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Thanks to hard work on the part of Tony Soane, Deepcut Hash House Harriers now have Public Liability Insurance in the form of the UK Hash House Harriers Insurance Scheme, underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited (trading as Norwich Union).


London Marathon - Richard Made It!

Deepcut H3's Mountain Rescue (Richard McAllister) participated in the London Marathon on Sunday, 13 April 2009. Did you see prisoner number 6116?


We are delighted to announce his amazing, but naturally expected, success. Afterwards, Richard said,


"First, my sincere thanks to all those Hashers who sponsored me in the London Marathon.  I managed to finish in 5 hours 17 minutes with no blisters, bruises or sore joints.  However, the legs were somewhat weary and did feel a bit ‘old’ for the next 24 hours!

Second, the really good news is that thanks to the generosity of all donors from UK, New Zealand, America, Canada, Spain, Lithuania, Japan, Afghanistan and Nepal the total so far has reached over £3,300 with the promise of more to come.  To this total is added Gift Aid.

Incidentally, the writing on the ‘T’ shirt is ‘Finisher’ and not ‘Finished’- although I really have finished running marathons!"


The anticipation was evidently as good as the finish. Photos below are before and after the event. I have to say, he looks equally chuffed before as he does after.


I gather his fame still abounds and more funds are rolling in. May it keep on going.


The DH3 Chip Chart


Chips were first mentioned in the report on Run No 198. The first grading was not awarded until Run 204 and given as a ’B’.  Thereafter grades were given in figures.  The grade is a consensus taking into account texture, taste, crispiness, size, quantity and temperature. 


Sad, isn’t it?




The White Hart, Pirbright 9.0 Pre-ordered but expensive.  Sadly, now out of production because of the cost.
The Crown, Badshot Lea 9.0  
The Water Witch, Odiham 9.0 30th Oct 2013
Pine Ridge Golf Course 8.6 Excellent value for money
The Hatch Gate, Bramshill 8.5 Run 204 graded 'B'
Potters, Mytchett 8.5  
Six Bells, Farnham 8.3 Specially prepared out of hours - and still among the best and friendliest!
The Prince of Wales, Fleet 8.0 Small portions
The Cambridge, Camberley 8.0  
Travel Inn, Aldershot 8.0 Second lot better than first
Rose and Crown, Frimley Green 8.0  
The Wheatsheaf, Heatherside 7.5  
Willems Park Inn, Aldershot 7.0  
Ball and Wicket, Hale 0  
The Fox, Bourne 0  
Crown and Cushion, Hawley 0 Kitchen not open until 18.00
The Tweseldown 0 Kitchen not open until 18.00 but barmaid’s bits got top marks
Heron on the Pond, Fleet 0 Refuses to sell just chips - hmph