergrowth.  We looped wide around and ended up at the bottom of the hill and the dulcet tones of Bidet announced the first regroup.  Off went Seis, off went Sony.  The latter won and the pack followed on towards the canal with enthusiastic tuneful (tuneful??) support from the horns of Hippo and Fruit & Nut before Seis went off in the wrong direction again and comments were passed about how good it was to have someone to check out all the false trails for us.  With Ever Ready going off up the wrong hill, Sony went again to the fore as we turned back into the woods before getting as far as the canal. Then there was quite a long stretch through the trees before the next check held us up for quite a while with the more adventurous getting further and further away from the main pack. Eventually Hard Hat gave the ‘On’ and the pack converged on to the main track with its next regroup. Those who knew the area were reluctant to follow Sony as he set off in the direction of that nasty, very steep gradient.  Various good advice was given about how to tackle the steepness and roughness on the track with comments from Little Prick about being able to enjoy a good ‘wheeee’ soon.  She did eventually managed to have a good one that could be heard from far away but having got to the bottom of the big one she obviously had nothing left for a series of smaller ‘wheeees’ to follow. By now MR was unfortunately at the front having stumbled upon the trail and was quite a long way ahead. Seis soon caught up and overtook just before the next check.  While MR and Seis now checked one way, the rest, having witnessed so many Seismic errors, felt not inclined to follow them and went in exactly the other direction.  This time it was their error.  Now MR was way ahead of the main pack and went off into the woods (and, incidentally – uphill) searching for the now lost trail.  Having got to the top he was disturbed by Hard Hat’s distinctive cry of ‘On on’ from somewhere below so he made a diagonal descent towards the sound only to find that Sony had now found the correct trail back up the hill from whence he’d just come. The trail led back to the Old Guildford Road and soon we were home again.  All back in 55 minutes, according to the RA as he rambled on incoherently about lucky numbers.  Then he awarded the down downs: to the ‘bloody’ hares for an adequate trail, to Hi Hat for returning and being early and to Petal for being late, the plus and the minus. To Mountain Rescue for laying, according to ‘Wally’, the ‘trail of the century’ for NH4 (as a matter of boredom, that had nothing whatsoever to do with this day’s Hash!), to Seis Matters for being a ‘proper dresser’ (he’d just bought a Deepcut 300th T-shirt} and finally to Seis Matters (again) for being a False Champion (he checked out the majority of the false trails for the rest of us – so our very sincere and grateful thanks to him).  Then it was off to the Rose and Thistle in Frimley Green where they served a large array of real ale while we watched the tailback on the road build up because of the roadworks at the Miners’ Arms.  All in all, an excellent gathering.

On on



Hare:  Geoff Cook (Free Ryde)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider),  Sarah Nagel (Petal),  Derrick Gray (Prime8),Tony Soane (Sony Tone),
Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Sally Duncan (Ali Kat), Alan Fiddler (Out rider), Karen Allen (Designer), Alex Lamb (Soggy Gusset), Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

The whisper quickly circulated to the more inquisitive - it was going to be an A – B, our first one for a long time.  And it was raining; the first time we’ve had a really wet Hash for quite some time and it was Free Ryde’s first trail laying experience and apparently laid from his bicycle.  So it was going to be one of those - too long, all along proper trails and roads and, judging from the state of the hare’s back, MUDDY. But it wasn’t – well it was muddy in parts but not too long, etc. The trail took us off down The Royal Way.  At the bottom of the dip, there was quite some confusion.  Soggy Gusset tried to take us the wrong way, Sony Tone likewise in another direction and it was eventually found by Outrider who celebrated by going just too far and off on the wrong track.  F&N’s horn told us he was now on thanks to Sony Tone and it was up the hill to the barracks fence.  Quite how Ever Ready got himself coming out of the woods is a mystery, but not a very interesting one. Following the fence we came to another pause of some considerable delay while the trail was sought.  Sony and Outrider led Mountain Rescue astray but the three soon caught up again. And we cut back through the trees to the fence once more.  Now the cry from Petal went up ‘Slippery path’ and it was and we nearly did.  The fence gave some support and soon we were at a regroup on the road leading to the back entrance to camp.  More searching ended up with a call from down the road and very soon we were at the bottom of “That Hill” – you know, the one that just goes up and up.  Well, Soggy Gusset wasn’t going up and because he ignored the plainly obvious trail, nobody else did either.  So it was a disappointed Hare who had laid the trail right to the top and who now just followed the rest further down the road.  Back into woods and further down to the canal. Soggy was off again with Outrider on the far side of the canal on to the towpath but here was no flour (apparently, there had been but the rain had washed it away).  Sony took up the rough pedestrian trail that ran along the canal on the home side for quite some way before getting to the next regroup.  Outrider was getting impatient and wandered off over the lock bridge to the far side while Ali Kat and F&N looked for Dennis who’d done a runner.  Soon we were all together apart from Ali who found herself on the other side of the canal on the towpath.  This was just as well as that is where we were supposed to be.  So with Outrider and Gusset back in the front the pack spread out along the towpath; apart, that is, from some of the older, more experienced and perhaps wiser hounds who paused, considered and waited.  This saved them considerable energy expenditure for the trail simply went further down one side of the canal and back through the trees on the other to where the wise ones were waiting. Little did we realise at this stage that the trail was near its end.  Up on to the road bridge, a little bit of searching before the On Inn was found and we congregated at Curzon Bridge.  Before rejoining the pack, the rear running F&N decided to slip down the bank and came back to us with a liberal covering of mud and sand (for which he did not give himself a down-down).  While on the subject of down-downs, we all stood in the rain as the awards went to the Hare for a thoroughly enjoyable trail, to Ali Kat for knowing all the paths in the region, Soggy Gusset for returning after so long and blaming workload, to Easy Rider for being an ‘articulate’ (RA’s word, not mine) finder of trails and finally to Sony Tone for being an intelligent checker (of trails) for he was caught in the office checking the trail on the computer or something. So, that was that and we repaired to the Pine Ridge Golf Club for some good beer and excellent 10 out of 10 chips.  Then we were joined by Cruise Control who had to referee a footy match at Pirbright so was unable to join us any sooner – well that was his excuse, anyway.

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On On ‘til the next one…



Hare:  Alan Jewell (Easy Rider)

Hounds: ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox),  Derrick Gray (Prime8),Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Ian Angell (Hippo), Geoff Cook (Free Ryde), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Sally Duncan (Ali Kat), Alan Fiddler (Out rider), Ian Lowers (City Slicker), Clem Maginniss (Hard Hat Harry), Rik Rawcliffe (Giant Haystack), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Alex Fryatt (Toby), Tim (Hanging About) and from Royal Berks – Wally.

There was just enough drizzle at the start to make the ink run on the record sheet.  Overcast but surprisingly warm was the weather. A worthy 300th welcome came from the RA before an adequate brief from the hare and we were off up the slope past the statue, down the other side, over the road and across the playing field to cross the next road.  The trail was quickly picked up again and we were into the woods along a rough path.  Sadly this was the last we saw of recovering-from-injury Free Ryde as the rough ground resulted in his bicycle chain leaving the main pedal sprocket and jamming against the frame.  Sony Tone passed with an encouraging “I’m not getting my hands dirty” and that was the last we saw of FR.  Meanwhile, the pack was off into the woods in a direction parallel to the Tweseldown Road.  It was quite a fast pace and we were kept on course by the encouraging horns of Hippo and Fruit & Nut. Those who knew the area thought they knew where the trail was leading but suddenly we turned back on ourselves and made for the wire surrounding the stock car racing area. We followed the wire for a bit and came to the first regroup.  By now Silvier and Hanging About were way off down the main track checking and, still within sight of the pack, they failed to hear the concert calling of a dozen voices – or perhaps it was retaliation for Bidet’s far-from-dulcet addition of “…you Tosspots!” Now the trail went down through the trees once more, heading further into the training area. Wally was now gesticulating and complaining that no one was calling.  There was little time for rest at the checks and soon we were at the top of the hill (the highest point at that side of the road) only to have to go down again and still further down.  A sharp right-hander at the bottom stopped us going on to the vehicle test track and there we were at the next regroup – all but the two “Tosspots” who were still not with us.  We waited, we called, Sony, unseen by most of us, wandered back at bit  and uttered the cry of “Are you?” which immediately got the “On On” response from various members of the waiting pack only to find it was not the missing two.  After about ten minutes it was decided to move on.  Wally was off on his own (well, not quite on his own as he was being towed by his dog) but it was Toby who found the trail across some rough ground.  He soon lost the trail that was picked up by Sony and we went on our way across the rough, open ‘heathland’ and back into the trees.  Finding ourselves on the ‘wrong’ side of the stream most scrambled across only to find there was a major culvert just round the bend that negated the need for such scrambling.  Now, out of the trees beyond us and coming towards us came the pair of lost souls, safely back in the bosom of the pack for the return home that wended its way through the trees back to the open playing field and home.  Those at the front of the pack had not realised quite how strung out the pack had become and it was a while before all were home for the Down Downs.  The Hare got his for laying a good trail, and being the 300th, Old Grouser got one as GM with Hard Hat accompanying him as a PGM.  Sony Tone and Mountain Rescue were awarded theirs for their responsibilities as were Prime8 and Bidet.  Wally received his for being a visitor from Royal Berks and Centre of Attraction for producing the Birthday Cake (and that was delicious).  Petal and Silvier got theirs in an ‘ever changing world’, the Hare got a second one because the RA was losing it, Hanging About got his for being on his first run with Deepcut and Bidet got a second one because it is his birthday on Friday.  So, there we have it; the 300th run over with Down Downs taking almost as long as the run.  The party repaired to the ‘Tesco Arms’ for their well-deserved refreshments.  The chips were down, gaining only a grade of 6 that could have been re-graded higher with the second batch that were definitely better at 7 but still not up to standard.  Such a sad, sad way to finish the 300th…

You should see some of the pictures ...


On, on, on, on, on, on,…


Hare:  ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control).

Hounds: Sarah Nagel (Petal),  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Les Salmon (over Ready), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), James Roberts (No Entry), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks) and Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction).

 It should have been bright and sunny but was instead dull and damp – almost proper rain but not quite.  After a short, pithy brief we were off to complaints from some Hounds that the Hare normally gave an indication of direction to get the pack going.  So, being forever helpful, Cruise Control told one of the directions in which it was not.  Inevitably, the pack got spread out and after a while one (unknown) Hound was lucky enough to find the on and F&N’s horn confirmed it.  So we were off.  Downhill for a while and then a while more. Along well worn paths through high bracken to another car park where we found the first regroup and it was here that CofA deigned to join us (late, as ever).  Now the Hare had us spreading out all over the place in confusion.  A number of tracks had been marked but all seemed to end in a falsie.  Then the horn was heard again and we were off once more. The pace was quite fast because No Entry was at the front and brought his North Hants habits with him.  The rest struggled on and it was soon apparent that the trail was turning back on itself. Sony Tone called out a warning to the short cutting MR that saved him from getting considerably shigged up – a pity thought some; it could have been such a giggle.  However, the next regroup gathered all together, eventually.  On starting off again there was some delay and confusion as the search for the real trail went on.  In due course the true intent of the Hare was discovered and the trail went off over a minor road and continued through the woods once more.  Around a lake or two, past a couple of houses, around another lake on a long straight to another regroup. Now it was time for No Entry to resume his front running and that took him up a falsie with MR close on his tail.  It was F&N’s horn that once more called us on and we found ourselves going back in on the outward trail (how about that for economy of flour and effort!). Timing was exact in that we were back on the hour but we had to pay for all the downhill stretches by struggling back up to the car park where down downs were awarded.  First to the Hare for a very good trail but he had to help himself to the beer because the RA is getting forgetful in his dotage for he didn’t make the offer before starting to sing.  Then Petal and Centre of Attraction collected theirs for being remarkable lassies, Little Prick and No Entry for returning after a break in attendance, while Cyclone got one for being a Master Trainer and showing his newly gained doglet how to Hash.  The On Inn was the Harvester where some very reasonably priced ale was consumed.

Don’t forget that the next meet is the 300th with a trail laid by Easy Rider and starting at the Wellington Statue.

Hope to see you there…




Hares:  Sarah Nagel (Petal) and Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox).

Hounds:  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Les Salmon (over Ready), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Paul Armstrong (Back Up), Geoff Cooke (Free Ryde), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Andy Hocking (Sugar Plum Fairy), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), John Elder (Seis Matters), Alan Fiddler (Outrider), ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control), Tom Gordon (Hot to Trot), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), and Mark Simmons (Any One Will Do).


This report is going to be short for reasons that will become apparent. The start was late for no obvious reason, and slow because it was uphill and there seemed to be a reluctance to take the lead too far ahead.  From the car park we went up the slope towards the quarters where there was a lengthy pause.  For a while the pack wandered around and eventually found the trail leading, as anticipated, into the woods.  Sadly, after a further delay, Mountain Rescue found himself at the front but following what turned out to be a false trail.  Seis Matters had found another way round and we met for a moment but went off in many different directions.  After what seemed an age, the call was heard.  But now your scribe found himself in thick undergrowth and by the time he’d sorted himself out, the pack was well beyond hearing.  So, one his own he had a choice and totally screwed up by going the wrong way.  He was on his own… The loneliness of the long-lost scribe began…

Meanwhile, the pack obviously made good progress and failed to note the absence of you-know-who at the first regroup.  At the second he was missed but Bidet announced it was not a problem as the miscreant was probably just eating blackberries (he was but as he was on his own he didn’t think it would matter and the pack wasn’t going to wait anyway). Some time later, using a natural, inbuilt and highly honed lethargic idleness and taking a short cut, the pack came into view and was advised not to proceed up the hill down which the lost one was descending – there was no trail there.  Much searching later, it was our newcomer, Any One Will Do, who picked up the homeward trail and we all arrived home together – how nice.

Down Downs to the ‘Greatest’ Hares for laying an excellent trail despite the weather, to Sugar Plum Fairy for, despite being the North Hants RA, still needing more experience in his duties and to Tom Gordon who was renamed Hot to Trot because of his enthusiasm and speed on trail.  Any One Will Do got his because he was new to Hashing, and Little Prick and the Field Marshal (Bidet) got theirs for being great pretenders. Being a trail finder got Easy Rider his and Armoured Farmer collected one for (something about ) being ‘One-eyed Riley’.  The On Inn was once again The Tumbledown where conviviality was the order of the evening.

On On On ‘til next time…


Hares:  Lt Col Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Robyn Duncan (A-Tipple)

Hounds:  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Les Salmon (over Ready), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Paul Armstrong (Back Up), Geoff Cooke (Free Ryde), Claire Brewer (One Way Only), Cath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Sharon Harvey (Olympic Feet), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut)

Apologies:  Lt Col Clem Maginnis (Hard Hat Harry), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)


With the Grand Master and A-Tipple haring and having organised pleasant weather a good pack was fielded, ‘tho’ a few stars were absent – Park and Ride where are you?

Old Grouser briefed us, and we were off checking in all directions; Bidet thinking he knew the favoured area of the Hares swung left, but the ‘on’-call came from Fruit & Nut straight over the sports grounds, to centre and to left and lost! – until a call from ahead right from  Free Ryde who had covered the entire sports fields to find the trail into the light woods; One Way Only and Petal Keenly leading us ‘on’ only to hit a check-back that took us ‘round the woods-edge again for a good jaunt to the road of the ‘eastern’ quarters.

We headed back towards the woodland again, Bidet to the fore, probably anticipating entry into the ‘paint-ball’ area.  A check again by the woods and Prime8 knowing the region called us up the foresters back and bearing on-left into a trail through pleasant woodland, leaping the odd roots and logs that Armoured Farmer enjoyed (a bit like the old mine fields?).  A couple of checks kept the pack together and Back Up, Sony Tone and Free Ryde busy going for the options, while Bidet took Fruit & Nut to task over failure to ‘Kick-Out’ the checks – just as Centre of Attraction caught up with us, as ever having given us a 5 minute ‘start’!

Co Hare, A-Tipple, gave a nod to Olympic Feet who led us out on-track to the edge of the ‘Paint-Ball’ area, we swung back though the old ‘Mini-Range – open area, and being well orientated Easy Rider and Cyclone opened up into dense undergrowth and then lead us up a very (!) challenging hill – up, up, up and up, Twin Peaks was in her element!

What goes up must come down, and we then descended to the check where Every Ready called us ‘on’, we headed west on more enjoyable tracks; A-Tipple suggested some might take her doggy ‘on’ a short-cut for ‘home’, however all carried on regardless hitting a boundary track and a check where they cut hard-left for the ‘On-In’ through Old Grousers, previously mentioned, favoured area.

The Hash Circle formed-up declaring the Hare’s trail remarkable and fun! – they being dually awarded ‘Down-Downs’.  ‘Down-Downs’ were also awarded to Petal and One Way Only for racing, why not; Prime8 and Centre of Attraction for outrunning the pack; Bidet and Cyclone for innovation.  And the pack went ‘on’ to our old haunt in ‘The Pine Ridge’ (And excellent chips:  Grade ‘8’).

On On ‘til next time



Hares:  Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone).

 Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Rick Rawcliffe (Giant Haystack),
Alex Rawcliffe (No name yet) and Yvonne Davies (Tite Thing).


Thankfully, the weather forecasters got it wrong and we were spared the anticipated downpour.  Fewer Hounds than for a long time but it was not the quantity…the quality was there ready to enjoy a good trail.  And good it was. Four regroups we were told, a couple of main roads and that was about all the briefing contained.  Into the woods plunged our habitual front runner as Silvier led us to the left (north for the navigators) and down, down, down. Silvier didn’t realise the change of direction until too late by which time Mountain Rescue saw him returning up the last bit of the hill.  The upward trend now took over because we could not get much lower (and that’s saying something).  It was not long before Silvier was at the front again, only to go off in the wrong direction and that left MR where he didn’t really want to be.  The trail was interesting; it undulated a little at this stage and meandered through the trees. Tite Thing was displaying her previous Hashing know-how and Alex keeping up with her well (she was to pay for this later). Bidet was castigated for ignoring MR’s efforts at the front and claiming that Silvier had led the whole way so far. Now we passed through close countryside that most of us did not recognise and that made for greater interest.  MR, at the front again (bold print for Bidet’s sake) led the pack astray by declaring a bar across the path – in fact it was not a bar but a puddle reflecting the light to make it look like a bar – a point not missed by Prime8 who gleefully pointed out the error.  Over the motorway bridge we went for a regroup and short-lived respite.  Prime8 and Giant Haystack were quietly told of a short cut but the rest chased off after Silvier once more. Just when we thought there was no more uphill, we started to gain still more altitude until we reached the viewing point.  No time for appreciating the sights, we were off along the crest of the ridge.  Easy Rider pounded along chasing the front runners and trying to persuade Alex to slow down a bit – all to no avail.  At the next regroup Sony Tone indicated that the unchecked path may be worth checking and it was.  That brought the front runners back to heel for a while.  It was the sight of Petal galloping off through the woods that got the errant MR back on track (he diverted for a moment but found a trail apparently  going downhill so, very foolishly, went down to the bottom (and this despite Sony’s hint that the remainder of the trail was on the level).  So, after just an hour, everyone got back in good heart to find an exhausted Alex who did recover after a drink or two and a bowlful of cheesy chips. The Pine Ridge Golf Club provided its usual valued hospitality, but without Bidet who had no trousers and was not allowed inside in shorts The great joy was that, with the RA away, there was no wasting time in verbal ramblings and we were at the beer in next to no time without a down down in sight or hearing.


On On ‘til next time



Hare:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds: Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Paul Armstrong (Back Up), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), John Elder (Seis Matters), Alan Fiddler (Outrider), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Sharon Harvey (Olympic Feat), Clem Maginniss (Hard Hat Harry), Ian Warren (Fly By) and Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer).


The Hare’s brief was brief and included a warning for front runners to ‘observe carefully’ – words of wisdom they ignored and immediately shot off on the wrong track.  The next batch picked up their error but then made one of their own.  It was Petal and Primate8 who picked up the trail that had sneakily moved back left.  With the pack now on course the front runners were now under control for at least 200 yards when the trail quite clearly went right, but they didn’t.  Only Prime8 (who had been quickly overtaken) and Hi Hat (who was dawdling as usual) took the correct route only to join the rest of the pack who were doing very little about checking for the trail.  Castigated by Bidet, they did not stir.  Fly By was off in the right direction but overshot; Bidet was off in the wrong direction and found the ‘falsie’ – but at least he tried.  Now Seis and Fly By found the trail and were off like the proverbial but both failed to spot the change of direction.  Petal picked it up and crossed the ‘nallah’ with Fruit’n’Nut in hot pursuit.  Once out of the trees and into the open, there was a burnt out car wreck to inspect and that definitely took precedence over checking for the trail. Fruit’n’Nut (F&N) was off the wrong way as was Back Up who thought he was on and called back Seis who so nearly picked up the real trail.  More wrong checks before Seis once more checked out and found he was on. Through the trees with Olympic Feat showing the way, out into the open and back into more trees and finally into the open once more for a regroup.  We waited for F&N. And waited.  We called several times.  And waited. Eventually we set off on the trail again and soon there were hounds all over the place – apart from F&N who was still missing, presumed lost. A Hare Hint got people moving in almost the right direction but it was Prime8 who got there first.  A kicked out blob caused momentary panic but Fly By was not fooled for long.  Back into the trees we went and along a path by familiar territory.  Up and over the road towards Caesar’s Camp to the next regroup.  By now we were missing F&N (still) and Bidet who had started to pull a calf muscle and made straight for home. Seis and Fly By still took the lead with Silver Jumper and Sony Tone joining them. Outrider was running with surprising speed over the hilly bit and soon we found ourselves at the only bit of shig en route. Some swine had removed the ‘bridge’ so there was some mud that attached itself to the unsuspecting and foolish.  Primate8, having done the gentlemanly thing by helping Petal over, promptly slipped and sat down in the mud. By now the pack was well strung out with Sony Tone and Fly By taking the low road instead of keeping straight on into the woods once more.   Through more sun-speckled trees to a point going uphill away from home.  Now, that was what caused some consternation.  At the top there was a small, open plain and perhaps the most difficult to find way out.  Olympic found it and called all on.  Down through some pretty rough ground went we with some leaving the marked trail and trying to find their own way out.  The third and last regroup was ignored by Olympic and Outrider as they found their way back over the road.  Nearly home, we came across the non-running  Old Grouser and Dennis who had just witnessed a yellow shirt running across a road junction – was it the errant F&N?  For the last bit, the trail went through some more very close country and wended its way back to the car park.  Yes, the yellow shirt had been occupied by F&N!  Down Downs went to: the Hare, to returnees Seis Matters and Olympic Feat, to ‘guiders’ Bidet and Armoured Farmer, to Petal for turning up at the right time to prevent a pack of unlucky 13, while the two GMs, Hard Hat Harry and Old Grouser got theirs for taking ‘intelligent lines’…???


On On



Hares:  Claire Brewer (One Way Only) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone) in support.

Hounds: Brian Langford (Cyclone), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Clem Maginniss (Hard Hat Harry), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Kim Dyos(Little Prick), Terry Newland (Rainbow Man), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Ian Lowers (City Slicker), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction),‘Wally’ and, eventually, Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut).


Some of us assembled. We waited. More came. We waited. The clouds gave forth some of their rain.  We waited.  Centre of Attraction arrived with five minutes to spare.  We still waited – and for what?  The RA to arrive.  And arrive he did not so off we went without him.  ‘Wally’, a newcomer to Deepcut Hash and from some ‘foreign’ Hash, was off, living up to his name and full of enthusiasm as he towed his little pooch into the distance.  The rest waited to see if he was on.  In the distance a long way up the road we could see this figure gesticulating with a strange arm movements – this quickly copied by little Prick and became known as ‘Wally’s ballet’. He disappeared into the jungle to the right only to reappear quite quickly.  Then it was forward up the road from which he soon returned.  Then he was off to the left while the rest gathered to watch his energetic performance.  Meanwhile, Centre of Attraction went off right and soon found the trail. It was Bidet who called on the pack.  Beside the lake we went for a while with Wally now back in the lead but not realising that Little Prick had picked up the trail further on.  At the first regroup she was accused of being an SCB (as though there was anything wrong with that – and she followed the trail without crossing a bar).  It was here that the late Cyclone caught up with us and it was announced that the slow-moving normal FRB Silver Jumper was, in fact, really suffering from injury (stretched ligaments after playing rounders). Not a lot of sympathy. Off again through the woods in a gentle uphill trot.  Wally had gone off and was seen in the distance gesticulating once more, arms flailing through the air like a lunatic (hence the name?).  Now Bidet indicated that had ‘heard’ the trail went to the trig point. As Mountain Rescue was well on his way there anyway, he ignored Wally and went up to the top of hill to the sound of rifle and automatic fire, where there was flour leading right up to the point and regroup. “Come on you lazy long-legged lolloping layabouts,” (or something like that) alliterated Bidet.  On they came, but still no sign of the RA.  Now here’s a strange thing. Easy Rider took over the lead and kept it up for quite a while.  Right up to the wired compound he led us.  Having been warned to avoid the area, we did just that but still with Easy Rider in the lead as more rifle fire was heard.  Then there was a bit of a pause and we could see the car park not so far away.  BUT, and there’s often a ‘but’, the trail took us in exactly the opposite direction.  However, at he final check after various displays imitating Wally’s ballet (or rather adding to the repertoire) the pack was soon on its way In.  Five minutes after the arrival of the last of the pack, Fruit’n’Nut turned up explaining that (he hadn’t been lost but…) he managed to lock himself out of his car.  Now the good point of this was that he had not a clue as to what had gone on during the run so was not allowed to have any down downs.  The Crown and Cushion offered a far better alternative and it was there that we enjoyed their beer and hospitality and quite a lot of jollity, too.  So, thank you One Way for a good trail and ‘til next time, ON ON…



Hares:  Vance Allen (Silver Jumper)

Hounds:  Ian Lowers (City Slicker), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Clem Maginniss (Hard Hat Harry), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steven Nagel (Silvier Fox), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Karen Allen (Designer), Clare Brewer (One Way Only), John Elder (Seis Matters), Alex Lamb (Soggy Gusset), Zoë McAllister (Kanchi) and Ian Warren (Fly By).

“It’s just about 500metres in that direction.” That, accompanied by a detailed account of how many checks, how many regroups, how many back backs, how many hills up, how many hills down was the Hare’s brief.  So, over in that direction we went; and went, and went…it seemed interminable.  With Silvier to his usual position at the front, closely followed by Fly By and Soggy Gusset (accompanied by Gaji Maji), the rest of us followed at a slower, more sedate rate.  Being well strung out across the field at the back of the Mess, it gave time for the back markers to get warmed up ready for the ‘two up and two down’ hills.  There was, of course, more in the way of gradients but the Hare was really talking about ‘Heartbreak Hill’ and its neighbour.  The trail now turned back towards the road but it was Sony Tone who now found the trail leading up the incline to the Barracks’ sports field. A regroup and a back back kept the pack together as we went around the sports ground and through the trees (that is between the trees, not actually through them).  It must have been about here when the two mad checkers converged at high speed to join us on the true trail, Fly By almost in control but Soggy calling out “Coming through!” as he hurtled down the hill out of control with Gaji at full tilt narrowly missing Petal and the gentle joggers below.  And on to Heartbreak – with an enormous arrow encouraging ascent and Sony leading the way. Well, we made it and the expression on Hi Hat’s face spoke volumes about his opinion of that bit of the course.  At the top was another, this time much needed, regroup.  From the top we descended (for there was no further rise at this point). Down to the road we continued and off towards the camp only to turn and descend still further to the canal over which we crossed.  Back along the towpath to the next canal bridge over which we crossed back to a hill up which we went – slowly at the back. By this stage Designer and One Way Only were chattering as though to save the world.  Fruit’n’Nut was wondering when he could blow his horn, Kanchi was wandering along enjoying the warmth and fresh air, Bidet tapping out his stride with his walking sticks and even Hard Hat was slower this time. The trail followed up through the woods as we passed by exercising soldiers enjoying the sunshine and on to a long, long straightish run home.  There was a consensus and it was that the trail was actually quite good…and that is praise indeed.  Down downs went to the Hare for his good trail, to the Hilly Ones in the form of Seis Matters and City Slicker who followed all the hills up and down and to the ‘Posh Spice Girls’, Designer and One Way Only.  Silvier and Mountain Rescue got theirs for being ‘dedicated’ and Easy Rider for setting the example.  The On Inn was the Pineridge Golf Club where the first chips were graded 7 but the second lot were a high 8.




Hares:  Ian Lowers (City Slicker) and Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut)

Hounds:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Clem Maginniss (Hard Hat Harry), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steven Nagel (Silvier Fox), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Geoff Cook (Free Ryde), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Paul Gallagher (spring Lamb), Kim Dyos (Little Prick) and Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer).

Bragging about the glorious Hash Weather, Fruit’n’Nut claimed it was he who fixed it – we know differently.  City Slicker was a bit vague with his direction of start but his co-hare put us right and Silvier was off like the proverbial for a couple of hundred yards and then Free Ryde shot off into the wide open with Sky Hi on the correct path.  Silvier won in the end and soon led us all from the most revolting, smelly, obnoxious mire into which Twin Peaks deposited herself for no real good reason.  Once the pong had subsided the front runners were well away continuing around ‘the loop’ with a late arriving Hard Hat cutting across to catch up.  Into the woods from the open ground went we, to the first regroup.  Mountain Rescue was off piste but managed to save Sony Tone from checking along the wrong way but then they both had to catch up before joining, well, nearly joining, the main pack at another regroup over the main road on the normal Tunnel Hill car park.  Now the pack was at a point of indecision and it was a while before Sky Hi realised that we really were going down under the rail bridge.  Bidet reckoned that MR would know where to go but he was wrong and Sony Tone picked up the lead.  Passing through territory well known to some, others were not quite sure but it was Silvier and Sky Hi who led the pack over the cycle bridges and seesaws only to find they weren’t the first at the next regroup.  Now we crossed the road and ran down to another rail bridge for another regroup where there was considerable discussion on the various options open.  As ever, only one was right (and it was right), and right to the main road, under the rail bridge (not the same rail bridge as before, but the next one along) with Free Ryde taking up the challenge of front running.  Instead of turning left and going straight back to the car park, it was right and over the road back into the woods (this is included so that Silvier, Bidet and Prime8 will learn where the true trail went).  Through the tree and a final left back up to the car park and we were home.  Short, but very sweet and most enjoyable.  Then came the down downs; first for the principal hare, then for Free Ryde on his return after a lengthy break, followed by our ‘holiday makers’ Silvier and Bidet. Armoured Farmer got his for wearing a hat in the circle and Hard Hat Harry for drinking healthily all the way round.  Our health freak, Easy Rider got his for going to the gym before the run - again.  It was only afterwards that witnesses proffered the fact that Hard Hat was seen doing press-ups after the run (obviously he didn’t run hard enough).  Then it was to the White Hart in Pirbright for libation and jolly jesting (and at one stage even some serious discussion).


Try not to weaken…On On



Hare:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone),

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Clem Maginniss (Hard Hat Harry), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Ian Angel (Hippo), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steven Nagel (Silvier Fox), Terry Newland (Rainbow Man), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Clare Brewer (One Way Only), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over) and Karen Allen (Designer)

Absolutely ideal weather for Hashing and an excellent trail through the jungles of Deepcut.  Over the road it started (and finished) with the front-runners leading the pack astray right from the start.  Brought back to the real trail the lead was taken by Hard Hat, or Sky Hi or Silvier with occasional mistaken ventures by TVRFRB*.  There were to be five regroups, we were told and numerous loops to afford ready short cuts for the idle or injured.  The only declared ‘injured’ was Rainbow Man making a recovery from a knee operation, then another in the form of Hippo who is fast heading for a similar operation.  The well-laid trail was easy to follow if you had your wits about you (and there were a few of those about) or had the eyes of an eagle.  As so often happens, half way round and we came across Centre of Attraction waiting patiently for us to catch up after one of those loops fooled us all (Except CofA who claimed to have followed the trail from the previous regroup).  The trail undulated well and changed direction, thus splitting the pack.  Now, once again, TVRFRB, while diligently checking out a lost trail found himself near the top of the rise when it became apparent that the pack, most of them, had found the trail back down in the dip.  Being ever-reluctant to lose this hard gained altitude, he became detached from the pack so knows not what occurred with the main body.  Sky Hi was within sight and calling the pack on and that was the last seen of anyone until very close to home.  But all eventually arrived back safe and reasonably sound for the down downs.  The Hare was first followed by our new harriette, Karen Allen who was promptly named “Designer” (not sure quite why but the RA dribbled on and lost us all).  The return of Rainbow Man after his operation was welcomed as being fitter than ever, while Hippo got his for blowing his trumpet as we sang to the ‘racketeer’, and easy Rider and Silvier for fanatical fitness.  Thirst was quenched in the Pinehurst Golf Club with first class chips provided by the Hare.

On On



Hares:  Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut)

Hounds:   Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Judith Bridges (‘Er Indoors), Mette Sorensen (Leg Over), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Clem Maginniss (Hard Hat Harry), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Brian Simpson (Commercial Whale), Sharon Harvey (Olympic Feat) and Geoff Cooke (Free Ryde).


A good turnout (eventually) for a good run.  Commercial Whale arrived just in time and Fruit’n’Nut gave his usual brief and we set off with Silvier well to the fore.  By the time he, Silvier, found himself on the wrong track, two things had happened; Bidet had found the right way and sent others off to follow it while, from the wrong direction, Centre of Attraction appeared.  Not late this time, indeed so early was she that there were virtually no other cars and she set off to find us wherever we were.  Well, we were turning up for a 3 pm start, not a 2 pm start - so, for once, she was early, very early.  We had been told it was a varied trail and varied it was. Not too much in the way of hills but far too much watery shig.  We quickly came to the first regroup (actually we weren’t that quick but the regroup was shortly after we started).  Now we had to explain more of the Hash Format to our two newcomers while Silvier set off to find the trail.  The newcomers quickly caught on and the three of them created the van (a quaint term indicating the front runners) throughout the rest of the meet.  Out of nowhere came Hard Hat who had managed to catch up after arriving late – too many conferences, he said.  Another quick regroup had Easy Rider wondering if there were really eight regroups.  There weren’t - only six although two were only a few yards apart so it counts as only five. Now Cyclone uncharacteristically became front-runner and had us all running uphill, again. For a while we all seemed a bit lost but soon the dulcet tones of Sony led us down the slope to a bridging training area for a regroup and a welcome pause.  Into woodland we ran (not that we’d been out of trees for long) to a check that once again split the pack. A shortcutting MR came across the trail that sent Free Ryde (no relation to Free Tibet) one way and MR the other.  MR was overtaken by Silvier (who by now was complaining of a strained calf muscle) just in time for him to take the blame for leading the pack to a Back Back. Now Olympic Feat boasted that she had seen the flour leading in the correct direction but was ignored by MR; that’s life…  Over some very damp undergrowth, C of A’s little dog was not happy crossing an extensive area of low heather and when C of A asked if a lift was desired, a good number of Hashers wanted to take her up on the offer!  So we progressed and just over the hour we were all heading for home and the Down Downs that went to: the Hare who drank to himself, to ‘Er Indoors and Leg Over who had enjoyed the hills because they were not as steep as those on the Sunday North Hants Hash, to the two virgins Olympic Feat and Free Ryde, and for trying so hard to Easy Rider and Centre of Attraction.  Finally Old Grouser picked up one for being a ‘Hectic Pacer’ and running too fast (for his own good?).  The On Inn was the New Inn, sadly devoid of any proper beers, but jolly all the same.


On On



Hare:  Alan Jewell (Easy Rider).

Hounds:   Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), John Elder (Seis Matters), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Sarah Nagel (Petal), and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).


Car parking was not the easiest but there was just about room for those who wanted to run rather than take a dog for a walk.  Bidet, complete with ski sticks, set off apace encouraging Seis to overtake and lead us off on the wrong track.  Quickly brought back on course by the hare, we continued to have difficulty in spotting the flour spots amongst the remnants of the recent snowfall. Maybe off-white in such conditions is not such a good idea for a trail indicator. However, we progressed and swung off through the trees heading in a southerly direction.  The hare helpfully pointed out that the flour was dry whereas the snow was wet so we were expected to follow his trail with greater ease. Now we were led into an undulating area by Sony Tone with close support from F&N. They went the wrong way so it was up to Bidet once more to let his dulcet tones encourage the rest of us to follow – for a short while.  Now Seis was getting serious and taking the lead over towards some serious undulations.  Silver Jumper and Seis started alternating the lead while Prime8 did what he could to keep up.  As we broke out of the closer well-forested area we were somewhat relieved to find that the sun was actually quite warm while we waited at a regroup.  Along some wide2paths before another regroup and Bidet issuing loud orders in military fashion to back markers to catch up quickly.  He was concerned to be told that 150 armed soldiers exercising in the area were responding to his instructions! (Later, having decided enough was enough, he headed for home but found himself in the midst of an infantry platoon attack.  H e survived). The trail now took us downhill only to find we had to go up again – surprise, surprise.  At the top there was confusion and the trail was completely lost.  The hare had changed his mind and re-laid this part.  MR and CofA were now on trail and going down again and on to a narrow path that was found to be highly waterlogged.  Those carefully kept dry feet very quickly became exceedingly wet.   Once we were through this part, the field greatly spread out while MR found the trail with Ever Ready close on his heels.  Meanwhile, Seis had taken the wrong check but soon caught up by SCB-ing.  The run in was very pleasant and gently downhill all the way home.  All in all a most enjoyable trail.  In getting his down down the hare was congratulated on his selection of ‘super shig’.  Sony Tone and Silver Jumper were awarded theirs for being trailblazers, although the former really got his for chatting up some birds.  Centre of Attraction (late as usual) reached ‘Olympic Heights’ and Bidet for turning up when it was not particularly fair weather.  Ever Ready got his for being the Best Shiggy Finder when he landed up to his knees.  The On Inn near Tesco provided limited beer but at least it was wet.


On On ...



Hares:  Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer) and Paul Armstrong (Back Up).

Hounds:   Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Mike Billups (Haagen Dash), Brian Langford (Cyclone), John Elder (Seis Matters), Judith Bridges (‘Er Indoors), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Mette Cobley (Leg Over), Peter Cunningham (Cunninglingus), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Clem Maginnis (Hard Hat Harry), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi), Alan Fiddler (Outrider) and Damien Pealin (NNY), and finally as a non-runner Chris Farmer (Bidet).


The fog had cleared by the time we wanted to start and we were only five minutes late with our departure.  This was still not enough leeway for our latecomers, Centre of Attraction, Cunninglingus and Damien Pealin (appearing for the first time with us and still nameless).  However, they caught us up after crossing the north eastern part of the football field over to the horse training compound.  At this stage the going became stressful as it was gently uphill for quite some way and most were feeling the strain as we warmed up.  At the first check there was considerable delay until Haagen Dash found the trail leading into the woods.  On joining a main path there was a momentary delay and then, surprise, surprise, it was another of our Hash newcomers, Outrider, who took the lead.  He pounded off down the hill and to everyone’s surprise pounded up the other side. It didn’t last and soon Fruit’n’Nut’s horn was heard luring the pack to join him as he made for the open ground back along the Tweseldown Road.  Fate then jumped in and MR, cutting back to join the main group, found flour leading back towards the hills and woods.  The first regroup gave a chance for the latecomers to catch up and soon Outrider was leading us off for the second time.  Now moving along main routes the going was fastish and mainly uphill.  Seis Matters and Haagen Dash led the way over to the ponds with the former being lucky with his guess as to which way we should turn.  Up and over the next rise it was now F&N who recognised another familiar path disappearing into the bush. Up and over the hill we found ourselves going down through some very dark woods – spooky.  At the bottom Hard Hat paused for a photo call thereby delaying a number of Hashers (but they weren’t in any great hurry) and we soon found ourselves with a long, hard uphill grind.  The upward trend continued with a certain inevitability and it was at this point that Cunninglingus caught us up.  He and MR felt confident that they were far enough ahead to be able to take it easy but the three habitual front- runners (the other two being joined now by Sky Hi) were not far enough behind for a significant gap.  At the trig point the anticipated regroup wasn’t and Cunninglingus ‘knew’ the way down – he was right. From here on the way home was essentially downhill all the way and somewhat of a relief to most.  Now comes an interesting point: Outrider had disappeared; no one had seen him for quite a while and having been a front runner on his first Hash we can but hope he has learnt a lesson – don’t push your luck at the front for too long!  Eventually he made it back to the circle to pick up his down down and his Hash Handle.  The Hares too got their down down for a good trail, with Centre of Attraction, Cunninglingus and Bidet getting theirs for being late, with Hard Hat Harry being awarded his for knowing that he was going to be unable to Hash for the next two meets.  Beers at the Tweseldown were well received and a convivial meeting enjoyed.  Until the next time…

On On


Hares:  Paul Duncan (Old Grouser) and Robyn Duncan (A Tipple).

Hounds:   Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Ian Angell (Hippo), Mike Billups (Haagen Dash), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Rik Rawcliffe (Giant Haystack), John Elder (Seis Matters), Judith Bridges (‘Er Indoors), Luke Bridges (Smash!), Tom Bridges (Little Big Horn), Steve Bridges (Hobble), Paul Cobbley (Horn), Sally Duncan (Ali Kat), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), James Roberts (No Entry), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Ian Lowers (City Slicker), Zoë McAllister (Wheeze), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Steve Booker (Dickhead), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Bruce Gosden (NNY), Chris Gosden (NNY), Alison Cowie (NNY), Richard Castell (NNY), Andy Basham (NNY), Rachel Parker (NNY), Amelia Parker (NNY), Lucy Giles (Full Frontal), Denise Catlin, (Flying Doctor), Adrian Lambeth (Nettles), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie), Criss Noice (A Limp On) and  Peter Cunningham (Cunninglingus).

So, we found counting the numbers present too difficult at the start but it was a huge turnout by Deepcut standards.  By the time we finished, there were 39 hounds (excluding dogs) and two hares.  And, yes, it was quite cool with frost still lying over much of the course.  However, the pack set off in a northerly direction, through the trees, in reasonable order and not too late. The front-runners found themselves wending their way back and forth around winding, twisting, turning loops.  It kept everyone guessing and allowed the back runners to keep up but cutting across the loops.  At the first the trail looked as though it was turning back towards the Maultway, but by now Silvier was in his usual place at the front and found himself leading the pack up a wide track parallel to the main road.  The trail went on and on and on until a check back that looked as though the trail was about to cross the road after all.  But, no, by now Silvier had found the trail going back parallel to the way out so once again the tail enders were able to catch the leaders.  Then there was quite a long straightish bit of track running before the first regroup and Ali Kat working her camera as Hash Flash.  Spirits were still high and the newcomers getting the idea of what it was all about – it was not a lot warmer. Any confusion was quickly sorted and Fruit’n’Nut could be heard blowing his hooter far up another major track, a track which some thought would soon give way to veering off into the jungle.  Well, it did, eventually, but the long run got temperatures up to a more comfortable level. After more devious trails through the trees, up and down the many hilly parts in the area, with the sophisticated sounds from Horn’s fine bugle and the pathetic imitations from the hooters of Hippo and Fruit’n’Nut we were encouraged to proceed to the next regroup beside a sizeable hilltop open area.  Not for long did we pause and we were soon off on more undulations.  The front-runners now missed the trail and were in danger of losing the plot.  Judicious hailing from the Hare brought the pack back and up a steep rise once again. The short cutters declined the incline and soon found themselves lost looking for the trail where they anticipated it would go.  They didn’t get it quite right but managed to keep up – eventually. Now the trail took a down turn and for quite some way we continued down a long, long slope to the bottom.  There were those who were daft enough to go back up again, but most managed to stay at the lower altitude to follow the trail to the third (and last) regroup, just on the other side of the wide open space that we had visited already.  However, this time we were welcomed by Ali Kat who was equipped with tumblers, thermos flasks and mince pies and we stood around for a few moments enjoying delicious mulled wine and hot pies. It didn’t last and we set off for home through a patch of intense cold frost around the married quarters and back to the Mess as it was getting dark.  It had been a thoroughly good and devious trail with everyone safely back for the Circle.  Here the Hares got their due reward and others were called to task. Andy Basham and Alison Cowie were both virgins (“It’s been a while since I was called that!” – to quote Alison), No Entry and Old Thumper who were thought to have been able to do better, and finally to Mountain Rescue for avoiding many of the ‘mountains’, and to another virgin (for being such) who was duly named Full Frontal (something to do with her having been at the sharp end with Airborne Forces).   We were later (much later) kicked out of the Pine Ridge Golf Club bar because they wanted to prepare for their major upcoming New Year party…   On On and…


A very Happy New Year to all our readers



Hares:  Ian Gordon (Cruise Control) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone).


Hounds:  Tony Case (Fruit‘n’Nut), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Ian Angel (Hippo), Judith Bridges (‘Er Indoors), Metta Cobley (Leg Over), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Les Salmon (Ever Ready) and John Elder (Seis Matters).


 The weather was pretty awful; hugely overcast and fine, penetrating drizzle.  However, that did not put off the splendid pack. The hares were in communicative form – “It starts with one blob…” followed by a very short warning about a steep downhill bit that was surfaced with wet clay.  Well, we were quickly off because Cruise Control was almost standing on the first blob.  But, now came the start that led to your scribe getting separated from the main pack and will result in these skimpy notes.  By the time the trail was found, scribe was off in totally the wrong direction.  Making up for lost time he caught up at the first check only to find himself checking out another wrong trail (now you know why he hates being at the front).  By the time the trail was found, he was reluctant to lose his altitude gain but followed every move of the pack.  He followed them up the steep hill to the top of the mighty ridge, all the way down again only to find that the way was up the same ridge for a second time.   He followed them as they descended once more.  Wonderful thing is eyesight.  He could see the distant Seis Matters in the lead having taken over from Silver Jumper; he could make out Bidet encouraging a following and Fruit ‘n’Nut sounding off on his horn.  As they all came down the hill once more, there was some confusion until the trail was spotted once more.  In danger now of interfering with a military exercise, the trail led back away from the potential clash. Now moving over the old firing range, the pack was encouraged to go up the hill only to find that the trail descended once more.  There were those who went down and those who remained at the newly gained altitude.  The latter were the winners for indeed the trail came back up and went right to the top of the considerable rise.  Now your lonely scribe found himself unaccompanied once more so he is not sure who did what or where and when.  All made it back to the car park before the light completely faded.  Down downs were awarded to the hares for their trail laid in shig throughout: to the intelligentsia for their use of the ground (Seis Counts, Mountain Rescue, Centre of Attraction and ‘Er Indoors), to those who nearly lost it Ever Ready (his glasses) and Primate (something to do with a biting dog) and finally to the one who returned to this country to catch up with Real Ale, Cyclone.  The On Inn was the Six Bells in Farnham where they do not serve chips until 6.00 pm unless prior arrangements have been made.  Apart from that it was a good gathering…


On, on and on



Hares:  Ian Lowers (City Slicker) and Tony Case (Fruit‘n’Nut)


Hounds:  Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Rik Rawcliffe (Giant Haystack), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Ian Warren (Fly By), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Ian Angel (Hippo), Judith Bridges (‘Er Indoors), Metta Cobley (Leg Over), Paul Gallagher (Spring Lamb), Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Clem Maginness (Hard Hat Harry).


It was just a great day for Hashing.  From a weather point of view, anyway.  And the company was good with a good turnout.  So we started as usual with the Hares’ brief; sadly City Slicker had ‘forgotten’ where they had gone, so Fruit‘n’Nut (with convincing confidence) sent us on our way – in totally the wrong direction.  City Slicker quickly remembered that the start was 180 degrees in the opposite direction (for indeed that is just what 180 degrees would indicate) so in military terms we all  ‘about turned’.  Into the park proper we went with Fly By and Silver Jumper to the fore. The trail went deeper into the park to the first check that caused some consternation.  The first to call ‘On On’ was Sony Tone for, indeed, he had discovered three distinct and very well laid blobs of flour.  HOWEVER, the next flour he found was a distinct false trail marker.  Sooo, another ‘about turn’ got us all back on the right track and we soon found ourselves floundering on the canal bank.  The swans were not pleased to see the canine hashers and some vicious hissing soon put them in their place.  Meanwhile the real hounds were now off along the canal path.  Fly By and Hard Hat led the way back into the park only for them to find the trail actually led back on to the canal path.  By now Silver Jumper had reached the road, ignored the regroup and disappeared off over the canal bridge and along the road.  The main pack reassembled and soon set of in slow pursuit.  Back into the trees to the other side of the canal where we paused for the front-runners to do their duty.  A kindly hare hint to the fair feminine trio overheard by foul buck took us off through the local jungle where we struggled up a steep hill.  Puffing and blowing was now the order of the day as a hilltop check caused a considerable delay with hounds in all directions, all down.  That, of course, meant that several had to climb back up.  Hard Hat was now at the fore giving lusty encouragement to the rest only to find another regroup.  A momentary delay and we were off once more to wide open space where several paths met.  Having witnessed last time Fruit‘n’Nut struggle up an exceeding steep slope to no avail, there were those who were greatly suspicious and felt that this was time for his revenge.  And how right those suspicions were.  It was not only Dennis (Old Grouser’s dog) who went up on all fours.  As the crow flew it was but a hundred yards from the regroup but as Hashers flew it felt like a hundred miles to the next regroup at the top.  Once all assembled, Hounds dispersed in all directions but the right one, so another female friendly hint, once more overheard, took the pack off.  Now, He Who Hates to be Front-runner found himself where he didn’t really want to be until Fly By was encouraged to fly by.  And so it finished with Prime8 on the wrong side of the canal and the recovering-from-wounds Hippo wandering on to the trail just before the end.  A basically good and enjoyable trail in glorious weather.  Down downs went to the Hares, to the returning Hard Hat (who was once our GM) and to Old Grouser (our current GM) as we sang to the Hash Higher Arky (or should that be Hire Arkie?), to Fly By on receiving his tag and his dad ‘The Old and the New’, and finally to those in need, Hippo (recovering from his broken ankle) and Cyclone (recovering from the Spanish sunshine).  We then repaired to the Rose and Thistle in Frimley Green where they were selling some fine ales and hosting a really fine bunch of questionable runners.


On On On



Hares:  Vance Allen (Silver Jumper) and Rik Rawcliffe (Giant Haystack)

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Tony Case (Fruit‘n’Nut), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi) Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Ian Warren (No Name Yet), Paul Armstrong (Back Up), Alex Duncan (Flying Storker), Sally Duncan (Ali Kat), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Les Salmon (Ever Ready) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone).

So now we know, it’s official – there are a good number of wimps in the Deepcut Hash (almost as many as in the North Hants Hash).  Last time we met, there were but ten of us in the rain and last Sunday when the NH4 met in the persistent precipitation there were only nine.  But today in the sunshine there were eighteen.  However, there was no sign of the hares when we wanted to start so we started without them.  As ever, it was Silvier who went straight to the front, overtaking a walking Mountain Rescue on the way and closely followed by the yet not-named Ian Warren.  Soon they were off up the hill while the overtaken wandered off on his own but in a similar direction.  The main pack followed Silvier and that was probably sensible as he was the one ‘on’.  Soon the ‘overtaken’ was alone at the top of the hill while the rest went off on a lower track.  Eventually, they met again but not before the high up back back was discovered.  At the bottom of the hill we all met up at a regroup.  By now the hares had caught up on their bicycles and we realised how they had laid the trail (not much of an advantage as they found out – running up hill is easier than cycling uphill).  Anyway, once we were all together, Silvier was off and up the hill towards the Old Guildford Road, Sony Tone was off in another direction, Bidet idly waiting for someone to find the trail, Armoured Farmer checking out another possibility and Fruit’n’Nut striding off up a very steep hill at the top of which was the back back to which mention was earlier made.  Primate remained static and admired the energy expenditure.  The hares were delighted to witness Silvier closely followed by Ian and Sky Hi disappearing up the hill in the wrong direction.  By now, Mountain Rescue had noticed a hare up a different path and on overtaking him saw some flour and was informed that was the second blob.  Sony Tone continued along the wrong path until wisdom brought him back to where the rest were now following. It must have been about now that the RA overheard a very private conversation between mother and daughter that led to their down downs.  The trail became a bit more puzzling but was eventually found by Silvier and his gang of front-runners that now included Sky Hi.   The rear-running Hi Hat was the cause that led to the new Hash cry of ‘On On Ron’ that probably fell on deaf ears.  Ali Kat was taking short cuts while the rest found themselves running parallel to the Old Guildford Road for a while; for quite a while.  The trail led off in the ‘wrong’ direction back uphill, again, to a significant path. Then we turned back in the direction of home to come across a sign that read ‘1000 m’ with an arrow pointing straight down the main track.  Bidet claimed it to be but 976m only but the redeeming feature of this part of the run was that it was downhill all the way.  At the bottom by the gate, Silvier stopped and that allowed Bidet to be the first one home, closely followed by an extraordinary mix of back runners who somehow found themselves very near the front after 55 minutes of movement.  Down downs were awarded to the ‘irreplaceable’ hares for a good run, to Bidet for being first and to Silvier for stopping and looking as though he was coming in last, to the wise and beautiful Ali Kat and Flying Storker, to Mountain Rescue for carrying an injury, Hi Hat (for wearing a new Deepcut Hash shirt and Nameless (for being a virgin runner although he had helped to lay Trail No 180!), the three being described as the ‘Proud and Wonderful’ (who knows what was meant by that), and finally to Petal out of her new shoes.  Potters offered ale and bonhomie while their chips scored 6.5 on the chip scale.  All in all, a very satisfactory gathering…


On On…



Hare:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds:  Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Tony Case (Fruit‘n’Nut), Judith Bridges (‘Er Indoors), Metta Cobley (Leg Over), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi) and Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer).


Once again, the wimps were highlighted; “I’m not running if it’s raining” or “I’m going to the Gym if it’s wet” simply aren’t excuses good enough.  And as for “I’ve got to go to the dentist…”  Anyway, there were nine brave souls who turned up to support the drenched hare who had spent several hours in the rain to lay a trail that set off across the road and immediately into trees.  By now the sky had brightened and the rain had ceased.  As ever, Silvier was to the fore but not for long before he was stumped by the false trail.  There was considerable turmoil while Hounds fussed around until Sky Hi gave that welcoming call and the pack was really off on its way along the path almost parallel to the Pirbright road.  Down through the trees which was very pleasant running; soft under foot and open forest leading to a small stream.  This caused a certain concern.  Fruit‘n’Nut tried to jump it but got a very muddy foot for his efforts.  There was a drier way over that was used by those in less of a hurry.  Up the bank into a well known open area.  Now Sky Hi was off in the wrong direction, and Silvier picked up the trail that now led back into the trees, down a path to the same stream, but this time we ran alongside.  The FRBs returned towards the rest of the pack having found a back back.  At this point they had missed an enormous tree with branches forming a very handy handrail that took them dryly across the stream.  Having been warned about just how slippery the trunk was, watching Petal bum shuffle was an absolute picture to experience.  ‘Er Indoors attempted the jump and ended up with an exceedingly muddy foot; at least it was the same foot that suffered a similar fate at the first water jump.  By now, Silvier was leading the pack again back to the road but it was Fruit’n’Nut who actually found the trail at the top of the rise on the far side where the trail led to the railway bridge and the first regroup.  After some dithering, Easy Rider found the trail going up the hill and over the top and down the other side.  Much hunting around before Silvier picked up the scent and led us off up the hill.  Now Armoured Farmer expressed his upset because he had almost made it to the trail when he turned back.  Eventually the trail was found again and the pack surged forward along a main track and up to the top of a hill.  Here there was more confusion with the main FRBs ferreting around to no avail but Easy Rider was encouraged to follow his first thoughts and soon found that his instinct was worth following.  There was no overtaking at this part so it was Easy Rider who led down through close country and up alongside the road and back into the trees up familiar tracks and across the Old Guildford Road.  More concern as the FRBs could not find the trail – not their fault this time, the rain had all but washed away the first and most important marker.  Silvier now called everyone on but then went on a false trail.  On his return, he ignored the Hare’s advice no to go up that hill…  Meanwhile Fruit‘n’Nut had picked up the scent and not only led us all for perhaps the longest stretch of running, but actually found the trail again after the check.  Now we were going uphill through close trees.  At the second regroup at the top, Fruit’n’Nut went off right while the rest of the pack kept straight on as the Hare intended.  That was the last we saw of Fruit‘n’Nut for some time.  Silvier now ranged far and wide looking for the trail and happened upon it by accident.  Once more downhill through some very close country, up the other side and back over the Old Guildford Road.  By now tiredness was setting in so the friendly Hare advised the back runners and shepherded them home along the ridges parallel to the railway line.  Silvier had lost himself somewhere in the hills but managed to keep contact and actually finished before most.  Meanwhile, Fruit‘n’Nut was really lost (five times, he said after) but eventually got home and insisted on down downs for those still remaining:  the Hare, of course, and Easy Rider, Silvier and Petal, all for being ‘miscreants’.  We repaired to Potters for beer and a chip (very good chips, soft centres, crispy outside, hot and tasty – Graded 8).  It was here that Fruit‘n’Nut regaled us about the art of sheep rolling!!


With that, On On



Hare:  Alan Jewell (Easy Rider)

Hounds:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Judith Bridges (‘Er Indoors), Metta Cobley (Leg Over) and Ron Peasley (Hi Hat).

Perhaps the saddest part of this performance was the clapping afterwards for the Hare’s standard of trail; it was good, but there was no need to let him know just how much it was appreciated.  There were errors.  For instance the number of regroups, the excessiveness of which was appreciated by some of the slugs in the pack.  And the one hill was indeed used time and again to get us all undulating.  However, much of it was over land not seen before by many and so trying to pre-empt the Hare’s trail was not so easy.  The start was simple and Silvier and Silver Jumper were soon off into the training area leaving Fruit’n’Nut to go off on the wrong track.  In no time at all we were at the first regroup and it was Silver Jumper who found the restart.  Much of the running was through close tracks within the rhododendron thickets.  Another regroup and Silvier was off calling everyone else back into line.  And so it continued through some very pleasant running to the Lake’s edge where we were stopped for another regroup.  There was considerable reluctance to take to the water but Silvier set off and was fortunate enough to find the trail leading, not through, but along the edge of the water for a while.  Into the trees and tall bracken it was quite difficult to see just where Silvier was going but we managed to hear him most of the time.  More stops, more checks and even Fruit’n’Nut found himself at the front at one stage.  Then there was the back-packed Sony Tone taking his turn at the front. Not to be outdone, it was Ever Ready who once found himself to the fore after a regroup when we all though he was going into the tree for a bit of relief but it turned out that he was just investigating when he found the trail – he never did get his pee.  Then came quite a long search that gave the main pack a bit of a rest but the front-runners were doing their bit exhausting themselves and giving the middle runners a chance of keeping up – apart from Hi Hat who remained firmly at the back of the pack for most of the way, pacing himself with care.  What was interesting is that no one did anything daft or really worth reporting.  So plain was the pack’s behaviour that the RA had difficulty in thinking up reasons for down downs.  So, we ended up with:  the Hare, two returnees in the form of ’Er Indoors and Leg Over, the explorers Silver Jumper who was accused of taking on all the checks and Petal who assaulted every bramble bush with reach, and to a faithful returnee to old hunting grounds, in the form of Ever Ready.  We progressed to the New Inn for the traditional ales and good humour and found that, yes, they did sell chips that attracted a score of 7* (they would have be a higher grade if they had been hotter but the star is given for the speed with which they were produced, which was quite phenomenal).

It was decided that in future, the Hare (who buys the flour for the trail) would not have to pay the £1 run fee.

We hope to see a greater pack next time and also hope that there is no more bowling on an ‘Ash Wednesday’!


On On to one and all.           




Hare:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone),

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Paul Gallagher (Spring Lamb), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Rick Rawcliffe (Giant Haystack) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

So while your scribe was away no one thought of writing up some notes – or, if they did, did nothing about it.  For record purposes the names of those attending the two meets are reflected in this short report.  And talking of ‘short’ our hare assured us his trail was short.  Once more the generic hare has lied to the hounds and we embarked on what he, the hare, admitted was much more hilly than his childhood memories. He also advised that the blackberries en route were very good (now that was not a lie). So we set off into the park only to turn sharp left down the hill towards the main road.  This manoeuvre left the fast running Silvier an opportunity to catch up with rest of the pack.  By now Spring Lamb and Silver Jumper were to the fore with Giant Haystack not far behind. An excited F&N was blowing his horn in encouragement as we flowed down with the hill.  After what seemed like quite a long time we found ourselves struggling uphill with no sign of a check.  The uphill was indeed steep and left all but the fittest feeling somewhat puffed.  And so we continued; Silvier, Spring Lamb and Silver Jumper became the front-runners with Giant Haystack, Ever Ready, Petal and MR somewhere in the middle, Prime8 sucking on his asthma thingy whatsit and at the back, way, way back was F&N blowing on his horn in self-encouragement but unsuccessfully trying to confuse the hounds all to the front of him.  And so it continued until about half way when we actually had the first of a number of checks.  At one point we were all held up because the trail had been rubbed out.  This was the first real opportunity to sample the blackberries (and very good they were).  The Hare (once he had caught up) soon put us right and we were off into the depths of the local jungle once more.  Then we got lost again and well spread out with MR checking what turned out to white stones and not flour.  Another little trick Nature played was producing a sort of moss, very pale in colour so that it looked just like bird-pecked flour.  Anyway, quite by accident MR came across a regroup, so regroup we did.  Now the short cutters were offered an alternative ‘easier’ route while the main body ploughed on behind the now front-runner blowing his horn in group encouragement. It didn’t last.  He was soon at the back again. The vanguard led us on and soon we were at the bridge over the motorway.  The courageous Silver Jumper, closely followed by Silvier, checked over the bridge only to find that, yes, it was the real way home.  From here on the trail was simple with plentiful supplies of splendid blackberries on the way.  The main pack was followed later, much later, by the short cutters who had apparently also been distracted by the berries.  The circle formed and the hare was awarded his down down for laying a very pleasant run.  Giant Haystack made the error of wearing new shoes from which he drank his down down and Spring Lamb picked up his for being such a keen front-runner. The Nagels got one each for some spurious reason while Prime8 and Mountain Rescue were nominated to drink for the Blackberry Eaters. The pack retired to the Pine Ridge Golf Course for a draught and chip.

On, On.

Hares: Chris Farmer and Martin Potter (Goofy) Hounds: Paul Armstrong (Back Up), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Alex Duncan (Flying Storker), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Sally Duncan (Ali Kat), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction) and daughter, Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Tony Soane (Sony Tone) and Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer)

Hares: Sarah Nagel (Petal) and Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox) Hounds: Allen Vance (Silver Jumper), Paul Armstrong (Back Up), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Alex Fryatt (Toby), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Rick Rawcliffe (Giant Haystack), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Soane (Sony Tone) and Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer).




Hares:  Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone),

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Paul Gallagher (Spring Lamb), Ian Angell (Hippo), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Rachel Parkinson (Park ‘n’ Ride), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi) and Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer)


Fine weather and a good turnout indicated a great potential.  From the start it was into the woods with Silvier to the fore. The rest followed on in their own time with Bidet on his sticks (and this before he’d had a drink); he said to support his knees but we knew it was to help him keep upright.  At the first check it was finally Silver Jumper who happened upon the trail and off he went only to be stymied.  Silvier was suspicious of the more obvious trail going up the steep hill so he took the (wrong) path leading to the canal.  Sony Tone expressed his delight at seeing Silver Jumper and Sky Hi returning down the steep hill from a false trail, while the On On was called from in the jungle vaguely back the way we had come but off just enough to take us off and away into the wilderness. We soon heard Hippo’s horn and through the trees (rather around the trees) we went.  The only bit of excitement was witnessed by few: Hi Hat got his feet tangled by a twig in the undergrowth and he collapsed face first (fortunately not at high speed, because that’s not the way he goes) and his only concern was not his delicate features but his spectacles, which fortunately remained intact. Then we found ourselves at the top of the rise.  While hunting around, suddenly Centre of Attraction appeared having arrived only 15 minutes late and having ‘cheated’ and made straight for the commotion created by the pack – that’s why we keep calling.  At the top it was a long straight run along the track parallel to the Old Guildford Road with Dennis dragging a wearying Old Grouser and Spring Lamb trying to keep up with his hound.  Park ‘n’ Ride was up front and now it was inevitably down hill.  Silvier had disappeared long since and we anticipated his excuse that we were unable to hear his calls because of the aircraft noise from Airshow. Now we were making for home. The trail led back towards the married quarters area. By now it was all the front-runners and one ‘SCB’ who were at the front (Silvier had already finished).  MR was way ahead at the front of the pack but had missed the twist in the trail (not that he was interested, he was too near home) and it was Silver Jumper, Spring Lamb, Armoured Farmer and Sky Hi who led the main pack back round the true trail.  All home in 45 minutes or thereabouts having had an enjoyable run and (oh joy) no circle, no down downs because you-know-who was away marching in Nijmegen. So, we all rapidly pushed off to Potters where we enjoyed an ale or two and CHIPS – the first time for ages and very good chips they were, attracting a considered score of no less than 8.5 for their crispness, consistency, flavour, texture lack of excess fat, and general appearance.  You see, this chip grading is taken very seriously by DH3…


On On



Hares:  Flash Gordon (Cruise Control) and Terry Newland (Rainbow Man)

Hounds: Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Paul Gallagher (Spring Lamb) and Rick Rawcliffe (Giant Haystack)

A disappointing turnout for what turned out to be a good run, full of dastardly diversions and tricky turns.  A swift brief warned that there were a couple of regroups a few back backs.  We left No 5 and set off across the grass common with Sony and Jumper up front.  As we paused for a check on the far side we could see the forlorn figure of Petal making a beeline across to join us (it was not an easy start to find if you did not know the area so her lateness was forgiven.  The trail was picked up going past the Officers Mess and then lost again. Jumper and MR found the trail and were now convinced we were about to cross the main road.  But, no; Fruit’n’Nut’s horn indicated that we were actually going off into the bush once more before crossing over the road.  No, again; the trail turned back and we found ourselves making for the range boundary fence.  Now Jumper took up the lead once more with MR still daft enough to follow.  Down to the bottom went we, with Jumper confidently leading the pack to a back back.  By this time the front-runners had needlessly risen to the crest of the next rise.  So, back we went to the range fence only to find we had to run over The Sisters.  Up and down, up and down we went to a welcome regroup.  By now we appreciated that we had run quite a long way to get nowhere.  There was a long pause while Twin Peaks checked out a false trail and Jumper came back with F’n’N.  Sony decided that the hares hadn’t gone along an old path, and Easy Rider waited with Haystack for someone to find the trail.  Cruise Control had to give a hint and we set off for quite a long straightish run before breaking off into the trees once more.  Soon we were halted by a lack of flour and MR was the ‘lucky one’ to find it was he who had stumbled on to the true trail. Up and down through the trees we went again until the inevitable check but it was MR whose luck stayed with him and the pack followed.  By now the hard working Spring Lamb got to front spot and stayed there.  Turning back towards the quarters hopes were raised when the ‘ON INN’ sign was seen on the ground.  Nearly there, we thought.  Then the assault course came into view and we knew we still had some way to go.  It was a long run in but Cruise Control had got the BBQ going by the time the first runners we home.  Then in came the pseudo Irishman (F’n’N) with “That was good.  Exactly an hour or thereabouts…” but then he was right on two counts – it was good and it was thereabouts.  In the garden of No 5 the pack formed an unusual seated circle as the clouds lifted and the sun came out.  Down downs went to the hares, to Easy Rider and Mountain Rescue for claiming to be athletes, Twin Peaks (who was unusually still at the party) for being a welcome stopper, to Ankle Snatcher Sony Tone, and finally to Giant Haystack on behalf of his exhausted dog, the four-legged champion.

By the way, there were more than a few back backs – there were at least two every half mile, probably more.

No chips, but the BBQ was awarded 10.75 points out of 10.  Our thanks to the Gordons for their kind hospitality by laying on the food.


On On…


Hares:  Brian Langford (Cyclone) and assisted by Tony Soane (Sony Tone)


Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Ian Angell (Hippo), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Hare), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper),  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), David Holgate (Necrophiliac), Alex Fryatt (Toby), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat) and Terry Newland (Rainbow Man).


Sunday’s first joint Hash (Run 266A) with NH4 went very well with some eight of our runners turning up for the event.

On now to our latest, with just two minutes to go, the two hares, tired and well floured, arrived at the start with much relief at getting back before the pack was due to set off.  The rain held off as Cyclone warned that the trail may not be short and may be difficult, and that put everyone at ease.  The start was fairly traditional as we followed Silvier (who else) in a general westerly direction until he was stopped by a check.  He, Silver Jumper and Ever Ready now set off on the more obvious tracks while Mountain Rescue found an overgrown stile on an overgrown track that looked quite interesting.  So it was off down said track and the start of what seemed to be a fairly constant downhill trail through the trees and deeper into the training area.  It was rather pleasant running, although surprisingly warm.  It was not long before Silvier was up front again while the rest of the pack followed up what was a slope of some significant steepness.  The regroup was at the trig point, the highest point in the area.  Our newcomers, Necro and Toby, were right up there at the front but even they appreciated the short break.  Prime8 by now had thought better of going to the top and he had been sent on a more friendly route.  Once we restarted, it was, again, Silvier who called us all on for the start of the long descent; a drop that seemed to go on for ever, filling fearful minds with thoughts of the equally long haul back up at some stage. Another regroup allowed Prime8 to catch up kept the pack together while our habitual front runner took off once more down towards the lakes.  Skirting part of the water, it was off towards the Bourley Road and we were still not turning for home. The trail now led around to the lakes again to another pause while Fruit’n’Nut, Hippo and Prime8 were allowed to rejoin the more fleet of foot.  Criticism that the hares had forgotten that they were laying a trail for the Deepcut Hash was well accepted by tiring hounds while discussion and conjecture as to the way ahead was mainly rubbish.  You know who got us going again and from then on it was mainly uphill the rest of the way, except for the flat run in for home.  It seemed a long one, but watches confirmed that it was the usual hour (perhaps we were running faster?).  Down downs went to the hares, of course, and to our newcomers while Alex was named To Be or not To Be (hereon known as Toby).  There was then some inexplicable, meandering waffle about Mountain Rescue and Ever Ready who received their down downs for “did and didn’t” or something and finally one went to Hi Hat who turned up in his top hat – can you top that?  On then to the Six Bells in Farnham where the ale was good, the company better but the chips non-existent.  Overall, a great event enhanced only by the late and very short appearance of Centre of Attraction who arrived even later than we started and managed to follow the trail all the way to the pub.


On On


Hare:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue),

Hounds: Ian Angell (Hippo), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Hare), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Rachel Parkinson (Park’n’Ride), Clare Silman (One Way Only), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Kim Dyos (Little Prick),  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone)

We could not have had better weather – the sun shone and much of the trail was under the cover of trees and Centre of Attraction was only two minutes late.  The going was damp and in many places inundated and swampy.  But the Hounds loved it really.  Having been warned that we should all be back by teatime, possibly late teatime, the pack set off north from the car park and down through some sun-speckled woodland to the first check that held the pack for quite a long period.  The main tracks produced nothing and it was eventually Park’n’Ride who realised she was nearly standing on the flour.  So it was off up a level to the driver training area and across to the far wood line.  Further delays with Hippo ‘feeling it in his water’ that the trail was half right through the trees, so off he set.  Before he had gone far, Silvier was yelling that he was on and off he went.  The trail now followed a motorcycle path through the trees right up to the first inundation that was quite deep. Here, Hippo sloshed his way through while Twin Peaks tried to find a dry crossing and nearly made it, and Petal and One Way Only had the sense to follow the hare.  Once through the problem area and into the open, the pack went mad. Silvier was to the fore on the wrong track, with Sony Tone and Silver Jumper similarly disorientated. The rest waited for someone else to find the trail, which did eventually happen.  Silvier, once more in the lead descended into a goodly dip followed by the rest of the pack.  Once at the bottom it was back up the other side to a regroup where we met that well-known short cutter, Prime8.  With the pack wide spread it was Hippo, still following the feeling in his water who led the pack off but just too far for comfort as the trail turned sharply to cross over two parallel tracks and into the trees again.  Park’n’Ride was once more a front-runner (by mistake, she said) while Silvier had to cut back from the back back.  The next major delay was trying to find the trail on the far side of Long Valley.  The voice of a mystery short-cutter announced the trail had been discovered and the led uphill to a one blob check where Sky Hi discovered the easy falsie while it took the expertise of Silvier to find the more difficult downhill one.  Petal then found the hidden flour and it was off again through some young but close country.  Then there was doubt before Silvier discovered a long, sweeping trail leading back to a main path, down the hill and across two more paths before a long check that had the pack puzzled.  Sony Tone eventually, after the pack admitted defeat, picked up the trail that led to a pair of back backs before Silvier took off through some very tight country, twisting and turning, crossing another path before cutting through a ‘tunnel’ in the undergrowth. Out in the open once again and the pack was invited to follow a trail laid with white mine tape because underfoot was too rough to take flour.  Through the gorse, scrub, tufts and sludge meandered the strung out pack.  The first to arrive at the top were able to enjoy the breeze and sight of the struggling pack.  Difficulty was experienced finding the next ‘on’ but then the pack found itself at the second regroup and Petal led the way down to a familiar junction.  An overenthusiastic Sky Hi demonstrated how not to jump over a puddle and drenched not only himself but many within striking distance.  Then Twin Peaks fell off a makeshift bridge into the water before she managed to find the way through some more close undergrowth.  By now, there were those who were concerned about finishing in time to meet other commitments so we made direct for the finish.  Tired?  There were those who so thought, but then just imagine how tired the hare was…!  Down downs were awarded to the hare for a trail that was described by one as ‘good crap’, to happy blower, Hippo for his horn work, to shiggy skipper One Way Only, To Petal and Little Prick for knowing how to avoid water and to Prime8, the great adventurer for finding his own way round.  The On Inn was the Swan on the Farnborough road where we sat on the patio in the sun and enjoyed the view of aircraft landing on the airfield.

On On


Hare:  Ian Angell (Hippo)

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Paul Armstrong (Back Up), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Hare), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat) and Sue Higgis (Centre of Attraction).


Glorious weather again but a much smaller pack to enjoy it.  After warnings from the Hare that the roads were dangerous, the first thing we did was to cross the road and plunge down into the trees.  Silvier was the first to take a wrong check and Fruit’n’Nut the second.  Bidet found it and set off then Centre of Attraction (late again) arrived on the scene and Silvier, cutting across the undergrowth, came across the trail again.  We wended our way through the tree and on to the main path only to find Silvier returning from a back back and so Mountain Rescue found himself at the front and fast approaching the main road once more.  Over the road and Silvier was off (on the wrong path) with Bidet and MR performing similar acts of useless functions.  Meanwhile, the rest of the pack (less Armoured Farmer who had gone off on a tangent all of his own) found themselves making for Curzon Bridge where we all turned left into the Tunnel Bridge area proper.  Now Silvier was off along the canal while Top Hat checked the other side of the canal.  Both wrong and Fruit’n’Nut took the lead, calling all on.  Up through the trees went we, all the way to the top.  It levelled out a bit and had front-runners all over the place trying to find flour.  After a while the ‘On’ was called and all but Back Up and MR followed the trail down again, and a long way down it was.  Then, up they came again to join the top ridge runners who both were chuffed at their ability to save energy.  Through more leafy, hilly countryside until Centre of Attraction was castigated for rapidly descending the hill, arms outstretched, but failing to ‘Wheeee’ all the way down.  The first regroup was at the canal lock keeper’s cottage.  After a pleasant sunny pause it was along the canal for a few yards before turning off up the hill once more and a turn back towards the railway line.  At the bridge we turned again getting deeper into the trees and then back across the road where we were entertained by a piper practising where no one could hear him!  Then on to a familiar plateau.  Despite claiming not to recognise the area, Bidet now picked up the flour (not literally) and we descended once more.  Up and down, down and up we must have climbed every hill at least once.  Now the pack split with Bidet and MR not wanting to lose height and guessing the trail would eventually rise to join the Old Guildford Road; they kept straightish on and found the trail which they then followed faithfully all the way home.  The remainder, led by Silvier, soon came home.  Down downs were awarded to the ‘dippy’ hare (who got a refill because he was thirsty) for taking us up and down the dips, to Centre of Attraction and Mountain Rescue for adjust their footwear on the ay round, to Bidet for knowing all, and to Silvier and Hi Hat for being so changeable.  We then retired to the White Hart at Pirbright for resuscitation. All in all, an excellent experience.

On On


Hare:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)


Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Paul Armstrong (Back Up), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Ian Angell (Hippo), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), Terry Newland (Rainbow Man), Cath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks),  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Rachel Parkinson (Park‘n’Ride), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Clare Silman (One Way Only), Rick Rawcliffe (Giant Haystack) and Martin Woods (Top Secret).

Glorious weather – we thought it may get too hot but the pack was so lethargic that sweating was hardly an option. However, the start was delayed because we were suspicious of a car with three men who appeared to waiting for us to depart.  Not wanting to have our cars rifled, Bidet (our ex-policeman) was left to look after the situation.  So, the rest of us set off going north from the car park with Park‘n’Ride well to the fore; but, not for long for the trail slipped sideways through the remnants of local shig and that left the front runners way behind while Sony Tone now took the lead.  At the ‘T’ junction came the first real indication of pack lethargy. Sony was still out front and, unknown to him on the right trail.  Eventually Ever Ready wandered off in the wrong direction only to be called back to join the rest of the pack who were all now short cutting to join our leader.  More lethargy on display, but now Sony was on the wrong side of the track to see the start of the trail. Bidet had by now ‘seen off’ the watchers and rejoined the pack, complaining that he was now too old to be able to give the pack a five minute start, but he was still able to lead the pack towards the middle of a large puddle. Most quickly found the dry route but were then completely flummoxed by the hare’s devious trail.  A hint led to Fruit ‘n’ Nut finding the correct way into the trees over some rotting undergrowth and into some close country.  In file we proceeded through the trees and up to the top of the rise where we had the first re-group and enjoyed a pause in glorious sunshine. Once re-grouped, Fruit ‘n’ Nut led a small party in the wrong direction while Park‘n’Ride got it right, again. 

The first significant downhill brought a ‘Wheeee’ out of Little Prick.  Down we went, across a main track, down again to a conjunction of paths and it was Bidet who led the pack into another shiggy bit only to find a back back.  So this gave Park‘n’Ride the opportunity once more to get the pack going the right way through some pleasant woodland and on to the Bourley Road.  On the other side and up the slope was the second re-group.  Now there was some confusion for as the pack searched, Fruit ‘n’ Nut looked as though he had found the trail but called for a false trail.  It seems the flour had been re-arranged but the hare was there to put it right.  By now, Prime8 and Hi Hat seemed to be vying for the rear runner award while Bidet and Park ‘n’ Ride were showing off at the front.  Hippo now came into his own and found the trail after a back back had been declared.  Up through the trees we went, for quite a while. Armoured Farmer eventually picked up the trail and we just kept going up.  Then it was, inevitably, down again.  At the bottom, some of the pack surveyed the small track going up through the trees –“It can’t be up there!” declared some.  But it was.

For a while there was a lot of puffing but then it was a pleasant jog along a level path with Sony about to lead all astray.  Again, Hippo was there to call back the errant front-runners and hidden blobs of flour were once more displayed after the removal of deceptive devices.  The trail was now clear for a while but the next check caused some delay until Little Prick and Petal were persuaded to try going straight up the hill through thick undergrowth.  To their surprise, the path opened up and there was the flour trail once more.  Up and over the hill, and down to the lakes.  Ever Ready was on again and soon the pack was crossing over the divide between two lakes.  Armoured Farmer blamed Park‘n’Ride for leading him astray by going too far up the next rise without any flour.  However, they both managed to find their way back to the main trail, while it was Ever Ready who now misled the significant remnants of the pack all the way to the top of the hill and way off into unknown…  Meanwhile, the short cutters and lost souls had found their way home and some time later the exhausted remnants returned.

So, after the regular down down for the Hare, our two virgins (Giant Haystack and Top Secret) received theirs, as did Park‘n’Ride and Armoured Farmer for disillusionment, and Prime8 and Ever Ready who had to try harder.  The Tweseldown cared for our post run refreshment and gave us the venue for entertainment.  And jolly it was, too…




Hare:  Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer) and Paul Armstrong (Back Up)



Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Ian Angell (Hippo), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Paul Gallagher (Spring Lamb) Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Kim Dyos (Little Prick) and Terry Newland (Rainbow Man).


The weather couldn’t have been better.  We set off, only a little late, in a northerly direction having been warned of a couple of road crossings and three regroups.  Spring Lamb, our Hash virgin, was briefed on what to do on the way and he soon cottoned on, as did his dog.  However, the dog never did suss crossing a cattle grid and got stuck every time.  The trail tended to be a little muddy, but nothing too serious.  There was an element of idleness, noted by Sony Tone, who at one stage asked if we were actually supposed to be running.  So, reluctant runners jogged off and soon caught idling Fruit’n’Nut escorting Cyclone – both claimed they were waiting for the rest to catch up.  Meanwhile, Silvier and Silver Jumper were way ahead.  The trail followed various tracks through the woods with most just enjoying the start of spring and a very pleasant St George’s Day.  Soon, after a long loop, we were back at the road that we had to cross to get over into the Tweseldown area.  Once more, Silvier was out in front but it was Bidet who used his lungs pour encourage les autres.  Into the area we progressed and just as we were mounting a rise, Bidet found himself explaining to some youngsters that we were following a flour trail and not on a coke sniffing expedition.  At the top of the rise some flowering narcissi were spotted, leading to a query about how on earth they got there.  ‘Marking the spot of a fallen Hasher’ was one response that led to Rainbow man’s retort “Hashes to hashes, dust to dust…”  Soon, Little Prick marked her return after a lengthy absence by wheeing down the other side of the hill and others took up wheeing, as well.  By now those still on the top of the hill could see that the far distant Silvier was on the correct trail so we all set off to follow him.  After a while, he lost the lead because he had too many checks to investigate.  However, he was not far from the next regroup and he was quickly joined by one and all.  Mountain Rescue was now allowed to find the trail going downhill and was allowed to go off in the wrong direction. The trail turned on itself and went back up the hill, only to go down again to the spot from where MR had just returned.  Back across the road and it was Bidet to the fore until Silvier caught him.   And Spring Lamb rescued his dog for one last time.  A very pleasant run enjoyed by all.  Down Downs went to the Hares for their grand efforts, to Silver Jumper and Silvier Fox for being shining leaders, to Spring Lamb on losing his virginity, to ‘the lumpy ones’ Petal and Little Prick, to Hippo and Bidet for being authoritarians (the latter managed to drink through his mouth and eject much of the beer out through his nasal orifices creating explosive mirth from the pack) and to Cyclone for returning from so long overseas and Mountain Rescue for completing the London Marathon.  It was then on to the Tweseldown for a pleasant and very well deserved spot of refreshment.


Be warned that Deepcut is thinking of the occasional Sunday run during the summer and in a non-running week. Keep an eye out for progress on the proposition on our website.


On On.



Hare:  Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut)



Chris Farmer (Bidet), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Derrick Gray (Pime8), Ian Angell (Hippo), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Rachel Parkinson (Park’n’Ride), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi), Paul Armstrong (Back Up), Neil Digby (Mary), Sally Duncan (Ali Kat), Martin Potter (Goofie) and Brian Langford (Cyclone).


It all started well; good weather, hounds right place, right time-ish, hare’s brief was brief (standard signs, three regroups and a finish suited to the marathon runner) and we were off over the main road westwards through heavy traffic.  Goofie searched in the wrong direction, Park ‘n’ Ride started well but lost confidence and Mary shot off with misguided confidence up the wrong path.  Over the rise and down the other side, Mountain Rescue stumbled across the trail leading off through the trees but Mary soon overtook to lead us astray.  Brought back to heel, the pack followed the flour once again only to find Hippo standing on the first regroup (and he denied having taken the direct route over the hill and swore that he had cut back to join the pack only to come across the trail leading to his regroup).  So we regrouped.  It was Hippo again who made the right decision and the rest followed down the main path towards the Foresters.  A check caused Sony Tone to deflect to the right but his checking was in vain. The trail now led down to the car park below the Foresters and crossed the road.  Sadly, there were few who witnessed the squeals of Park ‘n’ Ride as she gave warning of the deep shig she was in.  Into the racecourse through the gate (actually, Ali Kat avoided the shig at the gate by climbing over the gate, an example copied with great inelegance by those who followed).  Off through the racecourse and, of course, up the only real hill in the area.  At this point it seemed only your scribe realised that going up that hill only meant going down the other side and how much easier it was just to run around the bottom.  Then there was confusion; Mary and Sky Hi were convinced they knew what they were doing…  Anyway, to cut an unnecessarily long story short, all parties ended up within view of each other, each calling a regroup and only 400 yards apart.  The majority won and we regrouped.  Setting off it was very soon that we were back-tracked to where Hippo had been insisting that we should just go to the other regroup.  So, we did. And Hippo was right.  So now we were on the fourth of the three regroups and the hare had to admit that there may be five, or six or maybe seven… The trail now took us to regroup five.  Pleasant enough surroundings with Sky Hi leading us on when we heard a new Hash Call from Park ‘n’ Ride – “Oh. On ‘ere then” as she was surprised by the appearance of flour at her feet.  The trail now led us towards the Pondtail bridge where Mary, eager as ever, took us down under the bridge to the canal path.  From here, it was a long straight ‘marathon’ run for home.  Down downs were awarded to the Hare as ever, to Park ‘n’ Ride for appearing at two consecutive Hashes, to Cyclone for coming back from the dead (Bidet’s phrase) and making his first appearance for many a month, to Ali Kat for representing the GM and to Prime8 for misguiding.  Mary got his for being too bloody keen and Hi Hat for turning up with his top hat. Just when we thought it was all over Mountain Rescue got one for representing Deepcut in the upcoming London Marathon.  The On Inn was at the Tweseldown where we were too early for chips.  On, on ‘til next time…





Hare:  Flash Gordon (Cruise Control).



Chris Farmer (Bidet), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Sylvier), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Alex Duncan (Flying Storker), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Ian Angell (Hippo), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Rachel Parkinson (Park’n’Ride), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie), Paul Armstrong (Back Up) and Abby Peacock (Grand Dame).


Oh! What a boring start is was for some.  Well, most in fact.  It was a run around an empty field  - a very big empty field.  But then things changed and Silvier led us off through the ‘new’ housing development and across the main road into the trees.  Grand Dame’s lead (for Silvier had now gone astray) was short lived by a back back and He Who Hates the Front found himself just where he hated to be.  But, not for long as Silvier once more found himself where he likes to be and the rest followed.  It was now that we found out just how hilly the area really is.  Up and down we continued with Silvier leading most of the time but the occasional change with Sky Hi and even Mountain Rescue who managed to short cut his way to the fore, closely followed by Yorkie who was making a welcome return.  A regroup eventually got the pack back together and it was here that Old Grouser’s dog, Dennis, was rebuked for chasing after a squirrel instead of the Hare.  Once Fruit’n’Nut with Prime8 managed to catch up, checkers were out every which way but it was Mountain Rescue, again where he hated to be who found the true trail without even taking a short cut.  It was not long before Silvier once again overtook.  More great undulations and the trail went up and up.  Silvier was there with Mountain Rescue not far behind and then there was no flour.  Not a drop.  Absolutely zilch.  While checking around at the top the main pack had obviously found the trail, Silvier had descended with them, Sky Hi and Park’n’Ride had gone down to join them leaving your scribe alone, out of earshot and reluctant to lose hard-gained height.  It got quite lonely and was a long way down to the bottom.  But that is where the regroup was judging from the sound of Hippo’s horn.  Sooo…all the way down to a waiting, unsympathetic, jeering pack went lonesome only to find that the trail was only 20 yards from where he had been at the top of the hill.  Up we all went.  Then down a bit and along.  From the ridge top (well, nearly the top) it was possible to see Grand Dame at the fore and well on trail with Flying Storker not far behind.  The former was taken by surprise when the SCBs burst out of the undergrowth in front of her but soon we were all stopped by another regroup.  Our peace was disrupted by a flying, downhill cyclist who had difficulty braking his iron steed on slippery ground as he approached a ford back by the golf course.  Park’n’Ride was encouraged to check out further than she really wanted to go but was called back by Silvier who now had a good start on the continuing trail.  Flash now earned his name as he had controlled the pack throughout the run and now decided we’d had enough.  So he modified the trail and took us straight home – a good move as we had been out for well over the hour and there was a thirst in most throats.  Down downs went to the Hare in recognition of his grand success, to Old Grouser and Mountain Rescue for being the long distance runners, Abby who picked up her tag (Grand Dame) and to Park’n’Ride and Bidet for being lost and found (as Field Marshal, Bidet kept losing count of the Hashers).  The On Inn was the Pine Ridge Golf Club where once again we had excellent ale a good price and lashings of chips (rated at 8.6) and very good company.


On On On and On again ‘til next time



Hares:  Chris Farmer (Bidet) and Martin Potter (Goofy).



Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Sylvier), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Alex Duncan (Flying Storker), Sally Duncan (Ali Cat), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Derrick Gray (Prime8) and Clare Silman (Shiggy Skipper).


A bright, mainly sunny afternoon that was glorious when the wind was not blowing; but in the main, it was blowing which put a distinctly cool edge to the conditions.  And, talking of conditions, the trail was one of considerable great slipperiness and much shig in many parts.  There was some misguided enthusiasm taking the pack in the wrong direction at the start but the hares soon got control. Flying Storker found herself in the unenviable front position (about which she complained) but it was not long before Mountain Rescue found the flour going off and then found himself at the first back back.  Silver Jumper peered down into the castle moat where there was much white to be seen, but apparently waste plastic and paper.  So back to the original trail before he found that the flour did indeed wend its way along the moat amongst the trash.  A grotty patch, this was, with much rubbish and dead wood.  Soon it cleared and we were off round the castle and down Castle Street towards the middle of Farnham.  Now it was Silvier who picked up the trail, which promptly led us back into Farnham Park to the first regroup where, believe it or not, we regrouped and enjoyed the sunshine.  Silvier was off checking out the trail but not quite on track and once more Silver Jumper picked up the trail only to find Silvier had cut across to take the lead once more.  It was uphill for a while and into some trees, through some shig and on to confusion atop a hill.  Easy Rider bravely checked downhill and was lucky to be right.  Over a stile and into close country for a bit before getting into the open again.  By now Mountain Rescue had found the second back back while the rest were now led on by Centre of Attraction.  However, Silvier was taking a cross-country route and came across the trail further on.  Now things started to get quite interesting as we entered ‘the valley’.  This was some quite close country into a cutting through which flowed a stream; a stream that was to be crossed several times.  Silvier, with Mountain Rescue now following the sound of his cries, followed the trail and soon found more open country leading uphill to a bench at the top where they waited. And called. And waited, calling frequently.  Not a sound in reply.  For a full 15 minutes they waited until the short cutters appeared and it was another 5 minutes before the main body came into sight.  There was Centre of Attraction covered in mud, a dirty Bidet who was soiled by helping squealing women across the stream.  Bidet thought he was being gallant but it was Ever Ready who pointed out that there was a very fine line between assisting distressed maidens and groping.  By now we’d been out for nearly an hour and the hares were making noises about cutting out a couple of loops to get us home more quickly.  Goofy was witness to the easy destruction of a beautiful back back that he had personally designed and carefully laid.  He didn’t cry.  It was then a fairly straightforward undulating run back to the edge of the golf course and back to the cars.  Down downs went to the Hares for an excellent trail, to Shiggy Skipper and Centre of Attraction for their performance in mud, to the three Duncans for all sorts including playing on the swings in the park (Alex), and to Silvier who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The On Inn was the Six Bells in Farnham where we were very well tended in a separate side room and spoilt rotten by many plates of specially prepared chips (Chip Rating 8.3)



Hare:  Graham Smith (Ubique)



Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Ian Angell (Hippo) and Kim Dyos (Little Prick).


So few of us for such a delightful setting with great climatic conditions.  We arrived at the car park to find a police presence and a number of pot-smoking youths being interviewed.   The copper was acquainted with Ever Ready who we believed had been recognised from his photographs.  I digress…the nine of us set off from the front of the police car and went through some pretty rough, unkempt brambles and the like only to find we were already lost, just 50 yards from the cars.  Sadly for him, Mountain Rescue found himself on trail and therefore at the front, a position he does not appreciate.  Fortune was with him for it was not long before Sony Tone overtook and ran blindly off along the road.  It was a while before anyone really appreciated that there was a certain lack of flour in the area.  The hare was spotted lurking some distant way back so the more astute hounds cut cross-country to the approximate area of said hare’s location only to find that Centre of Attraction had also turned up and was beside the hare – the pack was now ten strong!  He who hates leading found himself at the front again, with Centre of Attraction branching off to check at a split in the path.  She was right and the other fellow a bit psst off again.  And so it seemed to go on.  Sony Tone, who should have been called ‘Never Right’ or ‘Always Wrong’ trying to lead us astray and Ever Ready or Hippo blowing his trumpet leading the way until we turned a corner only to find Centre of Attraction there before us – again.  Second guessing the trail was not productive for most of us as the Hare criss-crossed and turned to create confusion.  Easy Rider was noted as getting it right on a number of occasions.  At a regroup, we were confronted by an aged couple being led by a Great Dane that seemed intent on eating Centre of Attraction’s little dog.  Petal it was who appreciated that the men left the women to try to control the Great Dane, an observation which attracted little sympathy from the majority (the men).  Having been warned that the trail was ‘a bit urban’ we were not surprised to find ourselves amongst the houses but it was not to be for too long.  Hippo led us in the right direction, bringing the majority back from whence they had strayed following you-know-who.  By now, MR and you-know-who had given up trying to lead so followed along, not realising they had fallen quite so far behind; for at the next major junction there was neither sight nor sound of the pack.  Their cries were unheeded.  It was a lucky guess that brought them back to the rest and the trail now went through some pleasant wooded areas in the general direction of home.  A couple of stops in the sunshine and the car park was all but there before us.  In the absence of the RA the pack retired to the Heron on the Pond for their refreshment – a very pleasant setting on the lake side but with a zero rating for the chips which they would not sell to us without a meal.  One steak and nine portions of chips was not acceptable…Then the sun dropped below the trees and with it, the temperature.  It was time to go home.



Hare:  Pip Barnes (Reveille)



Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Kevin Bennett (Lap Dog), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi), Rachel Parkinson (Park’n’Ride), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Ron Peasley (Hi Hat), Martin Potter (Goofie), Graham Smith (Ubique), Taff Lyndon (Hot Pacer).


The weather couldn’t have been better.  The hare was quite good, too.  His trail was good and he made excellent use of the area.  Pity is was his first lay, and his last with us.  So we all set off across the road from the car park into the ‘more interesting’ part of the area.  Silvier was way up front and for a change we could occasionally hear his cries and he remained, by and large, on the true trail.  The hinterland was surprisingly hilly.  We were told it was to be through woods and that it would be interesting.  The front group was mainly he already named, Goofie and the woolly-hatted Sky Hi

 with Park’n’Ride making the occasional attempt at keeping up.  Then there were the layabouts and SCBs who formed the main body.  Bidet passed comment about going uphill and probably having to go down the other side, perhaps not conscious of the fact that when going up, reaching the top, there is only one direction in which to go.  So, he was right and we all went down again.  It was apparent that the pace was getting too fast for the majority so the message was shouted to the front that we needed a regroup.  The message was ignored as the front-runners ran on. And on.  Then came the first formal regroup and this time they did stop.  By now Ever Ready was wheezing well and Prime8 had disappeared.  Hi Hat was busy taking short cuts and Ubique was paying the penalty for months of idleness in the USA. Lap Dog’s dogs were now tiring and not doing such a good job of towing master up the more difficult bits but he did disappear on occasion to investigate potential trails.  The trail certainly turned out to be very hilly and there were some long stretches of real running.  Prime8 didn’t know much about this, of course, as he was too busy checking out the short cuts (but he got his come-uppance when he realised he didn’t know where he was).  His remains were later found wandering through the trees long after the down-downs and the more sensible had retired to the bar having not missed him.  So while Prime8 wandered, the rest of us had formed the circle and the RA started by greeting the North Hants Hashers, forgetting that it was a Wednesday and we are the Deepcut Hash.  Down-downs went to the ‘Splendid’ Hare for his efforts, to Ron Peasley who was named Hi Hat for wearing a Welsh cap and then referred to as Top Hat, and to Taff Lyndon who was a virgin and named Hot Pace having picked up criticism for racing.  Petal picked up a Hashy Birthday for another 21st while the potential Olympians in the forms of Silvier, the front-runner, Park’n’Ride for returning after a four month pause, and Centre of Attraction who arrived late but stumbled into the pack after wandering around a bit.  Finally, Ski Hi got one for wearing his woolly hat all the way round.  The On Inn was the golf club once again, for beer, chips and chips with…  Then there was the sight of Bidet celebrating his receipt of dues from Armoured Farmer…




Hare:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone)



Derrick Gray (Prime8), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Pip Barnes (Reveille), Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Kath Bennett (Wood Lark), Kevin Bennett (Lap Dog), Maria Cinnamon (Milk Shake), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Jannine Holloway (Skimming-On), Laura Marsh (Quick Pick), Andy Rogers (Sky Hi).

The sky was blue and the sun was shining.  “…for a brief on an interesting trail.”  Words of invitation from the RA to the Hare at the start. “A boring run…” the response from the Hare, and that was the first of his fibs.  The next was that it would take only 55 minutes to run the course.  So, having been pointed in the right direction, Fruit’n’Nut led the pack into the park, running parallel to the main road.  Some short-lived confusion and we were out running beside the main road, over the motorway and left back into woodland.  By now Silver Jumper was in the lead and from here on the front-runner switched between Silver Jumper and Bidet until Sky Hi took over.  The going was good with not too much shig and paths easy to run along.  The uphill bit went on for a while until the inevitable descent, which brought Little Prick ‘wheeing’ downwards and at speed with little control.  On a bit further to a second regroup and already Reveille and Silver Jumper were looking down the hillside for signs of the trail.  Their observation was rewarded and soon we were off down ther slope only to have to go up, repeatedly up and up again.  Then it all levelled out and there was a pleasant run along the ridge to an observation point and the third regroup where we all received advice from Old Grouser.  It was Quick Pick who encouraged us all to move on when the advice was announced – “If you are ever attacked at a circus by the clowns, always go for the juggler!”  Well, that was enough to move anyone on.  Once more Sky Hi was at the front leading us down the hill, but then it was a very vocal Bidet who took up the front slot.  At the footbridge over the M3 there was another regroup so we bunched and decided that the way forward was probably back through the tunnel and not over the bridge.  While waiting, Mountain Rescue volunteered to check out the bridge just in case it was a double-bluff and Bidet gave support in the hopes that he could pass any information back above the constant roar of the traffic.  Over the bridge, there was a problem; lots of lumps of white wool which had assumed the size, style and look flour blobs – so MR had to continue to check for a hundred yards to make sure there was no flour hiding amongst the rubbish.  On returning, he was somewhat taken aback to find the whole pack had followed over the bridge.  No wonder the Hare was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat!  The run to the tunnel was straightforward and at the last regroup there was a certain chuntering about 55 minutes… Then we were all back, in a circle with down downs awarded to: the caring Hare, Quick Pick and Ever Ready who were invited to drink from their new running shoes, to Old Grouser who actually turned up this week instead of his better half, and to Armoured Farmer who now had turned up twice in a row.  Wood Lark and Lap Dog got them for being intelligent runners while Sky Hi got his for being a puddle jumper.  At the Pine Ridge Golf Club there was much jollity, good company, a joke or two and lots of excellent chips…


On On!



Hares:  Derrick Gray (Prime8), Les Salmon (Ever Ready)


Sarah Nagel (Petal), Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), Sally Duncan (Ali Kat), Pip Barnes (Reveille), Terry Newland (Rainbow Man) and Neil Warren (Armoured Farmer).


Numbers were down this week but then in days of yore 12 would have been a good attendance.  Lots of shiggy was the first warning and after all the recent rain we could believe that.  A certain amount of cow poop was the second warning.  That was the first fib – we didn’t see any and there was no unpleasant aroma on our return. Should take about an hour was the second lie and then we were off, not very quickly because there was some confusion.  However, soon the trail was picked up and we were well on our way.  After paralleling the canal for a bit, we swung left into a well-forested area which had obviously not been covered by footfall for quite some time.  A deep covering of very soggy leaves made progress soft and unsure.  Then there were the sultry tones of Fruit’n’Nut advising us to watch the steaks.  Barbeque? Cookout? Picnic?  But no, what he should have called was ‘Watch the stakes’.  There was just no accounting for the calls by some.  Then we followed the airfield perimeter for a while until plunging down to the passageway under the road and out into the wilds of Pyestock. Now here’s the sad bit.  Your scribe went off on a check that had no apparent end. By the time he’d checked several pathways, turned about and checked several more, he was well out of earshot of the pack.  To make matters worse, he found the trail but the pack were not kicking out the circle at the false trails so each time there was a check he had to check each path (unless he struck lucky, which he didn’t).  So, what happened to the pack will remain unrecorded for a while until he eventually caught up and found out why they had not been kicking out the circles – they hadn’t found them and were running blind!  Anyway, once rejoined, the pack as a whole was now off by Fleet Pond enjoying themselves running through the trees. It was now very apparent that there was no way we were going to be back within the hour so the hares decided to cut out a bit of the trail – just as well as the proposed original trail went through deep shig.  As it was we just went through shallow shig having crossed over a raging torrent in the main drainage ditch beside the path.  We soon found ourselves alongside the canal once more and it was a straightforward run home.  Down Downs were awarded to the Hares as ever, to Ali Kat for following the short alleys between trails, to Mountain Rescue for getting so far behind the pack and producing a load of bullshig, and to Little Prick and Reveille for being so adventurous on the trail.  The On Inn was the Tweseldown where we all enjoyed good company and not a bad jug or two of ale.  Sony Tone was saddened by being within 20 minutes of chip production time but had to leave without a nibble.


For all absentees:







Hares:  Sarah Nagel (Petal) and Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox).


Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut), Kath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Alex Duncan (Flying Storker), Robyn Duncan (A Tipple), Chris Noice (NNY), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), James Roberts (No Entry), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper),‘Flash’ Gordon (NNY), Karen Gordon (Mrs Flash), Lizzie Gordon (NNY), Thomas Gordon (NNY), Mike Robertson (NNY), Nigel Smellie (NNY), Richard Castell (NNY), Andy Nixon (NNY), Simon Nixon (NNY)

The first seven to arrive, including the Hares, were all North Hants Hashers.  Not known for their promptness the question arose: ‘Oh. Is it going to be an NH4 run?’  But, no, there were more cars in the system that disgorged a huge quantity of Hounds from Deepcut, most of them new to some of us.  But what a grand group they were.  And how they enjoyed the run. And how lost they all got right at the start.  It started badly for No Entry when he found. Little Prick hadn’t included his shoes with her kit so he had to go back home to get them.  Eventually the pack worked out where to go and things started to look up.  Out of the trees, into a clearing and further confusion with Hounds going far and wide while a certain newcomer in a ‘very senior appointment’ extolled the virtues of those little circles of flour of flour.  Those within earshot tended to agree, not because he is in a ‘very senior appointment’, but because they, too, were breathless – already and we’d hardly started.  There were so many Hounds around going in so many directions that it was difficult to keep track of who was doing what.  The younger ones were doing sterling work at the checks.  A Limp On (Olympian, in case you didn’t get it) was all over the place with A Tipple and Flying Storker also keenly dashing around with some success.  But it was Old thumper who first found the way. Shortly thereafter, at the first regroup, a well-shod No Entry came flying down the hill to join us.  Then Mrs Flash claimed to be enjoying herself as were her little sparks (actually, not so little – just offspring).  We were off again and just as things seemed to be working well, Little Prick played her party piece by “Wheeeing” down the hill.  Almost simultaneously, A Tipple also “Wheeed” past the pack.  At a significant upward rise, Flash took off and pounded up the slope. ‘Flash ye b’stad’(or somesuch) passed through my mind as he strode by. ‘Flash in the Pan’ was the next thought as he ran out of puff half way up; or perhaps not even half way up. The newcomers had certainly caught on but then it turned out that some of them had Hashed before.  It was a bit too cold to stand about at the checks and there were enough of us to make sure that the checks didn’t hold us up for too long.  Contentment, then.  There was some discussion about who would be first home and be the ‘winner’.  At this point it should be pointed out that all Hashers are winners and the first one at the On Inn has probably cheated (except that you can’t really cheat in Hashing).  Anyway, after 55 minutes we were all back where we started.  Not too tired, not too cold, in good spirits and awaiting the Down Downs that went to:  the ‘very best’ Hares, to Nigel Smellie and Mike Robertshaw as Established Hashers, to Old Thumper and Sony Tone (substituted for Twin Peaks who’d done a runner) as Those Responsible, to newcomers named in the circle A Tipple, Flying Storker and A Limp On and finally to No Entry (RA from NH4) as ‘The Other Guy’.  The party at the Crown and Cushion got off to a slow start because the beer barrels emptied at just the wrong time.  The short wait was worth it as great jollity spread throughout the assembled pack.  It all finished some time later with a hilarious episode of trying to persuade Fruit’n’Nut to modernise (can you imagine a modernised Fruit’n’Nut!) and get back on to the www and even get a mobile.  But then some of us enjoying wasting time…


(And apologies for any inaccuracies in the above, particularly if it wasn’t Mike who got the Down Down – it simply just does not matter a jot – someone got it)



Hares:  Ian Lowers (City Slicker) and Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut).


Cath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal),  Derrick Gray (Primate), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser), Sally Duncan(NNY), Vance Allen (Silver Jumper), Ian Angel (Hippo), Pip Barnes (Reveille) Kevin Bennett, (Lap Dog), Maria Cinnamon (Milk Shake), Kim Dyos (Little Prick), ‘Flash’ Gordon (NNY), Clare Silman (One Way Only), Laura Marsh (Quick Pick), Cora Rose (NNY), Richard Rawcliffe(NNY) and Mark Woodward (NNY).


Lots of virgins and newcomers, and some who hadn’t appeared for ages all meant that Fruit’n’Nut felt obliged to prattle on with his briefing – so prattle on he did, and on; and on, until Bidet and Mountain Rescue (who was ridiculously dressed) set off on their own only to find the On Inn right beside the start.  Was this to be the shortest of Hashes?  Sadly, not and the cry of on sent us all (well, nearly all) off on the wrong trail.  By now Fruit’n’Nut was trying to re-gather the unruly mob while City Slicker pretended it was nothing to do with him.  The chaos edged into the trees and over a couple of flowing drainage ditches before the first regroup back on the path from which we had just departed.  From here, ‘Flash’ almost lived up to his name as he shot of up the slope, while Hippo called us on from below (but we knew he was on the shortcut so didn’t join him).  Then more nonsense as the pack swirled around the wilderness looking for the trail – the obvious way had a back-back which we eventually ignored and rose to the top of the hill where considerable verbal abuse from Bidet (who had accompanied one of the hares) was received.  Easy Rider took up the trail that just led us back down the hill but in a slightly different direction.  Not for long did we run before the next back-back that surprise, surprise went back up the hill in yet another slightly different direction.  All the time we were making our way towards the line of pylons (some of us knew they went all the way to Dungeness (ha, ha – joke known to some from previous visit.  See Notes on Run 233 if you are interested)).  Another regroup before Hippo’s horn was heard and we started back for the higher ground.  But, before we got there we discovered a message in flour wishing us all a MERRY XMAS and it was here that there was a pause for Glüwein and Mince Pies.  Bidet was quick to observe that, once again, the pies had no brandy butter with them and the pies were cold (not as cold as we were!).  From here, the short-cutters just went straight up the hill to home, while the rest went a longer way round to the same location. Short but sweet and thanks to the two Tonys for the refreshments.  Down-downs went to the two hares for their trouble in laying a sporadically confusing trail, to Laura and Clare who picked up their names and to Hippo and Bidet for setting standards we can’t uphold.  By now it was darkening and cooling and much to our surprise and joy the RA declared the rest would be done at the bar.  We retreated to the Pineridge Golf Club bar where most of the pack reassembled to enjoy a large gathering, some jolly tales, and good ale.  The chef appeared from the kitchen just to make sure that the order was genuine before producing ten large bowls of chips.  These were really not bad and opinions varied between grades 7 and 8.  We’ll settle at 7½ 




Hare:  Cath Bradshaw (Twin Peaks) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone).


Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox),  Derrick Gray (Primate), Chris Farmer (Bidet), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Graham Smith (Ubique), Paul Duncan (Old Grouser) and Tony Case (Fruit’n’Nut).


Once again, the weather turned in favour of the pack and the rain stopped just in time. “It’s not a long one and I don’t know this area,” was about all the briefing co-hare gave before we moved off across the playing field hoping to find the trail.  It was there but when we hit the first road, it wasn’t.  Checkers did their thing while loafers did theirs.  Bidet, in the wrong direction, was shouting encouraging shouts but it was Ubique who was on the right track but didn’t quite go far enough.  Mountain Rescue heard a comment from the co-hare and went just a bit further, only to be overtaken by Silvier who dashed down from the non-existent upper trail.  Then it seemed that the hares had purposely felled several trees and dug a couple of ditches to create great obstacles. At the first of the ditches, Bidet and Fruit’n’Nut were encouraged to assist Petal (who claimed to be ‘doing her lady thing’) across the deep and raging torrent (perhaps shallow trickle would be a better description) while Silvier pressed on to find the next bit of trail.  He was beaten to it by Easy Rider who took us down to the next junction and start of the real jungle.  Silvier’s enthusiasm had let him down again and the proper trail led down through the trees to the first and only regroup by the tunnel into Rushmore Stadium.  “What’s this?” was the query at the driver training area as though we had never been there before. Some of us had learnt that there were two hounds who should never be followed from a check; Silvier and Ubique.  However, they do have their uses because when they are both front-runners and you come to a triple junction, it is easy to know which way to go. It was not long before Silvier reclaimed the lead and we found ourselves going homewards.  The trail now had a loop that immediately allowed the tail-enders to shortcut to join Silvier, who by now had had enough at the front and wanted Bidet to take over.  From here it was a fairly straightforward run home to the down downs.  The co-hare got his for assisting in the laying of an entirely satisfactory and delightfully short trail.  Petal was next for she had portrayed a lady in distress while Mountain Rescue joined her as the ‘gentleman’ who assisted (all he actually did was to enlist the services of two others, but at least his immediate thirst was quenched).  The Grand Master was named; he was believed to be a devotee of a certain whisky, and as he was also believed to have passed adverse comments about our running on occasions, it seemed that ‘Old Grouser’ was apt.  Prime8 and Ubique were next; the former having been seen behind a totally inadequate tree ‘taking shelter’ and the latter being always on the wrong track, they were awarded for being Free & Easy. The Travel Inn was our home for the next 90 minutes while beer and wine was consumed with chips – the first batch was awarded 7.5 out of 10 while the second achieved 8 points (perhaps the fat was hotter).

We now look forward to the last of the Deepcut Hashes this year and hope to see many at the Christmas Hash where we are all expected to turn up in suitable ‘Seasonal Attire’ and enjoy a mince pie and mulled wine on the way.  Hope to see you all at Barossa amongst the married quarters at the back of Staff College (as it is still known by many).


On On!