Hares:  Libby Ralph (Old Thumper) and Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant)

Hounds: Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Brian Langford (Cyclone) Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), John Elder (Seis Matters), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagle (Petal), Ian Angel (Hippo), Roland Cox (Fairy Snow), Sanyu Cox (Fuggles), Colin Crofts (French Leave) and Lewis Soane (Even Number).

The sun shone brightly and the pack gathered on the green.  Three regroups and a number of back backs was about all we were told as we set off with Seis leading Ever Ready astray from the very start.  Off the Green and into Farnham Park proper we went but only after the hares realised that the grass cutters had been out and destroyed a part of their trail.  It was a bit hilly but through most pleasant countryside, generally open but quite close in parts along narrow paths interspersed with more open tracks and on to roads.  It was good the whole way round a well laid trail.  There were plenty of delicious, ripe blackberries to keep MR happy who was not put off by Fuggles’ suggestion that dogs had pee’d on all of them to which MR responded that all you had to do was suck them clean before chewing them – they were the very best bit of the whole trail!  This was followed by a visit to The Alma where we enjoyed even more sunshine.

The 500th Hash Bash is a freebie (apart from drinks) for the regulars, next hares and including all the above!!

On On

Next Hashes:  30 Aug – Colin and Leslie Crofts  - 500th Run – Hare & Hounds, Rowledge, GU10 4AA   GR 823433

                       13 Sep – Richard McAllister – Foresters Lower CP (GR 828528)

More volunteer hares, please




Hares:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone) and Brian Langford (Cyclone).

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), John Elder (Seis Matters), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Nico Barnfield (Gonzalez Go-Rong), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider) and Sarah Nagle (Petal).

Wet, wet, wet.  Set off through the upper car park with Gonzales to the fore followed closely by Seis.  Former lived up to his name and by returning from the front too early, set off in the wrong direction. That left Seis right on the right trail. And so it lasted throughout.  By now the two oldest (Prime8 and Cyclone) were acting like professional walkers while the next two oldest (MR and Ever Ready) did a bit of sauntering, too. As for Cloggs and Petal they persevered with a bit of running and a bit more walking while Easy Rider just enjoyed the whole event, especially the arrival back from whence we started.  Then it was off to the Six Bells. That’s all…

On On

Next Hashes:     16 Aug – Libby Ralph – TBA

                          30 Aug – Colin Crofts + - 500th Run




Hare:  Steve Wheeler (Yorkie)

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), John Elder (Seis Matters), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Nico Barnfield (Gonzalez Go-Rong) , Brian Langford (Cyclone), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Jill Debenham (NNY), Derrick Gray (Prime8), and Les Salmon (Ever Ready)

Overcast and a touch of dampness in the air.  But that didn’t stop the eager pack from setting off straight into the woods at the back of the car park. The FRBs were called back and Go-Rong spotted flour taking a different tack deeper into thicker countryside.  For a while we continued through close countryside, zig-zagging in controlled confusion and at one stage it was really rather dark.  We survived that and crossed the road with JGG picking up the trail further along the road. OT and SM took turns at the front while AOT, Jill and the two choristers ambled along at a pace more suited for the injured. It was a tricky trail (but beautifully laid!) over countryside that looked different since last we crossed over it.  SM was seen on a number of occasions returning from false trails and Go-Rong lived up to his name as he demonstrated some serious vaulting over gates and fences.  Meanwhile, the older ‘runners’ suffered from being unable to get their leg over and needed help over a closed gate that had been converted to fencing.  It had been a cunning trail much enjoyed followed by a visit to the Tweseldown.

On On

Next Hashes:      2 Aug - Tony Soane – Farnham Golf Course CP (GR 837475

                        16 Aug - Libby Ralph - TBA






Hare:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)


Hounds: John Elder (Seis Matters), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie), Ian Angel (Hippo), Steve Nagle (Silvier Fox), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Ray Darby (Honey Monster) and Steve Osborne (Wally).


Another hot, sunny day.  The pack were sent off into the shade of the trees beside the monument, over the top, over the road and deeper into woodland.  All was relatively well until the trail led back to the road, round the corner up to the driver training centre and shortly shot left into more trees.  Wally, being Wally, ignored helpful advice from the hare as he knew better and ran off up the hill.  Meanwhile the pack struggled through close undergrowth with the hare and HM making a bee-line to join them having left Wally to do his own thing.  A patient pack awaited at the re-group with the good news that Wally was off in the wrong direction on his own and out of earshot.  Over the Bourley Road went we with Silvier leading the rush up the ‘main road’ alongside the former QA Training Centre.  He was checked back to join the rest who had turned right and into some unfriendly brambly/nettley undergrowth to a regroup on arrival at one of the major junctions. It was now fairly straightforward until the front runners lost the trail having dragged the rest beyond sight of any flour (including the hare who was way beyond even caring about the trail).  Not to worry, ‘On Hare’ was called and all but Silvier (and, of course the lost wandering Wally) cut across country where the hare knew the trail could be picked up.  While proceeding along narrow paths the dulcet tones of Silvier were heard in the distance and it seemed he had found the original trail. Soon the pack was back under control as they wended their way back to the end where Wally was claiming a gold medal for being the first home – are you surprised?  Drowning thirst in the garden of the Tweseldown was last on the agenda.


On On


Next Hashes:  19 Jul – Steve Wheeler – CP opposite the rear of the Tweseldown (GR 821519)

                        2 Aug  Volunteer wanted  please

                      16 Aug – Libby Ralph - ?





Hare:  John Elder (Seis Matters)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Derrick Gray (Prime 8), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper) and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie).

A Mid-Summer's Day run with appropriate Mid-Summer heat of 31.5C by my car thermometer once it had settled down. This was a repeat of the Hashdogs (13th May 2017) run that Seis had set over five weeks ago and some of the sawdust (for that is his medium of choice) was still there. The start, a slog across the playing field, quickly revealed that hashing in these temperatures is a mug's game. But since we're all mugs, we bravely headed southwards across the long sandy bits to reach the woodland. There the trail was "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue", the blue bit being Yorkie's language when he, yet again, ran the full length of a false trail. There were three re-groups from the latter two of which, short-cuts could be taken but nobody other than Prime 8 elected to do so. The on-inn at the Tweseldown was convivial once we had found somebody to serve us and we decided that a T-shirt should be designed for the imminent 500th run on 30th August. As regards colour, Clogs and OT wanted red or lilac, nothing too poofy you understand. Seis volunteered to place a design on the web-site for DH3 approval. The hash cash will be splashed out on a feast somewhere TBA.

500th Run T-shirt

The simplest design would be a modification of the 400th design (left).

What do you think?

Should we design something completely different?

On the right is a very simple front design with D for Deepcut and D for Roman Numeral 500. The back is subtly changed.




Hare:  Alan Jewell (Easy Rider)

Hounds: Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Lewis Soane (Even Number), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Les Salmon (Ever Ready) and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie).

To quote Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca (with a few modifications): "I’ve got a job to do. Where I’m going, you can’t follow. But it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of seven hashers don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that.”





Hare:  Anne Holland (Cloggs)

Hounds: Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Lewis Soane (Even Number), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Ian Angel (Hippo), John Elder (Seis Matters), Derrick Gray (Prime8) and Libby Ralph (Old Thumper).

Your scribe arrive at the start to be greeted by just Primate who announced “Damn. I thought I was going to have her all to myself.”  So, having dashed his thoughts, we awaited the arrival of the horde.  Next to arrive, some ten minutes later was Hippo followed on the dot of 3.00 were the Soanes.  So the pack made a reasonable size BUT ( and it could have been quite a big ‘but’) there were now more walkers than runners.  In the event, it turned out that Primate and Hippo were the professional walkers while MR and EN proved to be only amateur walkers and ran enough to keep up with the more fleet of foot.  It was a beautiful afternoon – almost too warm in the bright sun but wonderful in the wooded areas that covered most of the trail.  The sun speckled ground, the bright green of the undergrowth (and overgrowth), the cooling breeze under the trees, and the singing of the multitude of birds soon let us forget the belches of Hippo.  It seems that the main pack all had turns in being front runner – even the walkers.  It was a splendid trail; hilly (a bit), mainly tree covered with good paths and many twists and turns.  In all, it was some 4½ miles that took us 1½ hours to complete.  Cool beers in the sunny garden of The Cricketers finished a fine event…

On On

Next Hashes:              7 Jun – Alan Jewell – Alma Pub (GR 844494 or GU9 0JA)

                                21 Jun – John Elder – CP behind Tweseldown Pub (820519 or GU52 8DY)

                                   5 Jul – Richard McAllister - Wellington Statue (GR854511 or GU11 1QA (Approx)

                                 19 Jul – Libby Ralph – Farnham TBC





Hare:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone)

Hounds: Brian Langford (Cyclone), Lewis Soane (Even Number), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Les Salmon (Ever Ready) and Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant).

The trouble with this event was that there were too many walking wounded: one back, one heel, two knees -  mainly exacerbated by being in receipt of excessive years.  However we started as usual by crossing the road.  We had been warned that there were soldiers on field training and we soon heard the sound of gunfire. Not being deterred we progressed at different speeds and the whole way became two parties – the fit (or perhaps that is better described as ‘more mobile’) and the not so fit.  There were times when we all met up with the faster movers coming back from their unnecessary exertions.  The rear party occasionally saw the van well to the fore but we all got back to hear Sony waxing lyrical about dappled sunshine through the tree leaves and Cyclone returning his cloudy beer over the counter.  The hares had generously provided chips (very good chips) that went down a treat.  So, thank you hares for a good trail and VG chips.

On On

Next Hash:          24 May – Anne Holland -   A30 (south side) layby (GR828590)

                               7 Jun – Alan Jewell –      Alma Pub (GR 844494 or GU9 0JA)





Hares: Brian Langford (Cyclone)

Hounds: Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Lewis Soane (Even Number), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Derrick Gray (Prime8) and Les Salmon.

The hare started his verbal delivery by criticising MR for his comments about his (Cyclone’s) previous trail around Frensham as being too short. Actually there are two things wrong with this criticism; MR didn’t do the write-up (he was in Austria) and the report reported quote: “…about 40 minutes which is pretty well ideal in these shortened days” (it was the end of November). So his vengeance was mis-placed by keeping his promise to make up for the shortage on this trail. The weather was overcast and drizzling as Ever Ready led us off on the wrong road and the hare had to make sure the rest of the pack went the correct way. Soon we were in some wonderful forestry as the sun broke through to enliven the delights of this woodland. We broke out of the trees to be confronted by a most attractive lake inhabited by fishermen idling their time away while we athletes pumped our way around the edge of the water and back into the trees. The trail was quite tricky as it twisted and turned through the sun-speckled new foliage. So pleasant was the environment that the hounds forgot all about running as they strolled, and chatted, their way along the wide well maintained roadways and paths. And, yes, there were the inevitable hilly bits that had us wandering dimensionally. As for vengeance, Cyclone’s trail took us over 4½ miles in 1¼ hours and that was a long way for an old man… It would have been longer had Sony (Hare Assistant) not insisted that enough loops had already been inserted. It made the hospitality of the H & H all the more welcome.

On On

Next Hash: 10 May – Tony Soane – Potters Steakhouse – (GR 894549 or GU16 6DD)

24 May – Anne Holland - A30 Roadside parking south side (GR 825590) TBC

7 Jun – Alan Jewell - TBC

NOTES ON RUN 490 ON WEDNESDAY 12th April 2017



Hares:  John Elder (Seis Matters) and Nico Barnfield (Gonzales Go-rong)

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Anna Elder (Janet & John), Sarah Nagle (Petal), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant) and Libby Ralph (Old Thumper).

The wonderful weather got us off to a good start with the Hare showing the injured scribe a short cut to start.  It was not long before the advantage of the Hare Hint led JGG to catch up the scribe who was at a bar (of flour not alcoholic).  So, back the pair went to find the main pack rushing across a field at the bottom of the hanger.  Soon back with them, the completed pack continued along the bottom of the field, over numerous stiles before turning back up and on to the hanger again.  By now it was plainly obvious that JGG and Sony were both in the mood for false trails (the official distance of the trail was 3.1 miles whereas JGG completed some 3.9).  Up and up we went on with OT now off on the wrong trail.  Finally ER was just visible way up on the hillside and on up to the hill top.  It was quite a drag but through most attractive countryside.  Once at the top we were reliably informed that there was no more uphill – all flatish or downward (he wasn’t fibbing) and soon we were back from whence we started. Then it was to No2 where generous hospitality was extended by Anna and John to those exhausted souls of the run…well, the scribe was knackered, anyway.

On On

Next Hash:          26 April - Brian Langford - Hare and Hounds, Rowledge (GR 823433 or GU10 4AA)

                10 May – Tony Soane – Potters Steakhouse – (GR 894549 or GU16 6DD)






Hares:  Les Salmon (Ever Ready) and Derek Gray (Prime8)

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Anne Holland (Cloggs), John Elder (Seis Matters), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Nico Barnfield (Gonzales Go-rong), Tony Soane (Sony Tone) and Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit).

Those who know this area also know that there is quite a long way to go to get down the road and into more interesting countryside.  Well, we set off by going through the local obstacle course, over some pretty rough, spongy underground that was covered in a profusion of twigs large and small.  It was different.  It was new. It was not the easiest of ground to cover but was interesting and better than running down the road.  With Gonzales and Seis well to the fore we eventually found ourselves hunting around the Norris roundabout before finding that we now had to cross the road and into the woods beyond. The accompanying hare admitted that “There are some Old Favourites …” as comment was passed on the new territory that now became somewhat recognisable.  But the trail was wandering around until we found the first “O F” and this was a wide well-remembered track leading down to Fleet Pond. At the major junction, the pack split to find the way, which took a while, but soon we were off again now beginning to climb upwards to the large open fields at the top. Another pause.  We had been pre-warned that forestry work had left the trail turned into another obstacle course and so it did as it got worse later on.  Meanwhile, the active hare encouraged the pack to turn along a particular track – an Old Favourite ?  On yer bike, thought we.  It was indeed old but far from a favourite.  It gave the pack some comfort to realise that the active encouraging hare had gone through exceeding great shig to lay a nasty bit that was totally disregarded by the pack. The pack split at this point with one lot going deeper into the jungle and the sophisticated taking the smooth, flat, clear roadway.  Then over the tree trunks and up back to the main road.  There was unexpected confusion for the front runners were not aware of the tunnel under the road so back they came as Sony led the way through the tunnel and up the other side and back towards the car park. |It had been a good trail into which much thought had been put - just hope in didn’t tire the pair laying it too much.  Afterwards, ales were supped at the Monkey Puzzle with the usual merriment…

Next Hash:  12 April - John Elder - Selborne Arms - (GR 742335 or GU34 3JR)

                     26 April - Brian Langford - Hare and Hounds, Rowledge (GR 823433 or GU10 4AA)

                     10 May – Tony Soane – Potters Steakhouse – (GR 894549 or GU16 6DD)






Hare:  Colin Crofts (French Leave),

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Anne Holland (Cloggs), John Elder (Seis Matters), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Nico Barnfield (Gonzales Go-rong), Flash Gordon (Cruise Control), Thomas Gordon (NNY), Mike Johnson (Shrinky Dink), Leighton Morgan (NNY), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Lewis Soane (Even Number) and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie)

The sun brought out a good attendance and that was without two choristers.  But then we also had a virgin visitor instead – a sailing friend of Shrinky who had raised interest in what this Hashing business is all about;  he was brought along for the experience. The unexpected high number of hounds left the hare realising that his trail was not long or hard enough for such numbers. However, the hare had laid a greatly admirable trail that took us straight across the road.  Seis, Gonzales and Tom took off in three different directions with Seis in the middle on the correct path.  To keep it interesting, the trail wended its way through some fairly untidy woodland that benefited from our heavy footfall to make it easier should any other daft beggars would wish to traverse the area.  There was debate as we progressed along a long ridge that was thought to be some First World War trench training but now a convenient, dry approach through otherwise damp ground.  As we rounded the edge of the lake, far over the other side could be seen Yorkie and Cloggs progressing at unseemly speed.  Then the dulcet tones of CC could be heard offering very sarcastic ‘thanks’ to the group of walkers who had sent him off in the wrong direction (much mirth caused). And so we progressed through unfamiliar woodland and on to better known tracks.  At one stage MR was called back only to be told that Sony had been taking a short cut at which MR was rude about such dastardly behaviour only for Sony to say he was just following MR –  touché, c’est la vie. All in all it had been a most pleasurable pleasure followed by wit and wisdom in the garden.

Oh yes - Nico got his name for as we know Gonzales was quite speedy as Nico can be and being an FRB  he frequently goes wrong…

On On

Next Hash:  29 March – Les Salmon - Cody Club (on the old Pyestock site) - (GR838540 or GU14 0LP)

                     12 April – John Elder - Back of Tweseldown Pub - (GR 820519  or  GU52 8DY)





Hare:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds:  Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Colin Crofts (French Leave), John Elder (Seis Matters) and Brian Langford (Cyclone).

The day dawned as the hare awoke with a feeling of foreboding – a feeling that was to manifest itself in the constant drizzle of the morning.  The trail laying started well but a wrong turn led to MR finding himself in the midst of the continuing destruction of woodland on the training area.  Familiar areas had now become unfamiliar and, for once, his sense of direction played up.  His saving was finding that he had circumnavigated a route back on to his own trail which allowed him to take an alternative way and alter an already-laid element. His problems were not over and he found himself in an area of which he had no absolutely no knowledge.  Then he found himself on paths that he thought he knew, but didn’t.  Once he got back into familiar territory, he had the problem of making sure he didn’t try to cross the out trail which would have caused confusion to the pack and laid the way home just in time to meet the potential followers of disaster. The pack, led by Cloggs and Seis, set off through the gate into the woods and over the wooden bridge on the ‘new’ pathway towards the Puckridge Camp where they set the dogs barking their approval as the pair approached the check-back.  This allowed Primate and Cyclone catch up (they were walking and declared they had enjoyed such activity – we didn’t see them again until the finish). Meanwhile the rest had negotiated the path alongside the canal (as opposed to the canal path that was on the other side of the canal).  The regroup allowed us all to cross the road safely into the training area where Seis and Ever Ready went up the hill to the check while Rs OT ventured up the alternative track in the opposite direction that meant she was now the front runner.  Up we went and further up.  At the top there was a pause while curious runners checked out the mysterious piles of broken concrete that had been there for many a year.  Further on after some undulation we found ourselves on the top of a well-known hill that had many steep paths leading down.  This caused a certain delay as there was great reluctance (particularly from Easy Rider) to actually descend until the right path had been found.  It was Ever Ready (or was it French Leave) who eventually took the path that led us further afield and out into the now wide open deforested areas. Unfortunately, the crows had been over-busy pecking the flour so the trail was not easy to follow.  Instead of sharp, white blobs, there were faint off-white remnants and the front runners managed to follow surprisingly well. By this stage the hare had been running out of time laying and took the trail straight for the finish over the driver training circuit. Back at the car park there was general feeling that the trail had been OK and it had been good to be in new areas so perhaps I should not have disclosed my earlier problems and no one would know that I had wasted so much time, effort and flour on  errant wandering.  And I have news for the person who came up with the expression “Time is never wasted on reconnaissance”…

All was well in The Tweseldown.

On On

Next Hash:  15 March - Colin Crofts - Crown & Cushion (GR 835570  or  GU17 9UA)




Hare: ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Thomas Gordon (Hot to Trot), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie) and Luke Ripley (Caboose).

“Shiggy is a maybe, hilly is definitely, follow the white dust, it’s all you can trust.” Such was the briefing phraseology given after huge thought by our jovial hare. The ‘trust’ bit was ironic as it happened, but more of that later. So, trust we did over the road and deeply into the woods where the trail meandered over interesting, twisting, turning pathways to the first check. There was a trio of front runners formed by Yorkie, Cloggs and Hot to Trot, who at the fore in the main (no, not in the sea but pre-eminently). MR kept the walking Prime8 company at the back of the pack which was fine until they found themselves at the front when the FRBs disappeared we knew not where. Didn’t last for long as the trio quickly caught up and overtook. It was shortly after that MR had just pronounced what a well-laid trail it was. Well, it was. Then the hare approached muttering something along the lines “I thought I laid some there” there was none. Then a little later, it became apparent that someone had been scuffing out his trail. Further consternation arose at the top of a rise when a newly laid blob of pristine white flour indicated a change. “Didn’t lay that!” further mutterings from hare. “Nor that…or that…” and so it continued. Then he found his old blobs had been reinforced by new and it was apparent that someone else was trying to take over our trail. In a fit of sheer vengeance for spoiling our trail, from the back end of our pack, fancy footwork put paid to the new trail for a while we got back on to our own. CC reckoned about half a kilometre had been cut out of our trail but at least we all got home. This was not the end of disappointment. Having been told that the On Inn was the Pine Ridge Golf Club “If it was still there…” The thirsty pack arrived to find it wasn’t and they were stuffed into a grotty back room… Life for a Hasher can get so difficult…

On On

Next Hash: 29 Feb Richard McAllister - Claycart Car Park - (GR 851525)

More hares still required




Hare: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider)

Hounds: ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Ian Angell (Hippo), Thomas Gordon (Hot to Trot), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Steve Osborne (Wally) and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie).

It was a dull afternoon, but not actually raining, so all was not bad. The pack set off towards the canal and the trail went right for a long, long way along the canal path to the bridge crossing by the Canal Centre. Over the field to a regroup and off straight into the woods and up, up into the higher reaches of forestry. Now, at the back, was Cyclone who was returning after uncomfortable sickness and therefore taking things easy. The hare had paused keeping an eye on the errant FRB and MR staying with Cyclone. Thus it was that your scribe knows not what happened thereafter for the trio was left well behind. No worries, thought two of us, the hare is with us even if the rest of the pack disappeared into the distance without kicking out some of the vital checks. Thus it was that, much later, the hare was led back on to his own trail all the way back to the start only to find that most of the finishers had departed; some to the Miners’ Arms some to where I know not…

On On

Next Hash: 15 Feb ‘Flash Gordon - RLC Museum car park, Deepcut, GU16 6RW (GR 906577)
29 Feb Richard McAllister - Claycart Car Park - (GR 851525)





Hare:  ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control)

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Colin Crofts (French Leave), John Elder (Seis Matters), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Ian Angell (Hippo), Karen Gordon (Mrs Flash), Thomas Gordon (Hot to Trot), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Luke Ripley (Caboose) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready)

What a lucky Hare was he.  After some recently previous foul weather he had sun the whole time he was laying and later supervising our way around his course.  His brief was and we set off straight in amongst the trees only to be warned to turn left and not right.  He had wanted to go right but was forewarned that the army were active in the area and he didn’t want to get involved in a fire fight particularly as we had nothing with which to fire back.  So left we went and soon found ourselves heading back towards where we normally start.  At this point thoughts of the last time Fruit & Nut laid a trail in this area that stretched out to three quarters of a mile were we about to have a repeat?  But no, H to T was well to the front taking us cross country and eventually to a very steep (near vertical) hill.  Having arranged with the army that it OK to go up this hill our hare found that the students were now well settled and sitting upon his trail.  No worries (to use that modern dreadful expression) and we moved rapidly along the top of the ridge and down a slippery slope. It was at about this point that CC blurted out that he didn’t remember marking this area – so now it was apparent that maybe, just maybe, he had lost himself. Progress was repeated and the main pack soon went wrong but OT spotted the true trail and soon the errant runners were back on course. Once again, the pack tried to short cut back to our former starting point but the hiding hare asked nearby MR to call the on before they went too far and found the home trail.  Said call made brought FL and his entourage pounding back down the hill, through familiar woods and up to the backs of the military housing, through the ‘village’ and back to the start, this time on trail.  Sadly, only three hounds and the hare made it to The White Hart in Frimley for their refreshing glass…

On On

Next Hash 1 Feb – Alan Jewell - Frimley Lodge Country Park (GR 887563)

More hare volunteers required, please





Happy New Year to all

Hare:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds:  Colin Crofts (French Leave), John Elder (Seis Matters), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Ian Angell (Hippo), Kevin Macready (Jolly Plodder), ‘Flash Gordon (Cruise Control) and Anne Holland (Cloggs).

It was cool and it didn’t rain.  JGG managed to go to the wrong car park before realising that was wrong and, a bit later, Cloggs followed to the Wellington Statue car park.  She didn’t realise (and nor had I realised) that both the statue car park and the one in which the rest of us had assembled were called the same and displayed identical sign boards.  However, in the past we have always referred to the car park by the Garrison Church as the Wellington Statue Car Park and the smaller other as Wellesley Woodlands Car Park.  Sadly, Cloggs didn’t manage to catch us up but she did managed most of the trail which took some doing on her own.  And on the subject of the trail, JGG and Seis set the pace and raced off to the first of their problems when they missed where the trail turned off the main drag.  The approaching hare soon got them off again in the right direction and this led to JP finding himself at the front galloping off from the first check in the wrong direction.  ER checked out another wrong way and FL came back from his mis-wanderings.  It was the maniacal cackling of CC who led off at speed away from the rest who now had to catch him.  It didn’t last and a disappointed CC returned and joined the hare at the back again as the rest moved off up the hill and across an open area to a point where the fence had been breeched. Over the fence and up to the HGV training area where JGG set off, once more in the wrong direction.  There was a pause and it was here that Hippo found his heel was not up to much more so he set off back to his car. For the rest, it was down the road and off into the woods to another ponderable check Needless to say, the hare was delighted to see every way but the real one was being checked out.  A helpful hint set JP into thicker woodland and the pack followed.  A loud cough from the hare alerted ER to be more careful who now set off calling back the rest who’d gone wrong.  Before long we arrived at the first regroup.  “He won’t go over the road...” was opined. And some set off deeper into the training area while ER and JP thought “Bet it does go…” and it did.  By now, JGG, CC and FL were well off in totally the wrong direction.  The new FRBs quickly crossed the road.  The returnees caught up when the FRBs were caught by the back back and the pack was now back together as we ascended steeply to the top of the rise. Gently down the far side and up again through narrow, well shigged pathways the FRBs spread out once more. It was now the turn of JP to find the trail that simply led back down to the main road and the second regroup.  Crossing the road the trail wended its way back through the trees and on to the road home.  Well, the road went home but the trail now took the more scenic, softer approach to the last conundrum...  The hare coughed once more for ER who had so nearly found the trail unaided and he called for all to join him on the final uphill path home.  At the end, FL was moved to say “A beautifully laid trail and very devious” (or similar words and insisted this should be part of the report).  The ‘new’ Tweseldown was the watering hole where jollity and convivial chat helped the beer go down and the new clinical décor was overcome.

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Next Hashes: 18 Jan – ‘Flash’Gordon – End of Duke of Cornwall Ave (off Kings Ride), Camberley (GR 873621).

1 Feb – Alan Jewell - Frimley Lodge Country Park (GR 887563)

More volunteers required for Hares please






Hare:  Colin Crofts (French Leave), Lesley Crofts (NNY), Gerd Schefer (NNY) and Mike Rowe (Sticky Micky)

Hounds:  John Elder (Seis Matters), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Ian Angell (Hippo), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Anna Elder (Janet & John), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Roland Cox (Fairy Snow), Sanyu Cox (Fuggles), Tim Dodd (Hanging About),  Jo Johnson (Dodo), Mike Johnson (Shrinky Dink), Sarah Nagle (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie), Kevin Macready (Jovial Plodder), Tom Macready (Wrong Way),

A very apt location from which to begin (and, hopefully, finish) and an early start for the shortest day of the year. It was a slow gathering as those unfamiliar with the area* eventually arrived only to find the car park full.  But, we got going eventually over the road and along the first, of many, slippery paths – the decaying leaves and recent rain on mud was making life a trifle dodgy.  The FRBs made haste while the slower ones gently progressed and were able to keep up because of the errors in haste at the front.  Or, maybe, it was because of the widespread demolition of the trail by idiots unknown who made a fairly thorough job of covering or kicking out the flour.  Now, if there was a prize for the most returns to the pack on hearing ON BACK that prize would surely have gone to Hanging About for far and wide did he go, all too frequently wrong.  There were many hilly bits, some road work and lots of forest running along aforesaid slippy sliding paths. The hare’s estimate of approximately 4½ miles was just about right so it was just beginning to think about getting dark by the time we were all back.  Then into the bar for a beer and the promised chips.  Well, the chips arrived so did the sausage rolls, so did the chicken bits and the sausages, all complete with sauces, plates, knives, forks and napkins.  Thanks to the trail team who provided an interesting trail  and many thanks to those who organised the hashaftermath  - much appreciated by all apart from anyone on a diet… All very welcome, it was. 

On On

A very Merry Christmas


a Happy New Year to all our readers.


Next Hash:  4 Jan 17 – Richard McAllister – Wellesley Woodlands (Dukes Car Park) (GR 856514)

More hares wanted

 for next year! Volunteers, please

* Apologies from the web master. There's a number of viable excuses that I could make, but the bottom line was that I got the link to the run coordinates wrong and I owe Nettles and Flying Doctor a beer at least since they could not find the start. OK; since you ask, here's the best excuse. The reason that the coordinates' link was wrong was that I originally put them in wrongly, but I always check the web site and I corrected the error. Somewhere down the line I copied the original incorrect version over the corrected version. In Windows 7, it warns you about overwriting newer files but in Windows 10, it doesn't and thus the old file reappeared on my system and was reloaded onto the web-site. Having checked it before, I didn't check it again and the typo put the arrow 1 km south of the Hare & Hounds. Note to self: Always check the coordinate finder a few days before the hash.

Mea culpa; I will eat dead flies and dust all Christmas in retribution (at least if I fall over forwards that is).




Hare:  John Elder (Seis Matters)

Hounds:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox), Ian Angell (Hippo), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Anna Elder (Janet & John), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), and Lewis Soane (Even Number)

Warm for the time of year but dry and overcast.  We departed the newly developing car park, making for the main road where we turned left and waved, as instructed by the local hare, to the duty shop keeper who wanted to join us but couldn’t get away. We crossed the road and continued downhill to a junction at which there was a gate.  Ever Ready severely held up progress as he surmounted the gate so the hare just opened it and let the resulting flood of eager hounds to proceed with much more ado. At this stage, the run was fairly easy with quite a bit of downhill.  But we knew we would pay for this later as we just knew that Seis would not miss taking us back over the road and up to the top. Silvier, as usual, took to the front to check out the false trails for us, so frequently going wrong and having to overtake the slower hounds.  Soon, the inevitable happened and we found ourselves traipsing up that dreaded rise overlooking the village.  Up and up with a bit of down before more up and up.  MR and FL were struggling on some of the steeper bits and EN taking it more gently on his repaired knee was not so fleet of foot either. OT complained about a particular branch overhanging a small gap that was only Seis-size but she did manage to negotiate it without too much ducking while her husband observed that any enemy force would have had plenty of warning of approach from MR’s grunting and puffing as he struggled his way under the barbed wire fence and getting up again.  JGG then went on to complain about having to go down the Zig Zag (he was lucky we weren’t going up it) and recounting how the last time he went down it was covered in ice – and a memorable event that was.  Anyway, we all survived safely and were invited back to the Elder abode for drinks and refreshments for the pub closed at 3.00pm.  They very generously laid on beer and wine and chips and hot sausage rolls and scotch eggs.  The normal banter prevailed…

Many thanks to Anna and John for their very kind hospitality.

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Next Hash:  21 Dec 16 - Colin Crofts – Hare and Hounds, Rowledge (GR 823433 or GU10 4AA)

                     4 Jan 17 – Richard McAllister – Wellesley Woodlands (Dukes Car Park) (GR 856514)


More hares wanted for next year! Volunteers, please





Hares:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Brian Langford (Cyclone)

Hounds:  Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Colin Crofts (French Leave), John Elder (Seis Matters), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Flash Gordon (Cruise Control), Steve Nagel (Silvier Fox)

Not a frequently used location, but a classic, undulating sandy site with a lake, around which one inevitably must go - in this instance, clockwise. It looked like a small turnout, but at the last minute, several cars turned up and swelled our numbers to a respectable 10. JGG and SF, recently redundicised will now be regular Wednesday hashers. We set off across the road, across the ford and then back across the road to start the clockwise circuit. There were some long running stretches as the hares had promised but the course was cunning, certainly cunning enough to divert SF from the true path. Some of the undulations became hills, actually quite big hills and Ever Ready was heard quoting Shakespeare at the top of one such hill that surely reminded him of his native valleys; at least he didn't sing. With echoes of Fruit'n Nut's last attenuated hash here, the on-in was down a precipitous sandy defile into the car park except for Easy Rider and Ever Ready who overshot the marks and could have run on for ever. It took about 40 minutes which is pretty well ideal in these shortened days, no doubt another consequence of Brexit. The Duke of Cambridge was a welcome on inn serving remarkably potent ale. The discussion of what to do with the burgeoning hash funds continued from last time and it was agreed that 15 - 20 hashers could be expected at the Bat and Ball on  the 21st December. Chips in abundance would be ordered and allocated on the formula of one chip per hasher per hash in the last 12 months plus a bonus of five chips per hared hash over the same period. For those over 60, one chip will be deducted per year to avoid heartburn and for those under 50, there will be no chips because they should know better. This will be linked to the ROI over the coming years. The evening wore on with the recently redundicised suspiciously happy with their lot.

Nc = if(A<=50,0,(h+H*5-if(A<60,0,A-60))*(Y-2016)*ROI

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Next Hashes:  John Elder – Selborne Arms (GR 742335)      21 Dec 16 – Colin Crofts – Bat and Ball, Bourne (GR 833444)





Hares:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Lewis Soane (Even Number)

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Colin Crofts (French Leave).

Horrid, horrid, horrid was the start as we trudged our way uphill for ever (well , nearly for ever).  We left the car park and crossed the road. Through the gate and there before us was that uphill incline stretching into the distance. MR took the first opportunity to go wrong, as did FL, and it was the usually errant Yorkie who steamed to the top of the rise to call us on.  The extended line going up was increased as MR joined a breathless Primate for a refreshing walk until the top when the trail plunged down steeply through close undergrowth. Down and down we went only for the inevitable rise once more from the bottom of the valley. By now, the pack had been split somewhat until we exited the trees on to a familiar major track that sent Yorkie off in the wrong direction with Easy Rider wrong elsewhere and Ever Ready going off on his own.  That left MR to find the real trail with FL following not far behind.  Soon the errants made their ways back on to trail, surprisingly shortcutting in front of the momentarily leading MR.  And so the chaos continued for a while leaving MR and ST to bring up the rear once more.  It had been a good trail once we’d recovered from the initial uphill stretch and The Hares’ estimate of 50 minutes was spot on.  That left us plenty of time to refresh ourselves and discuss what we should do for the Christmas run that is not far away now…

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Next Hashes: 23 Nov 16 – Brian Langford – Frensham Little Pond (GR 858417) 07 Dec 16 – John Elder – Selborne Arms (GR 742335) 21 Dec 16 – Colin Crofts – Bat and Ball, Bourne (GR 833444)




Hares:  Flash Gordon (Cruise Control) and Thomas Gordon (Hot to Trot)

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Denise Catlin (Flying Doctor), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Tony Soane (Sony Tone),  John Elder (Seis Matters), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Sarah Nagel (Petal), and Adam Soane (No Hash tag).

“Flour and no flour. You think you’re finished but you’re not (unless you want to)” – so much for the riddle at the briefing as the hare pointed to going extreme left down the hill.  Now there were so many runners that it is impossible to recall who did what, to whom and why or where.   It was Seis who led the pack at the start and got so far ahead with a small group that the much slower, nay genteel, MR was able to take an early advantage of a small short cut eagerly followed by the followers behind (well, they wouldn’t be in front if they were following, would they?).  Soon Yorkie and Seis were off and quickly went wrong when the trail abruptly turned left into the trees and off uphill. Near the top at the first regroup there was a pause while the ever eager Seis started to go downhill to the left leaving Yorkie and Adam to keep on up the hill. The was a deep descent with a stiff rise before the front runners went wrong That allowed Seis to join the true trail a little further on.  Another regroup by which time we had lost Primate and FD but we didn’t wait too long before leaving them to their fates. A third regroup allowed the rest to get together for the final onslaught which led us to the solving of the riddle; we arrived back at the edge of the car park but the trail followed on down the side of the car park into the trees and left downwards before climbing back up and around up to the car park.  A good trail in ideal weather left happy and contented hounds.  It was in the Harvester that Seis told us that he had abandoned his wife and their guests in the Selborne Museum while he came off to join us on the Hash.  “Can’t think why anyone would want to go and look at a lot of old dead relics when they could be out on the Hash running with live ones.” The words of our hare before he left the pub and thank you, Flash (have a good time in S.Africa...)

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Next Hashes:  09 Nov 16 - Tony Soane – Potters Restaurant (GR 893549)
23 Nov 16 – Brian Langford – Frensham Little Pond (GR 858417)
07 Dec 16 – John Elder – Selborne Arms (GR 742335)





Hares:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue),

Hounds:  Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Steve Wheeler (Yorkie), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone).

We went off through the gate at the back of the car park with Yorkie taking the lead and set off in the custom to which he has become accustomed with NH4 – on the wrong track.  He tried to lead the pack over the wooden bridge when he should have followed, in the opposite direction, the clearly laid flour trail towards the old steel Bailey bridge over the canal.  At the first check inside the fenced area it was Sony who tested the slope down the side of the bridge only to find there is no path there.  Meanwhile, Yorkie ran across the bridge only to find flour that led to nowhere.  Cyclone set off over the old large open defunct car park towards the Arena while Ever Ready and FL investigated the fence across their front.  Good move and soon they were off alongside the canal.  It was fairly straight for a while but around the bend was a check-back.  However, a retreat was not the chosen choice as the main party wandered around in the woods without really looking for the trail.  A wandering Sony found a blob and called on leaving the misguided Yorkie behind.  The hare and Cyclone (who had been at the back) moved over to join the pack as they got back on to the main open area beyond which we could see the car park from which we had started giving some the thought that maybe, just maybe, the run was nearly over.  Not so, for we crossed the main road with the front runners once again not looking properly.  The short-cutting Prime8 had found the turn that the rest missed but then he lost it.  Yorkie eventually re-joined us as we the followed the fence of the Arena to the first regroup.  Yorkie once more took off in the wrong direction while the rest crossed over the road and started down to slope to the fore right where there was no flour.  FL came back from his erroneous escapade while Easy Rider brought the errants back into play. Having checked out the four false trails the pack now found their way along a previously unchecked path that wended its way up through the woods to the second regroup on the edge of the open area used by Sappers for bridging training.  Only Sony got anywhere near being on the right trail but just missed it and found himself circled back where he had started.  Yorkie’s return and a hint from the hare sent him off through the woods from which it was plain sailing home; back over the road to the Puckridge Camp and back along the ‘new’ trail to “Yorkie’s” wooden bridge and home, and on to The Tweseldown where we sorted future trails for the rest of the year (so we thought but the aging collective memories aren’t so good nowadays…

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Next Hashes:  26 Oct 16 - Flash Gordon (Cruise Control) - Puttenham Large Car Park (GR 919462)
09 Nov 16 -Tony Soane – Potters Restaurant  (GR 893549)

23 Nov 16 – Brian Langford – Frensham Little Pond (GR 858417)




Hares:  Les Salmon (Ever Ready) and Derrick Gray (Prime8)

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Ian Angell (Hippo), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), John Elder (Seis Matters), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Libby Ralph, (Old Thumper) and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie).

Difficult to report on this meet.  The hares found the reconnoitred start was now occupied by woodsmen in action, the next part was occupied by Army cadets on field exercises with blank rounds being fired along with trip flares and simulated mines, and there was burning in a third area.  The hares had to cuff the start of the trail but they persevered and changed directions frequently. The front runners set off at a lick leaving your scribe some way behind as he awaited the arrival of the delayed ER who did not appear but was shortly to be seen going along a path close to where the woodsmen were.  So, MR made for the now disappeared hare and occasionally saw the front runners apparently running along a distant but parallel path. MR was on his own and remained thus for the next 50 minutes apart from the occasional meeting up with Hippo and Prime8 who were enjoying the walk.  Of the main pack there was no sound nor sight.  There was a clear trail to follow but the cunning hares had laid the flour behind the trees so were difficult to see.  All alone, MR had to investigate all the false trails and check-backs and not once did he find the correct way ahead first time.  The trail was through some interesting areas and along new paths.  It was much later that Primate (now on his own) appeared on the scene once more to inform MR that he was actually going the wrong way around the trail and gave sound advice as to the way to proceed.  Advice followed when from a side road appeared Yorkie and the rest, apart from Seis who had not been seen since the start.  It was then found that the front runners, too, had been going round the wrong way and it was RsOT who first realised why all the markings were hidden from view.  So now we found the right way and could actually see the trail well in advance as we brushed and struggled through brambles, bushes, tree branches and holly to get back to the car park were Seis was found once more.  Of Primate8 there was still no sound nor sight.  ER was eventually left patiently awaiting for the return of his car keys safely in the bum bag strapped to the missing Prime8…  Not even the hares were able to enjoy their anticipated beer as most of the pack dispersed leaving but Cyclone, Yorkie and MR to sup in The Duck on the Pond (or whatever it’s called)…

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Next Hashes:              12 Oct 16 - Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)  -  Claycart Car Park (851525)

                                    26 Oct 16 - Flash Gordon (Cruise Control) - Puttenham Large Car Park (GR 919462)




Hare:  Alan Jewell (Easy Rider)

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Ian Angell (Hippo), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Simon Mackrell ( No Name Yet) and Luke Ripley (Caboose).

Good Hashing weather to welcome our new attendee Simon Mackrell.  Over the road and into the training area as anticipated went we with FL to the fore for a while. Needless to say, perhaps, the trail was hilly for this start and again at the end but in between it was pleasant running.  When a bit deeper into the woods the pack was well spread out with NNY off one way and then Caboose appeared from somewhere other than the start and was off elsewhere.  An occasional Helpful Hare Hint gave MR the lead for a while but soon found himself alone, out of earshot and wondering what had happened to the rest.  A plaintive call from the fore meant Caboose was on once more alive and we were off. Thus it went for some time with ROT taking up the challenge of front running.  We descended to the plains below with a few gentle undulations. At the second re-group the way forward was certain to be up as we had been out for quite some time.  ROT set off up one slope with MR up another.  The call from below showed that they were both wrong but disinclined to return down , full knowing that they would have to rise again to get home.  At the top, NNY was trying to recover some breath and Caboose joined him.  So they took off together. ‘Twas not long before the ‘ON IN’ was spotted and from here on it was all downhill (TG!).  A good, cunning trail and delightful company with our two walkers waiting patiently in the bar for our return…

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Next Hashes:              28 Sep 16 - Les Salmon (Ever Ready) - Fleet Pond (826554)

                                    12 Oct 16 - Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)  -  Claycart Car Park (851525)





Hares:  Brian Langford (Cyclone), Tony Soane (Sony Tone) and Lewis Soane (Even Number)

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Colin Crofts (French Leave) and Libby Ralph (Old Thumper).

“There’s some road running, kept to a minimum and (with a huge smile) some hills…”  How correct was this last statement.  We set off from the car park away from the pavilion and came to the first obvious problem – there were only three hounds and most checks were at cross roads, so two were always going to be wrong.  OT went off left, FL to the right which left MR with only straight on and an encouraging smile from a hare.  It started gently uphill and soon OT overtook the errant MR as did FL and we continued upwards until OT went wrong by going straight along the main path.  FL was off like a true hare to the left and upwards a bit steeper.  As the trail continued it became still steeper.  The grade increased again as did the panting.  It now got quite serious. In fact before we got to the top it was SERIOUS, even VERY SERIOUS.  Once an element of breath had been restored, the inevitable downhill began.  Not for long.  We were once more gaining altitude and losing more breath.  Finally – a gallop down to the near bottom.  The trail now continued with the three hounds changing as front runner. The hares were kind with their helpful hints when required and we actually enjoyed a most pleasant run through the trees, along the roads, around the houses and along some smooth, flat pathways. IT WAS A PITY THAT THERE WERE NOT MORE HOUNDS TO ENJOY THE TRAIL.

There was not even enough Hash Cash to cover the Hares’ beer at the Fox!

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Next Hashes:              14 Sep 16 - Alan Jewell – The Alma (GR 844494)

                                    28 Sep 16 - Les Salmon (Ever Ready) – Fleet Pond (826554)






Hares:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone) and Lewis Soane (Even Number)

Hounds:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Ray Darby (Honey Monster), Steve Osborne (Wally), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Ian Angell (Hippo), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Sarah Nagle (Petal),  Libby Ralph (Old Thumper) Helen Schwake (Stiffy) and Tom Schwake (Colonel Clint).

Who pushed Wally? The weather was the best and attracted a bigger pack, including the welcome return of Stiffy and Colonel Clint from Germany once more.  A short brief got the pack on the move that saw Wally off at a pace through the gate into the training area and off along the long, straight path into the woods.  He hadn’t gone far enough not to hear being called back by OT who found the trail disappearing into the trees and away. We had been warned it was a bit hilly and hilly it was with pebbles and loose sand making parts really quite slippery.  We ran off parallel to the main road for a bit with Wally bragging that he would have finished the run if he didn’t have to keep on stopping for others to catch up. It was a lovely area in the speckled sunshine and eventually we came to the first regroup.  From here, Wally rushed off up the hill off the main track while the rest continued straight on leaving Wally on his adventure in countryside so familiar that he could name each bit of grass in the area (or something). The sun continued to keep us warm and we approached the lake.  Sadly, your scribe was just too far behind to see who pushed him.  The tail enders were just in time to see Wally wallowing back out of the water.  He’d stopped to try to encourage a dog swimming in the lake to swim back to the shore when he was pushed by person unnamed. After an element of great mirth, the pack departed leaving Wally to encourage the dog back to the beach.  Meanwhile, the escaping pack rushed off through the narrow pathways.  No sight nor sign of the canine saviour. So, the pack followed the trail, anticipating that we would be crossing under the main road and back home.  In the distance we could see Wally making for the road bridge that took him a longer way home.  On arrival and later at the On Inn he still, while declaring his intimate knowledge of the area, was adamant that there was no underpass through which the pack had transited.  The Pine Ridge Golf Course provided our refreshment for the few remaining Hashers. 


On On

Next Hashes:              31 Aug 16 - Brian Langford – Lower Bourne (GR 849446)
                                    14 Sep 16 - Alan Jewell – The Alma (GR 844494)





Hare:  Flash Gordon (Cruise Control).

Hounds:    Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Ray Darby (Honey Monster), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Steve Osborne (Wally) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

So Wally returned to see that we were correctly organising our runs and to freely give his unwanted advice on how we should be practising and even changing the day on which we run to fit in with his desires. The brief was short, very short, and the six of us (at this stage Ever Ready (ER 1) had not turned up) we set off with Wally at the front, climbing over the fence at the side of the golf course.  Soon we were climbing over another to get us on to the road leading back to the Deepcut Road. Wally was the first to cross over into the military land and he went off to the right towards the officers mess.  Easy Rider (ER 2) went in the opposite direction and was followed by the rest with Honey nursing his long term wound. ROT was a bit reluctant to go too far so left ER 2 to do just that as she cut across some rough ground to join Honey who found himself on trail following the range perimeter fence. It was now ROT who set off around the fence and down the steep hill through the woods.  Of flour there was little to be seen but we progressed guessing that Flash had gone in much the same direction.  Beginning to lose confidence, MR went back a bit to find that the others were with the hare and closing the gap.  So we continued and soon came to the first regroup.  With no sound or sign from Wally we realised just what a good job we had made of losing him. Yes we did call but he was obviously well and truly lost and nowhere near us.  There was a certain amount of puffing and panting as we progressed over the steep hills and giggles from Flash at our discomfort of finding that his helpful hints were not in the slightest bit helpful. It was actually good to be back in an area in which we had not been for several years.  With ER2 now well to the fore we found ourselves in a wide open area cooled by a pleasant breeze (for very sunny it was at this stage). MR and ER 2 were some way ahead of the rest as the call-back was announced and, encouraged by our jovial hare, the others disappeared into the woods once more.  However MR anticipated that it was a loop down the hill again and that the trail would reappear almost where the lone pair were standing. A little more investigation proved the point and while pausing for the others to catch up, ER 1 appeared from the trees.  He had come across Wally further back who ignored the good advice and continued over the bar and into more oblivion. The rest of us wandered over the field towards the officers mess where we found Wally once more with him declaring that he had been around the trail twice and had returned to rescue French Leave who had arrived late.  When told that FL was not with us he declared that of course he was with us as he had seen him.  FL turned out to be ER 1 but Wally was not convinced and he disappeared off once more, complaining that he had been unable to see our ‘Wally hand signals’ through the dense trees and undergrowth.  It was then an easy trot home where Wally claimed he was the winner.  He was, of course, disqualified for failing so badly in his efforts to follow the trail…

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Next Hashes:              17 Aug 16 - Tony Soane – Off The Maultway (GR 902618)

                                    31 Aug 16 - Brian Langford – Lower Bourne (GR 849447)





Hare:  John Elder (Seis Matters).

Hounds:    Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Ian Angell (Hippo), Dereck Gray (Prime8), Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone)

A fifty percent improvement over the last run but still a pretty shabby turn out for such a beautiful, sunny afternoon, a well laid trail and attractive, if familiar, countryside.  We set off with Sony to the front who led us up to pay our salutations to the Duke and straight down the other side, across the road and the open field where it was Sony again who found the trail leading off through the woods, leaving Cyclone on his own off along the road.  After much bellowing, he was eventually brought back but not for long.  We wended our way through sun speckled forest until we came across and electrical hut of some sort.  The ‘pack’ paused by which time Hippo and Prime8 had caught up and our front runner took us off to the left, apart from Cyclone who decided right was correct.  That was the last we saw of him for quite some time despite Sony’s run back to try to find out where he had got to – no sign.  By now, MR had decided that the trail was going over the Bourley Road and up the hill beside the old QA Training Centre. Near the top he paused in the hopes that maybe, just maybe someone else would join him.  Well, the hare did so that was a good start then the returning Sony closely followed by our two walkers.  MR got it wrong but Sony found he was almost on the right track until the hare indicated that he was not quite right but the walkers were.  Further on up the slope we progressed and soon found ourselves in the steep hilly bits.  Sony and MR now swapped the lead time and again (there was, you see, no other competition).  We ended up at the top from whence we descended and both the leaders went off on the wrong track but soon caught up with the walkers who were now in more familiar territory and heading for home.  We crossed back over the Bourley Road and into the ‘Caesar’s Camp’ car park where there was the final regroup (yes, there were several earlier ones, too).  And who should appear over the horizon? Why! ‘twas the missing Cyclone who claimed that he was not impressed with the first trail so followed his own much better one.  From here it was a plunge through high stinging nettles to the woods beyond and on to the Finish.  Hippo decided that he could stay only a short time at The Tweseldown and he departed, never to be seen again.  Prime8 set off on his electric bicycle and failed to materialise at the pub so it was just the four who sat in the shade quaffing their well earned refreshment…

On On

Next Hashes:              3 Aug 16 – Flash Gordon – Pine Ridge Golf Course (GR 907587 or GU16 9NX)

                                    17 Aug 16 - Tony Soane – Off The Maultway (GR 917619)



Hare: Libby Ralph (Old Thumper).

Hounds:    Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider) and ‘Flash Gordon’ (Cruise Control).

Shabby. Really, really shabby. It was marvellous weather, great location, beautifully laid trail and fabulous country side but only three hounds that is what was really shabby. The trio crossed over the road and up the steps where we were confronted by three options one each but only one was correct. MR took the downhill slope to the right, Flash went through the gate into the fields and ER took off left along the side of the road. Having been pre-warned that it was a long start we should have realised sooner that ER was correct in his decision (actually he was not clever it was just that the other two were dumb and had forgotten the warning). Anyway we turned off the main road and for a while went off towards Elstead before branching off into open fields and into woods. Flash giggled when he called ER back from his far off venture but he soon after became the subject of a comeback by ER and MR plotting to leave the errant Flash a chance to go well afield. Once he was far enough away he was called back and his laughter reminded us of some deranged maniac. Then OT let on that it was MR’s idea to leave him wandering in the wilds. Relations were never upset and the process proceeded. It was quite hard work with only three hounds and we certainly found many of the false trails. One in particular had ER well down in a deep hollow while Flash ran us around the high ground. Back over the river that we had crossed on the way out took us towards the finish. All in all it was a masterful (or should that be ‘mistressful’?) trail. Only once before has MR been the first home; the first time was when he was the only hound in pouring rain on Fruit&Nut’s trail for Run No 197. Buck up Hashers - we need more on these runs otherwise it becomes hard work for the few phew

On On

Next Hashes: 20 July 16 John Elder Wellington Statue Car Park (853511 or near GU11 1QA)

3 Aug 16 Flash Gordon Pine Ridge Golf Course ( 907587 or GU16 9NX)




Hare: Colin Crofts (French Leave)

Hounds:   Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Ian Angel (Hippo), Jane Cox (Rs Over T), John Elder (Seis Matters), ‘Flash Gordon’ (Cruise Control), Richard Corser (Big Moany),  John Elder (Seis Matters),  and Tony Soane (Sony Tone).

We were joined by Big Moany from Hong Kong, so called for his frequent and pointed criticisms of trails laid.  However, he had no complaint today.  Out of the car park we processed, sweeping left it was not long before Seis went wrong and OT took us sharp left into the trees (actually, not “into the trees” more “in amongst the trees”). At some stage ER took up the lead and explored a path up the hill that proved to be wrong which greatly amused Flash who celebrated with great guffaws.  Salt was rubbed into the wound as Flash went off in what felt like totally the wrong direction only to find he was right – “This way, Al” accompanied by further giggles. It didn’t last.  Soon the rivalry was reassessed as MR at the back suddenly found himself at the front encouraging anyone to get by to keep up the checking.  ROT took the bait and soon others, too.  The hare had to apologise to those who found themselves on a long loop after he found he had forgotten to lay a bar. Great mirth was expressed by those not involved.  It was also apparent that BM was quite adept at finding and keeping to the front of the pack. Bursting out into the open we found ourselves beside the Sappers’ bridge training area and even some soldiers up amongst the trees overlooking the area. By now we knew we were heading for home and meeting up with Hippo who long before knew where the beer was. It was ROT who suggested to MR that going back over the sports ground would be a more pleasant and less like hard work to get home.  She herself did not follow her suggestion and left MR to cross on his own.  The hare didn’t bother to give any advice having seen where MR was heading and left him to find his own way out of the very close, overgrown and dense undergrowth and over the high fence… Ho, hum – such is Hashing.

Mr Bumble did his best to top up liquid levels.

On On

Next Hashes:      6 July 16 - Libby Ralph – The Princess Royal, Runfold (GR 865475 or GU10 1NX)

                            20 July 16 - John Elder – Wellington Statue Car Park (853511 or near GU11 1QA)






Hare: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds:   Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Ian Angel (Hippo), Jane Cox (Rs Over T), John Elder (Seis Matters) and ‘Flash Gordon’ (Cruise Control).

“Not quite as originally intended and played off the cuff along different paths which you may not wish to go along ever again.” That was the gist of the brief with “Over there” added for ease of getting the pack on the move.  Over there went Seis in a flash with CC just thinking about going off to the side where the in trail was laid.  Emergency action prevented early disaster as Seis rapidly (downhill) approached the deep chasm in which an oddity of logs made safe crossing just a bit more uncomfortable .  He found the back check that he immediately ignored and explored off on another track.  Rs called him back having gone the better, safer, gentler, smoother path where ER was now well to the fore.  It was not long before the trail was lost and a hint from the hare took Rs once more to the front.  Sadly, the hare had given the wrong hint and all “went up the garden path” with Seis now alongside Mr Wellington and his nag.  Making amends, the hare guided ER on to a real blob of flour and the call was given. By now, Primate and Hippo had lost interest and contact and were thought to have succumbed to dastardly thoughts of going straight to the pub.  The trail now took a circuitous route through the trees and down some underused areas leading to the Deep Ravine. Yes, Rs, the hare had thought of taking the short cut across the raging trickle but it was easier to just follow the main track.  At the checked junction, CC instinctively headed for home (wrong ) as did Rs on another path (also wrong) ER lurked while Seis ran to the top of the slope and – Da da – there was the trail snaking its way across the driver training plateau and Sapper bridging pit.  The sun was high and hot and the breeze had stopped.  Perspiration poured.  Seis was not stopped for long and followed by ER they led the way home along new trails, back over the training roadway and through the jungle back to the main road.  Over the road and along the new trail all the way to the end.  They said they enjoyed it but not as much as they enjoyed the Tweseldown beer

On On

Next Hashes:              22 June 16 - Colin Crofts - Bordon (TBC) or (Hawley Memorial Hall GR 851593)

                                    6 July 16 - Any offers gratefully accepted





Hare: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider)

Hounds:   Derrick Gray (Prime8),  Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Ian Angell (Hippo),  Colin Crofts (French Leave)

After my warnings of many soldiers training in the area were ignored and even a comment of “That’s gay” we set off from the Alma to cross the road and up a lane into the heath where OT took the lead, only to lose the lead it a bit later at the first check as she went up the wrong trail and ST took over. Prime8 and Hippo were never to be seen from this point on. On we went to eventually reach the new boundary fence designed to keep humans and animals alike out due to contaminated ground, and follow the fence around to the bottom of the “Caesars camp” where we climbed to the top and a re-group at the usual viewing point to admire the view – or we would have done if we weren’t all puffing and panting so much. From here the hounds presumed that they would just follow the track down and back to the pub, however the real trail took them in the opposite direction to follow a series of winding trails followed by a long run in and climb to the top of Hungry hill, while the Hare took the shortcut back. Back at the Alma Hippo and Prime8 were to be found already supping their beer and commenting that they considered half the hash trail to be very good!

On On





Hare: Brian Langford (Cyclone)

Hounds:   John Elder (Seis Matters), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

The weather was kind enough to stop raining as the sexy six set off across the football pitch with Seis well to the fore.  Up the flippin’ hill we went with ER trying hard to keep somewhere near the front while the forlorn four wandered up slowly while Seis raced on.  Served him right as we (the tail enders who had befriended the hare) turned right in another path an on through a tree covered area.  The rain had filled the holes and dips and made progress a little sloppy.  Seis soon caught us up having explored far and wide with no success.  While all this was going on, an inquisitive deer stood close by until the rampaging Seis shooed it off.  It soon struck us that we were in for some (more) hill climbing.  Before hitting ‘the big one’ the trail turned sharply into more trees where ER assumed the task of front runner taking us up hill only to turn again and go down once more.  By now, Prime8 was beginning to lag behind while MR took on the role of the absent Sony to walk along chatting to Cyclone.   Before long RsOT was gaining on the front runners as we rounded the defunct reservoir, over the broken water channel ( a well-known  breakage) and we headed back around the fishing lakes, back over the Tweseldown practice area and downhill all the way In. Here there was concern because Prime8 had not turned up.  Seis went into the pub but he was not there and with rain threatening concern was more for keeping dry than searching.  Having given him more time to turn up, turn up he did muttering something about “That was a long one…”

On On

Next Hashes:   25 May 16 – Alan Jewell - The Alma Car Park (GR 844494)
                           8 June 16 – Richard McAllister – Wellesley Woodlands Car Park (GR
                          22 June 16 – All offers accepted




Hare: John Elder (Seis Matters)

Hounds:   Derrick Gray (Prime8), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit) and Ian Angell (Hippo) and Anna Elder (Janet & John).

‘Twas a brilliant, spring sunny day with near cloudless skies overhead.  The pack gathered with some trepidation for there was no obvious front runner.  Then the sunshine increased as Old Thumper arrived and we had our FR.  Now with light hearts the pack was briefed to proceed in the general direction of the Zig Zag.  So we did.  Then it became apparent that we had another FR as Sony set off up the Zig Zag  But it was MR (after a look from the hare) who stumbled  upon the trail off to the side below the dreaded risers.  Not appreciating front running, MR offered the lead to Rs OT who found that the path size was narrowing as we progressed and there was no room for any overtaking so we all arrived in line at a check on the hard road.  Now a pattern started.  It was OT who found the trail and led us off to the next check where it was Sony who found the next bit of trail. And that set the pattern for most of the rest of the whole trail – if OT got it right we knew that next time to follow Sony who would have selected the correct way and the rest realised who to follow.  Up through fields and into steep woodland we were taken to ‘the top’ that was flat.  But it was not the top for there was more hill climbing above. THEN we got to the top only to start the descent.  Our habitual walkers, Hippo and Prime8, arrived at much the same time for the regroup and the pattern changed for the last bit on the way home; OT found the trail for a consecutive time but then Sony did the same and from there on we had to wildly guess who had got it right.  In the end, it was OT who led us home.  J&J had excused herself to go home to cook some chips and prepare some nibbles while Seis invited us all back to their place for welcome (if not deserved) refreshments after a most delightful roam around the hills.  Our thanks for their very kind hospitality and Seis’s brief on his underwater trophies.

On On

Next Hashes:   11 May 16 – Brian Langford – back of The Tweseldown (GR 820519)
                          25 May 16 – volunteer still wanted
                           8 June 16 – Richard McAllister –Wellesley Woodlands Car Park (GR




Hares:  Les Salmon (Ever Ready) and Derrick Gray (Prime8)

Hounds:   Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), John Elder (Seis Matters), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit) and Colin Crofts (French Leave).

“It is incredibly shaggy for a hilly area”.  So much for the warning after further pointing out the angry farmer and the charging bull.  So, full of confidence, our local Hasher, OT, took off down the slope and beyond, closely followed by Seis.  At the back, the slower ones sauntered along enjoying the sunshine and commenting on the lack of shig.  Down in the dip was a paused hare which gave MR a chance to spot a near-hidden blob that took him off to the side and straight up to his ankles in the promised shig.  Wherever we went and no matter how steep the slope, underfoot was indeed just as shigged as promised.  Strange, announced ROT, that the water was just not running but sitting awaiting the foolish-footed wanderers.  MR was soon overtaken as we approached slightly drier land and even got on to a paved path.  It didn’t last and soon we found ourselves deep in gorse, brambles and shig. “ I know where we are,” said Sony but we weren’t quite where he thought he was as he was corrected by Cyclone. Over the road and into the training area we progressed with OT still at the front as she negotiated the gate and was off down the hill on the far side.  Across the valley, MR thought he could see some flour on the far path and as OT approached the ‘On’ was called as we followed.  Atop, we found Prime8  admiring the passage of fine athletes while Ever Ready volunteerd to take ROT for a quickie as her upper leg was beginning to cause her concern.  We caught up with them later as the trail took us through the houses and back into the Park.  Soon, the front runners (both of them) had disappeared into the distance leaving a lost and wandering FL in the lurch while the tail-enders searched for a lead.  Advice from a walker pointed us in the right direction and far, far away we could see FL still wandering. By luck we came upon the trail and over the brow of the rise was home. It was in The Alma that Easy Rider finally caught up with us for a rewarding beer (well, he did pay his pound even if he didn’t run with the pack).

On On

Next Hashes:  27 April 16 – John Elder – Selborne Arms (GR742335)
                          11 May 16 – Brian Langford – back of The Tweseldown (GR
                          25 May 16 – volunteer wanted
                           8 June 16 – Richard McAllister –Wellesley Woodlands Car Park (GR





Hare:  Tony Soane (Sony Tone)

Hounds:   Ian Angel (Hippo), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), John Elder (Seis Matters), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Anna Elder (Janet & John), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Sarah Nagle (Petal), Helen Schwake (Stiffy) and Tom Schwake (Colonel Clint)

Having received three apologies from three stalwarts and a belated fourth (who preferred dentistry to Hashing), your scribe was a bit concerned that the turnout would not be great.  How wrong he was.  The hare’s brief was short: three or four regroups, quite a bit of slippy shig, should be back in about 50 minutes and it starts over there.  So off we set in warm sunshine. The front runners were confronted by a now blocked gateway in the fence and were being hesitant to go over.  MR found he could still get his leg over when he surmounted the fence and for a while, he maintained his unwanted lead ‘til shortly CC overtook followed by Seis who dashed around as ever. Then all the running ladies passed as well as MR went off on the wrong path.  Following the trail was becoming problematic – some II (not Illegal Immigrant but Infantile Idiot) had taken obvious delight in trying to destroy Sony’s trail. Despite this limited inconvenience, with OT well to the fore the field moved relatively swiftly for an aging bunch and we followed the fence alongside the golf course.  Then the rain came; but fortunately only a little. CC hit the front and carried us on and it soon became apparent that we were circumnavigating the whole course.  It was interesting with plenty of considerably problematic undulations in pleasant jungle.  At one point Easy Rider found himself well on the right track followed by three of the four Harriettes.  It seemed ER was enjoying being chased by ‘the girls’ –  hadn’t happened to him before?  Whether it was the excitement of the chase or running out of puff on the hill is not known to anyone but him as he was rapidly overtaken as he struggled on up.  That Cloggs seemed to not want to have ER following at her rear she dropped back and allowed their progress side by side.  Now the trail was becoming a bit tricky.  With homing instincts setting in, the pack kept wanting to turn leftwards as we had proceeding in an anticlockwise direction, but the trail went off to the right away from home.  We dutifully followed what was left of the flour which meandered away from home before making the long-awaited penultimate left turn. Fifty minutes?  Well, explained the hare, it was once fifty minutes when he used to run through these woods each lunchtime when he worked at Deepcut.  My!  How age is catching him up (that’s his excuse, anyway, for he retired some years ago).  The Golf Bar was as pleasant as ever as was the company after a much enjoyed meet.

On On

Next Hash:  13April 16 – Les Salmon and Derrick Gray – Farnham Park (GR tbc)

                     27 April 16 – John Elder – Selborne Arms (GR742335)





Hare:  Colin Crofts (French Leave).

Hounds:   Ian Angel (Hippo), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), John Elder (Seis Matters), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Anna Elder (Janet & John), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper),  Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Kim Dyos (Little Prick) and Derek Gray (Prime8).

At last, beautiful spring weather saw us off to good start out of the car park and back up into the local area alongside and across a stream and up the hill.  OT was well to the fore but made a wrong guess which gave Seis the chance for the lead.  At a check, it was eagle-eyed MR who took off uphill having spotted some flour.  Right to the top he went only to find it was barred and at the same time, from across the valley, came the On On. However, it was Seis who was seen many a time coming back from fruitless checks but our grateful thanks go to him for saving the rest of us undesired false following.  The pack was somewhat surprised by the huge number of tracks there are in this area and it kept us all busy with Ever Ready all too frequently doing ‘a Seis’.  It was an area that was full of  “We’ve been here before” but losing the trail promptly as the next bit wasn’t so familiar.  It was OT who now had the courage to descend steps and steep to find that she was actually ‘On’. Meanwhile, our walkers Hippo and Prime8, had followed the trail and walked almost to The Bat & Ball but turned the wrong way before making it back to The Fox.  Back in the pack it was LP’s taut and exceptionally colourful tights that kept Ever Ready’s attention more that looking for flour. Then we came to another road crossing where we were stopped by a policeman in a car.  He wanted to know what we were doing.  On being told he smiled and said “I thought so, but we’ve had calls from members of the public who were worried that the flour was marking out potential targets for thieves…”  He was happy for us to continue and Easy Rider realised that he could not possibly mistake the honed and toned athletes before him as common burglars.  From there on, it was Sony’s local knowledge that kept us in the general correct direction and we were soon back at the pub.  So good was the weather that we sat outside, enjoying the evening sun, the company, the beer, the conversation and even the odd joke.

On On

Next Hash:  30Mar 16 – Tony Soane –Pine Ridge Golf Course (GR 907588).




Hare:  Ian Angel (Hippo).

Hounds:   Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), John Elder (Seis Matters), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Ray Darby (Honey Monster), Anna Elder (Janet & John), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Steve Osbourne (Wally), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

The weather was horrid to the Hare but relatively kind to the Hounds although it didn’t stop Ever Ready from thanking his lucky stars that he had kept his trousers on. The trail was full of great undulations.  We covered every hill at least once.  We set off into the woods as anticipated before moving off for the first uphill. OT was quickly into the lead for our first rise, gentle at first but then increasing steepness made itself apparent.  Finally at the top Seis dashed off along the ridge to the right while Wally went off straight over and started down t’other side.  OT and MR discussed the potential way ahead, really not believing that the dastardly Hare would take us down the near vertical descent to the left. But he did – all the way to the bottom before rising up towards the Old Guildford Road. On the way Wally went off towards the canal claiming that he had not gone wrong but was putting in extra miles because the ‘Deepcut’  Hash was always too short and he needed more exercise.  We were almost up at the road before plunging down to the right only to climb up and up to the left and then down.  At this stage Wally made for the top of the hill and was somewhat delighted to find that he was on.  Time for more bragging before going wrong soon after (but again, putting in more miles - more accurately, yards).  Hereafter we found more hills to climb before gathering at the top of the ridge for Wally to wander off in the wrong direction (this time not lost, not for more miles but for admiring the view and making comparisons of the virtues of the architects of the buildings in the distance). Meanwhile the rest of the pack created a regroup that gave Wally the chance to get ahead for the long, straight, downhill all the way to the end at Potters once more.  Unfortunately, Potters was closed for refurbishment so we ended up at the Miners Arms which was full of men of an age who looked as though they should all have been at work…

On On

Next Hash:  16 Mar 16 – Colin Crofts –The Fox Car Park, Lower Bourne (GR 847447).




Hare:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue).

Hounds:   John Elder (Seis Matters), Ian Angel (Hippo), Denise Catlin (Flying Doctor), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Derrick Gray (Prime8), John Harrison (Jay Jay), Anne Holland (Cloggs), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Tony Soane (Sony Tone) and Anne Tynegate (Aqua).

“The run that never was” or so it could have been called. It was apparent that Fruit & Nut had no intention of not attending this run so it was ‘called off’ and he did actually go home without ever visiting the car park.  For those who didn’t know, it was pointed out that F&N’s performance had been deteriorating dramatically and he had been acting with an apparent suicidal death wish.  His family was worried sick and he would not do as they asked so we took the matter into our own hands.  The plot was a success so, with the rain starting we set off over the main road and into the woods with a re-generated Seis to the fore.  Sadly, the two gentlemen walkers lost contact almost from the start but we knew Prime8 and Hippo would not lose themselves. The Hare had to assist for the first quarter mile as there had been no trail laid in case (yes –him) he had checked to see if we were serious so there was no evidence that the trail had been laid.  However, having gone down through the woods and over the extremely shigged valley bottom. Cloggs and JJ, the front runners were quickly up the other side only to find themselves already off trail which had turned to run parallel and below the driver training circuit just over the rise.  At the first major track crossing – confusion as FR went way off left with ER going half ahead and JJ to the far right.  All wrong and Seis eventually called the on from half left through some seldom trampled undergrowth for quite some time closely followed by Aqua.  More shig led us straight over the next cross track and on to a well-used ditch crossing where, for some unknown reason, no one believed that trail would actually go over the stream – which it did.  The “Oh, no” call from those who knew the area soon found out that the path ahead was exceedingly greasy but all safely made it through to the regroup at the top of the ridge.  Straight on into more trees and it continued thus for most of the rest of the run.  But first the crossing of the shiggiest bit of the area had to be crossed over water ridden soft sand.  The Hare was surprised when FD did not dive into the great lakes formed on the tracks. ER played the true gentleman by helping Petal out of the sticky bit to safety but was almost dropped back into the mess himself - such a player…The trail wound its way through close country side to the delight of most and we eventually hit the main road once more.  Great care crossing the road was taken and we were somewhat pleased that F&N was not with us to run the gauntlet. The trail then just followed to the new recently provisioned trail back to the car park.  Jollity in The Tweseldown followed for some time as we enjoyed the company of our old (that is ‘long term’ not ‘ancient’) visitors.

On On

Next Hash:  2 Mar 16 – –HARE WANTED Volunteer and detail to Seis, please for publication




Hare:  John Elder (Seis Matters)

Hounds:   Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Case (Fruit & Nut), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Libby Ralph (Old Thumper) .

Well, we waited in shaded sunshine for the arrival of Easy Rider who, so we were reliably informed, had left his office to get changed for a cross-country run. So far, so good.  BUT, after five more minutes he hadn’t arrived and the thoughts then crossed our mind that maybe he had not checked his emails and web site to see that , no, we were not going to meet in Selborne but at Rowhills, Farnham.  Anyway, OT and ER set the initial pace as we ran alongside the 325 towards Farnborough.  The less fleet of foot found the Hare patiently waiting opposite an entry into the training area and took the hint.  Over the road and into the trees where we were confronted by five possibilities.  It took a while but MR from on high spotted what looked like the trail and we were off again over familiar territory.  Now moving mainly downhill, OT once more took the lead and we came eventually to the first of three promised regroups so we paused – apart from F&N who continued to jog around a puddle. When asked what he was up to, he just responded that he was trying to stop running.  We thought he was joking and the suggestion that he run up the slope beside him and into the tree may have the desired result but then we realised he was in trouble and about to collapse. After debate, his pigheadeness resulted in his refusing to return to the cars but claiming he was alright to continue on, albeit more slowly. ROT and MR decided to stay with him while the rest could run on.  F&N was still wobbly and remained so for the rest of the run and, before he could be caught, actually fell headfirst at one point. Seis was near but not near enough and a gash on F&N’s forehead indicated the point of contact (and his new, white gloves are now somewhat discoloured). So having reached the top of Caesars Camp and the second regroup the decision was made that F&N would be escorted by the smoothest, flattest route back to the car park.  The rest of the pack could be seen and heard on occasions as they flourished on the steep undulations for which this area is well known.  We made it back safely, if not soundly.  In the bar, F&N seemed to get back to normal which was more than can be said for the one barrel of beer on tap and that was about on the turn…

On On

Next Hash:  17 Feb 16 – Richard McAllister – Claycart Car Park GR 853524)





Hare:  Alan Jewell (Easy Rider),

Hounds:   Colin Crofts (French Leave), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue) and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

The sunshine was brilliant, the ground frozen but only the Fantastic Five were there to enjoy the bracing weather.  So cool was it that none took off any tops , jackets, jumpers, vests or shirts and set off from the car park towards the canal where we turned left towards the main road.  Over the bridge went Yorkie well to the fore followed by the forlorn four.  It was quite hard to get going but going we did eventually get.  Yorkie disappeared into the trees as anticipated and we went straight up a well-known hill and down the other side only to have to go up again on the far side and down once more.  Downhill was the favourite four’s decision but at the bottom there was a bit of a problem that was not quickly sorted.  Yorkie went way off to the left MR half left into the trees ER to the right and FL straight on.  MR nearly trod on a soldier in a trench while unfriendly firing was readily audible over the way Yorkie was heading.  He returned having appreciated he was not welcome the way he was heading towards hostilities. So it was FL who picked up the trail but soon lost it again only to stumble on it once more as we progressed uphill - again.  The Hare did at this stage admit that he had had to change his planned trail for one that avoided any armed conflict.  We now wandered downhill through very pleasant sunlit woods towards Potters Restaurant and back into the Canal Centre. Over the swing bridge and on to the long run back along the canal we went and back into the park.  3.8 miles was travelled by Yorkie over a well laid trail and extra bits.  The Miners Arms provided more than adequate resuscitation…

On On

Next Hash:  3 Feb 16 - John Elder - TBA




Hare:  Brian Langford (Cyclone)

Hounds:   Colin Crofts (French Leave), Derrick Gray (Prime80), John Elder (Seis Matters), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Ian Angel (Hippo), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue) and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie).

“Time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted” - or so the military saying goes.  But try telling that to Cyclone who had been out twice to reconnoitre the area before turning up to lay the trail.  “A bit of a disaster…” were the opening words of his briefing.  It seems that the foresters have been out again and taped off most of the area in which Cyclone had wanted to go.  Any which way he went, there was more tape. Sooo, he set off to play it off the cuff.  Into the football pitch went we with OT to the fore and the idlers wandering as usual as Seis picked up the trail now leading us through the tree line into the large assembly/training area for the horses. Underfoot was incredibly damp (even bloody wet) and by now Yorkie was off heading towards what turned out to be the in trail.  There was general movement up the slope towards the trees with FL going off one way with Seis another. Yorkie came back and went off again, ER pushed through the hedge to a substantial pathway alongside the tree line with the Hare hinting which way to go.  OT now picked up the trail that led us through some pretty rough forestry, over a nasty little ditch that turned out to be bigger than anticipated and on to a sloppy uphill path.  Over more rough ground we went.  At least it didn’t rain on us but there was much surface water underfoot. We now found ourselves on a ‘decent path’ that was familiar to many but the FRBs for some reason went down the hill the wrong way.  MR took the path he knew and soon found himself at the van of the pack on the correct trail that shortly ended at the first regroup where the new FRBs with Prime8 and Hippo (who had been enjoying their saunter) awaited the now tail-enders to join up. Once more into the woodland went we with Yorkie calling us on up and down the woodland paths.  This eventually took us to the fishing lakes around which there was no way of keeping dry.  So with wet feet we regrouped again and viewed some to the foresters’ tape.  By now the Hare had had enough of the foresters and decided to take the trail straight back parallel to the road and on to the car park.  The FRBs now collected the wandering pair of strollers on their way while make for ‘home’ thinking that ER, MR and Cyclone had taken a shortcut back to the pub.  But NO – they were still out enjoying the countryside and the fading daylight and thanking the Hare for not taking us as far as his original plan had been.  Incidentally, the large car park at Outridden Copse has two new notices informing us that it would now remain closed until February and that foresters would be cutting between Christmas and New Year.  One copy had written on it “BOLLOCKS” and the other “LIARS LIARS”.  There was of course no sound nor sight of forestry in action and I fear this is just another car park heading for eventual closure…

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Next Hash:  Selected by popular acclaim and instant approval by those present at The Tweseldown:

20 Jan 16 - Tony Soane - Lightwater Country Park (off The Maultway, GR 902618) TBC





Hares: Colin Crofts (French Leave), Lesley

Hounds: Brian Langford (Cyclone), Derrick Gray (Prime80), Luke Ripley (Caboose), John Elder (Seis Matters), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Judith Bridges ('Er Indoors), Andy Ralph (Jolly Green Giant), Libby Ralph (Old Thumper), Mike (Shrinky Dink), Colin's Grandson Joe, Colin's Neighbour Di, Colin's guest Joanne from Coventry with Daughter Nicole, Colin's Friend Nikki with Son and Dog.

Following on from this excellent if obscure location of a few weeks ago, Colin and Lesley laid yet another cunning hash trail for us, so it was disappointing that only five Deepcut regulars turned up. Possibly they had heard that there might be some athletes present - well under 60's anyway. That's the great thing about hashing; it's attracts no youngsters and you all grow old together secure in the knowledge that your fitness has remained unchanged over the years because you can still run faster than Prime80. When the hare introduces some guests who, wait for it, are under-20 and have never indulged in the debilitating habit of absorbing ethyl alcohol, it is quite shocking to realise just how decrepit and infirm we have become. Fortunately, a crowd of NH4 hashers turned up to share our decrepitude swelling our ranks but it was Colin's guests that formed the bulk of the pack. The trail covered roads, tracks, fords, rivers, shiggy and the unfathomable nest of pathways that cover this rather hilly part of Farnham like a spider's web. One youngster with unfeasibly long legs (as David Coleman one said of Alberto Juantorina, the Cuban runner "opening his legs and showing his class") appeared to have some sort of warp drive and with an equally rapid female, they managed to do most of the checking. Yet experience is a wonderful thing. Thus it was that two Deepcut regulars, Prime 80 and Rs who didn't even bother to run, managed to ease onto the final bridge into the pub car park just ahead of the youngsters thus proving that guile will always triumph over enthusiasm, at least on the hash. We commandeered a reversed table in the pub for a jolly Hophead inspired time whilst the youngsters sipped Coca Cola and muttered darkly about the lamentable state of the older generation.

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Next Hashes:    6 Jan 16 - Tony Soane & Brian Langford - Lightwater Country Park (GR 902618)






Hares: Derrick Gray (Prime8) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Tony Case (Fruit and Nut), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Soane (Sony Tone ), and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie).

It was cool in the wind but sunny and even warmish once we got going in the protection of the trees.  Yorkie set off with some determination but quickly left the lead to MR who happened to stumble on to the right track (actually, it was Yorkie who took the right track and MR the left) - but not for long and he was soon left far behind having gone off on a lone check in the wrong direction.  On the way back he came across Primate8 who was modifying the trail for the homeward bit and he got MR back into the run.  He now faced the pack coming back so decided to check from where he was and found himself on trail once more.  Again, it didn’t last long and soon Yorkie was off at the front once more. It was a really good trail with lots of flour to guide us through unfamiliar territory.  The recommended carriage of secateurs had been ignored and we soon found ourselves in tight, dense undergrowth; perhaps a machete would have been more beneficial.  But the courageous pack pressed on through secondary jungle ignoring the hurt and the obstructions until once more out into clear, open paths.  We gathered at the one regroup to find the only two not there were the Hares.  However, we had been forewarned that this could happen and all we had to do was to make sure the pack was grouped.  It was so off we set once more. We now found ourselves rising with Yorkie to the fore still and going up fast.  MR thought he could see a more gentle way up but was called back by a friendly Ever Ready who further indicated the trail actually went off left and up a gradual rise.  Yorkie soon descended and took the lead as we set off for a grand jog along a relatively flat path high along the ridge overlooking fields and forest below. Despite a clear sky, darkness was not too far off as we progressed in good order with F&N still sounding his horn from the back of the pack.  Now, shortly after, F&N surprised us by actually finding himself at the front  - then we realised he was with Prime8 who obviously led him on his way and back to safety.  It had been a great trail followed a most pleasant repast at The Ely during which it was suggested that there was huge scope for more trails in this area…

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Next Hashes: 23 Dec 15 - Colin Crofts - Bat & Ball (GR 833444)

                        6 Jan 16 - Tony Soane & Brian Langford - Lightwater Country Park (GR 902618)





Hare: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue),

Hounds: Colin Crofts (French Leave), Tony Case (Fruit and Nut), Brian Langford (Cyclone), John Elder (Seis Matters), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Luke Ripley (Caboose) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

The sun nearly shone but at least it did not rain. MR and Sony sat in their cars and watched F&N drive past and up the road to turn round only to drive away without a glance at the car park. He was next seen driving down Bourley Road towards The Tweseldown.  Eventually, Sony went out to look and found him by the Garrison Church car park as F&N returned from Tesco and in the process claimed he had driven around using three quarters of his fuel tank. At least he made the start as did late arriving FL and on foot Caboose.  Anyway, we got off eventually and proceeded down the slope to the first problem – a very deep and slippery drainage ditch.  The hare had helped by cutting some steps but it was still treacherous. Seis and FL set off to find the trail but the first check had been obliterated.   Not to be fooled by such destruction, it was not long before Sony’s tone was heard having spotted the remains of a well pecked blob and we were off once more.  Up the hill and past the marks on t’other side of the road.  A loud cough from the Hare caught the attention of Caboose who now led and took the pack along yet another fence to a check.  Seis again guessed correctly and was off for a pleasant downhill jog but he went too far.  Concern – F&N took a bad tumble and banged his head that started bleeding so he wiped it with his muddy glove; it was not a pretty sight (nor a pretty site either).  Anyway, a bit dazed he declared himself OK.  By now, the front runners had returned at the third even louder, hinting cough from the Hare to plunge into new territory and through a gate into an area of no great interest and out through the fence to a check that took FL on the wrong path.  Meanwhile, Prime8 was following a short cut while the main pack found themselves going along beside a familiar deep ditch.  The trail kindly took them over the obstruction without climbing or getting soggy feet. Straight over the main track we went, branching off over some rough undergrowth that gave F&N the chance of a second dive.  He recovered enough to continue and by now the pack was split in two. As darkness began to settle it was a wide open area we were in but not smooth enough to prevent F&N a third chance to dive into the dirt again.  Through familiar woods and out into the Claycart car park where the rest of the pack was patiently waiting.  Using his local knowledge, ER indicated the way to progress as the trail took us back into (now quite dark) woodland and along the ‘new’ walkway. It was a simple and pleasant finish.  In The Tweseldown there was some comment, nay admiration, about the precision and quantity of marking around the trail but with some less clear markings. The Hare explained that some of the markings had been obliterated by idiots, licked by dogs, kicked by walkers and pecked by birds.  It was Cyclone who put him in his place by adding “Yes, and sloppy marking…”

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Next Hashes: Locations to be confirmed:

                        9 Dec 15 – Derrick Gray& Les Salmon

                        23 Dec 15 – Colin Crofts

                        6 Jan 16 – Tony Soane & Brian Langford




Hare: Colin Crofts (French Leave)

Hounds: John Elder (Seis Matters), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit and Nut), Jane Cox (Rs Over T), Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Steve Wheeler (Yorkie).

The first surprise of the event was that F&N was the first to arrive at the pub nestled in the back of beyond.  Next was Yorkie’s query about whether or not he was at the right event because he was obviously the youngest there (at 61) but soon he was followed by Easy Rider who clocked in at 60 and then the youngest by far at 21 was Rs Over T who lived up to her name just a couple of hundred yards from the finish.  Anyway, we set off having been told it was quite a long trail but not forewarned that there was much more than the last run as far as virticality was concerned.  And, by Jove, it was hilly –  both up and down.  It was anticipated that Yorkie and Seis would be the front runners and thus it was as they put in more running than the rest of us.  It was a great trail along many narrow footpaths occasionally getting out on to a bit of road or alongside houses but mainly through trees and some open country.  We crossed a goodly number of bridges over raging rivers (well, actually dribbling streams but raging rivers sound better).  There were a couple of fords that fortunately had bridges to keep our feet dry.  Half way round, F&N was castigated for blowing his horn from the back of the pack thus calling the searching front runners going back only to find themselves face to face with the wandering F&N.  The good point of this was that it meant it was easier not to lose him.  All got in just before darkness really set in after a run of just over four miles. A most pleasant gathering in the delightful surrounds of the Bat & Ball was enjoyed with great jollity - just a pity about the b!**dy awful roads in the area…

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Next Hash: 25 Nov 15 – Les Salmon (by popular selection at the Bat & Ball).





Hare: John Elder (Seis Matters)

Hounds Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit and Nut), Jane Cox (Rs Over T), Ian Angell (Hippo),  Derrick  Gray (Prime8), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Ann Holland (Clogs), Sue Figgis (Centre of Attraction), Sarah Nagel (Petal), Steve Nagel (Silvier) and Adrian Lambeth (Nettles).

Weather good. Turnout good. Trail short. Briefing short. So what could possibly go wrong?  “Trail not long in distance but it makes up by verticality…” were the words of the Hare. And, yes we did get up to 665 feet but we started at 398 so it was not  that much of an increase but then did go up and down many, many times – and some more.  Having crossed the A325 at a ‘safe point’ into the jungle beyond we were informed that the start and finish were both at the gate into the area.  So up we went and up some more.  By now Silvier was well on his way to getting off the trail but he was soon called back into line.  It was difficult for the scribe to report what went on for the first mile because once ‘up’ there was no way he was going to descend only to have to rise again.  He could hear the pack calling from below and could even see them on occasions and eventually we all met at the top for the first regroup. Nettles set off in the wrong direction (going up a bit more) but soon came back disgruntled because Silvier had actually made the correct decision this time and was now at the bottom of the hill on the other side.  So down we all went.  A tricky trail led the front runners astray for a bit but a gentle rising soon got us up the next hill to another regroup. By now, all appreciated that we were going to get up to Caesar’s Camp.  On the way, Centre of Attraction (back after eleven months away) threw her arms in the air in celebration and addressed herself as ‘FRB’ as she led the pack upwards once more. After another regroup it was downhill again and as we passed a family out for a pleasant evening walk we were reliably informed that we were miles from a pub.  He obviously recognised us for what we were.  From thereon it was apparent that we had now lost Silvier and Prime8 and Hippo were walking and F&N was still with us.  Wending our way down to the main road once more was not difficult and the sign showed which way back down we should go.  So, we did – apart from F&N who failed to make it back with the rest.  Most went straight to the pub but Seis was feeling responsible for the loss of F&N so he went off in search.  Some time later, as it was getting dark, Sony decided that he should go out and look for Seis. This is when it started to be a matter of concern for the pack was in danger now of going out searching for each other and all getting lost.  However, as advised and predicted by MR, F&N turned up having lost the trail and gone on too far…All ended well in The Royal Arms.

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Hare: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Case (Fruit and Nut), Jane Cox (Rs Over T), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Ian Angell (Hippo),  Derrick  Gray (Prime8), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Steve Osbourne (Wally) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone).

The weather shone on the hare while laying, but rain fell on the pack as they were about to set off. The sun is said to shine on the righteous – perhaps there’s a message here. We set off just about on time despite Wally’s objection to the trail being on ‘his territory’. Well, bollocks to that and after telling us how well he knew the area, he set off in the wrong direction. Ever Ready ran straight on to the correct path at the end of which was a short cut taken by Prime 8 and Hippo and the delayed F&N.  Easy Rider was the first to meet up with the true trail that took us down to a major junction of paths.  There was a certain floundering up front with a gesticulating Wally off again up the wrong way.  Meanwhile, AoT had spotted the short cutters who were off through the woods.  The trail meandered through pleasant (now almost sunny) tree land with Cyclone buzzing around as normal. Out into the open Wally went off muttering ‘I know where he’s going’ only to find he didn’t but he did manage to catch up half way up the hill.  By now French Leave was at the top and close to the first regroup. Full of confidence Wally ignored the general progression of pack into the woods beyond and remained on the main path going further up to the top and over into the woods to the fore. Now we headed out into the open again and the second regroup from where there were a good number of options.  After limited thought, Wally decided on his plan and shot off down the hill in the wrong direction.  French Leave and Ever Ready showed willing as did Easy Rider but it was AoT who headed in the right direction and the silent pack joined her as it progressed down the steep drop to the railway line. As he returned from errant wandering, Ever Ready cursed the generosity of the hare sending him up the wrong hill. No sight nor sound of Wally who had previously remarked how well the pack was calling now that he was with the pack.  Well, the pack was quiet for a while until Wally reappeared. He followed the front runners down a gully to a cross path.  Once more, full of his local knowledge, Wally was off in the wrong direction as the pack proceeded along a narrow, but discernable, path that eventually ended up at the top in a well-known wide open area for the last regroup. It was here that late-arriving Sony finally managed to find and catch up with us and had coincidently saved Wally from his aimless wanderings off- trail. Not to be outdone, Wally went off again into the distance full in the knowledge that he knew where the trail would be.  That was the last we saw of him until back at the car park.  Meanwhile F&N set off in almost the correct direction but Ever Ready diverted slightly on to the trail home.  There were great undulations on the way and once at the Old Guildford Road, the pack decided to take the dull, boring straight way home rather than the more pleasant, interesting route laid on in the wooded area beside the road.  So be it…

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Hare: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider).

Hounds: Les Salmon (Ever Ready) Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit) Colin Croft (French Leave) Tony Case (Fruit & Nut).

This report will be a little shorter than normal, and not only because our usual esteemed scribe is down under. This was a wet day, in fact Tsunami was mentioned, however the Hare bravely and without due consideration of his own wetness set off from a dreary Hawley lake which had merged onto the road, avoiding floating canoes, and returned praying that no one would turn up; and guess what, four brave, well meaning, committed, selfless, but daft hashers did. However all was not lost, a scan of their miserable faces through misted car windows implied many things, and with a suggestion from the Hare under an umbrella that perhaps we ought to go straight to the pub was met with squealing tyres and car tail lights quickly disappearing into the mist.  An enjoyable and longer than normal session was had in the comfortable surroundings of the Crown & Cushion.  

Next Hash:  No run on 30th September due to a lack of hares and hounds.




Hare: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue)

Hounds: Ian Angel (Hippo), John Elder (Seis Matters), Luke Ripley (Caboose), Lucy Earle (Chastity Belt), Charles Earle (Is neesisrbuggered), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Ray Darby (Honey Monster), Carol Mendalski (Kudu) and Steve Osborne (Wally).

MISSING: Fruit & Nut (who was apparently on the wrong side of the road and searching for our car park for ninety minutes without success).  Meanwhile, we welcomed the Earles to their first DH3 run and Carol Mendalski from South Africa who had not even heard of The Hash before!  Hereafter she is known as Kudu.  Well the weather was good but the car park somewhat full of landscapers and their vehicles as they worked on developing the car park.  Seis ran off over the road and straightway into the jungle where he was quickly called back on to trail by the following ER. It took not long for the assembled trailers to follow on and for Seis and Caboose to take off at the front.  The ensuing pause was soon put right by Caboose who now led us across the driver training area when he caused confusion as he stopped to re-tie his laces. It was ER who found the much disrupted, nay destroyed, mess of flour that had been a regroup. We regrouped. It was now CB who called us on along the black topped strip of intentional vehicle suspension testing. Soon, the fleet of foot passed along the main track totally ignoring the trail that departed through the woods on the left hand side – a much more interesting bit of running (or walking if preferred).  Interest in the trail continued with occasional comments from Wally about unmarked wire (of which there was much but none tripped any of us so that negated the Wally pronouncements).  The Hare was at hand to offer advice to those who preferred not to descend only to ascend soon after or demonstrate how to bypass wet patches. Towards the finish, it was Caboose who was too far forward and had to be called back by a lucky ER who spotted the skinny trail leading towards the Bailey bridge on the far side of the busy 323 and it was Honey Monster who acted as observer on the bent highway to see the later movers safely over. The trail was now in a most pleasant wooded area that ran alongside the canal.  The day before, there had been a rather nasty, slippery, tricky ditch crossing to negotiate, but this day there was a nearly finished bridge to see us safely over.  The back runners nearly went wrong when they went right and the helpful bridgers advised that left was better.  So, they went left and that eventually led them all the way back to where we started.  As ever, The Tweseldown looked after us well while quaffing quaffables in the garden.  Now here’s an unusual event heard by witnesses – Wally thought (out loud) that a good trail had been laid…

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Next Hash: 16 September –  –





Hares: Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit& Nut), Ian Angel (Hippo), Colin Crofts (French Leave), John Elder (Seis Matters) and Luke Ripley (Caboose).

We started with the rain from a one-blob check.  Seis dashed off from the park and disappeared while the rest wandered off on the opposite and perpendicular paths.  Caboose was favourite until he missed the trail while ER took an early lead. Deep into close countryside that became increasingly hilly soon had us wondering on our wandering.  Calling was good and justified as we arrived at the first regroup when a count indicated one Hound was missing – so we waited, but not for long as we knew Seis could manage on his own and waiting in the rain was no fun.  Once the ‘On’ was heard, the Assistant Hare marked the check but in the wrong direction and was rapidly and publicly castigated by Senior Hare.  MR returned from chasing wild geese and the pack proceeded further in the corrected direction but well spread out. As we approached the steepest, longest hill climb, Caboose was again in the front. As he reached the top, Sony was heard to say that there was a regroup at the top.  Well, there was but some way on before we reached the regroup.  Still no sign of Seis, and Hippo had taken the offered shortcut.  We waited while F&N caught up on the edge of the forest overlooking a wide open space. Only one was prepared to check down the slope as others retained their hard-earned altitude.  For once, F&N was well on trail and now the front runner – but not for long as MR flew down the slope and off into the woods below and up the other side.  His reluctant lead did not last long as FL stayed below on the trail that shortly turned off right and back up the other side of the hill down which we had just descended.  It was then that Seis reappeared after some 45 minutes of absence where he immediately re-assumed the front running.  Having reached the top once more, it became a fairly downhill run on home.  ‘Twas on the way down that the well recorded previous episode of ditch diving was repeated by MR but this time completely on his own and out of sight of all and without a ditch.  He apologises to any who may have heard his rather rude resulting cursing…

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Next Hash: 2 September –  –




Hare: Tony Soane (Sony Tone).

Hounds: Alan Jewell, (Easy Rider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue) and Tony Case (Fruit& Nut).

A select bunch waited in the hopes that maybe someone else may turn up but when they didn’t, we decided that going straight to the pub was not fair to the Hare so we humoured him by setting off on trail – well, two of us did until F&N was recalled. “Long straights.” We had been warned so we set off at a bit of a jog for it would otherwise have taken an age to reach the bend in the far distance.  Then it was walking along the next straight, followed by a further straight and then another – or two, followed by more (all long).  We eventually got off the wide paths and into the jungle following paths alongside lakes bearing swans.  Invitations to take short cuts were stupidly ignored for it started to rain from whence thoughts were for heading home.  It took us an hour to cover the 4.32 miles of trail, including a bit of false leadership from the Hare who had meant ‘right’ not ‘left’.  But, make it we did and finished up in the Frog and Wicket for an expensive, but pleasant, beer.  A pleasant way to spend a Wednesday afternoon…

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Next Hash: 19 August – Cyclone – Lower Bourne Cricket Club (GR849446)






Hare: Flash Gordon (Cruise Control)

Hounds: Derrick Gray, (Prime8), Les Salmon (Ever Ready) Alan Jewell, (Easy Rider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit& Nut), Jane Cox (Rs Over T) and Tony Soane (Sony Tone).

Location, good - weather, not-so-good. The Hare had arrived back from the US just hours before laying the trail and, with a straight face, he told us that the start was not behind him so we kept to the front and started hunting.  We searched, we looked we investigated, all the time getting further and further away.  Then the dulcet tones of Ever Ready called us on as he disappeared into the woods and started to take us down around a sharp left.  This led us to another sharp turn, this time to the right and uphill to another sharp bend to the left downhill to a further sharp turn to the right up the bloody hill again only to find ourselves back at the car park from which we had started.  The start may not have been behind him but the main trail was for we then set off down the hill to a multi-path clearing in the trees from which every which way was up. The short-cutting Primate wandered casually down the slope to join just in time to hear Rs-O-T call us on up.  On we went, on and on but the front runners were not following any flour and just leading us astray.  By now the rain had started, gently at first but developing enough for Primate to sympathise with a comment about the gardens needing the rain (this comment gave us not a jot of comfort as the rain increased). Thanks to the fiendish Hare he sent us back to the faraway last spot of flour and sent F&N up the hill followed by Rs-O-T who ventured up the left track.  Just as well as she was ‘on’ and after more undulation she was heard once more urging us on to the next check where chaos started once more sending hounds all over. This was a wicked trail laid by pure devilry. Not giving up, Easy Rider managed to get us back up and running for a while until he lost it again.  Suddenly, MR now found himself at the front but only until the next check and another junction of many paths that took him astray. And so we continued, with vertical undulations and horizontal waverings in a myriad of paths. It was with great relief that we realised we were nearly back at the start.  The rain had stopped and we were back after a fascinating trip in good time to venture on to The Harvester for replenishment.  It had been a good one…

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Next Hash: 5 August – Tony Soane – Bramshill Plantation Car Park (GR 760613)





Hares: Derrick Gray, (Prime8) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready)

Hounds: Alan Jewell, (Easy Rider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit& Nut), and John Elder (Seis Matters).

This report is going to be necessarily short for the main writer lost the trail as did the stand-in scribe.  At one point they met in the wilderness and agreed that they would keep vocal contact as they departed in different directions.  Then it rained.  Not lot. But just long enough to prevent any vocal communications.  Anyway, that was later.  We set off from the cars towards the Bailey bridge over the canal with the anticipated lead of Seis who on arrival at said bridge, indicated that it was barred.  By now Easy was on his way off to the right while MR pushed off into the woods where a new path was being forged.  F&N wandered in between until Easy called us on along a well designated path parallel to the canal.  There was a bit of searching but we progressed a short distance along the canal (actually beside the canal, not in it, innit?) Soon Easy got off track and Seis took over until he went wrong, too.  MR wandered off in another direction and F&N just wondered.  After a lot of searching and listening for calls, MR found himself on his own and what he got up to is not worth reporting apart from coming across Seis who was equally puzzled.  And that was when we made our pact that went wrong.  Anyway, all found their way back home safe and sound and got down the road to the Tweseldown that was most important.  By consensus it had been a good trail over some new and interesting paths…

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Next Hash: 8 July – Flash Gordon - Puttenham Car Park (GR 919462)




Hare: Alan Jewell, (Easy Rider)

Hounds: Colin Crofts (French Leave), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit& Nut), Derrick Gray, (Prime8), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), ‘Flash’ Gordon (Cruise Control) and Brian Langford (Cyclone)).

So, we’ve been wasting our time and effort ‘Booking In’ to use military training areas.  Now re-confirmed they may be used by the general public, in any numbers, but subject to some rules which we normally comply with anyway. Before starting F&N was forbidden to sound his horn throughout the course (which he obeyed!). The 444th started by crossing the road and going uphill with CC to the fore.  We soon turned right and followed the grassy path up to the top of the rise. The pattern now began to set: CC going off in the wrong direction, FL doing similar in another direction while the remainder waited patiently until ROT decided it must be straight over.  So over went we and down to the bottom where it was MR’s turn to go wrong.  Cyclone saved the moment and we ran off (NB RAN off) once more.  Soon we were at the aforementioned warned military camp that we circumvented without causing any upset to the military (didn’t actually see any soldiers or civvies either). We found the lake though and went along one edge where an overconfident MR went wrong again but was saved by CC who headed off towards Caesar’s Camp only to find that ROT and FL were already well ahead. After admiring the view MR and CC found the trail leading off down the most gentle of the fierce downhills.  Down and down again, ending up in the hilly woods above the A325.  It was here that CC took the low path while FL took the high way and MR stayed on the middle.  All three lost the trail.  Shouting from the top could be heard but nothing encouraging.  Mr now wandered on and suddenly found the trail once more. “ON” he cried and “ON ON” and again “ON ON ON” but all to no avail. So he sulked off back to the pub, following a perfectly laid trail that went right in to where we started.  By the time CC and FL turned up, MR was well on his way to collect his beer – and good it was, too… When the rest found their way home, chips were served and a welcome feast they we sat in the sunshine, quaffing and gobbling. It was an excellent end to an excellent trail. (For those interested, the score for the chips was 7 – you see, they were French Fries and not really Chips. Not everyone can be happy all the time).

On On

Next Hash: 8 July – Prime8 and Ever Ready - (GR TBN)





Hare: Colin Crofts (French Leave)

Hounds: Steve Osborne (Wally), Ray Darby (Honey Monster), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit& Nut), Ian Angell (Hippo), Derrick Gray, (Prime8), Alan Jewell, (Easy Rider), Les Salmon (Ever Ready) and Sarah Nagle (Petal).

We waited in the sunshine for the anticipated arrival of  F&N. Once he’d caught up and our safety briefing (‘Take care’ seemed to suffice) we were off over the sports pitch at the back of the car park with Wally eagerly to the fore.  Into woods and beyond and soon he was complaining about the lack of calling and the misunderstanding of his now infamous signs.  Moving on through the trees with Ever Ready wondering how his knees would last out and Easy Rider being criticized for failing to spot an obvious spot.  ‘W’ –  what’s that for? was Wally’s query as he nearly topped himself on the wire and he soon found out. By now Honey Monster was trying to get on with less complaining from his friend who continued to castigate the disregard for the rules.  It was not long before someone else took the lead leaving Wally now at the back of the pack bitching that no one called any back check.  If he’d been watching, he would have seen MR’s addition to the signage with his CUMBAK new sign that would not need any shouting and leaving Petal convulsed by great mirth.  However, when pointed out to Wally that it was not such a good idea to use signs in woodland he blamed the trees. It was felt appropriate that a record of Wally’s utterings and actions should be recorded for posterity:           

1. He was caught short cutting (now most of us would not care, but Wally failed to obey his own ‘rule’).
2. Self-admiration whenever he led the pack.
3. Claimed he was the only person calling even when waving wildly.
4. He admitted to racing.

5. He took obvious pleasure at being the first one home.

6. Continually complaining about Silvier and his cheating, lying, and his carefree attitude to hash rules in front of Petal who on return was going to question her wayward husband.

7. Constant complaining about one-blob-checks as being really, really, really idle.

On On

Next Hash: 24 June - Easy Rider - The Alma, 21 Alma Lane, Farnham, GU9 0LJ (GR 846494)                                DO NOT WEAR DEEPCUT SHIRTS!





Hares: Steve Osborne (Wally) and Ray Darby (Honey Monster)

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Jane Cox (Rs Over T), Tony Case (Fruit& Nut), Ian Angell (Hippo) Derrick Gray, (Prime80), Brian Holden (Confused dot com),  Alan Jewell, (Easy Rider), Mark Pattrick (Sensational Cyclist) and  Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

Climate could not have been much better.  Our newcomer, named Sensational Cyclist before even setting off on his very first Hash, spent most of his time well to the fore so kept having to return to the pack having checked out many empty potential trails – so, it was suggested that he should become simply ‘Recycled’ (only time will tell).  Anyway, we had a lecture on the Wally’s Conventions of Laying a Proper Hash Trail before setting off and that confused everyone including himself. Lots of arm waving and reminders of how it should really be done and we set off into the undergrowth into much unknown territory. Recycled led us off full of confidence and did well until he started his introduction to ‘Checks’.  There was lots of help from most of the pack (some having already left for a walking pace that was to be later taken up by many) so he was not lost in the outback. If all else failed, he only had to listen for the ice rattling in RsOT waterbottle. It was later proving to be a tricky trail and RsOT persuaded herself to investigate a long trail downhill because she could see two distinct blobs of flour before the dulcet tones of Ever Ready were heard in completely the other direction. Shortly after, Wally was shattered to see F&N at the front of the pack pounding along tooting his tooter  We were promised the sight of flying model aeroplanes in due course and in due course we arrived at the viewing regroup only find no sight at all of any flying masterpieces – or even pieces.  With heavy hearts and huge disappointment, before actually setting off, it was here that we were given Wally’s Health & Safety brief during which he failed miserably to mention the danger of Adders (Vipers to some). We set off again over some very pleasant open countryside and on to a rather too long, straightish, broad , flat roadway.  Once more we went into the woods and Easy Rider and MR were immediately confronted by Britain’s only ethnic poisonous snake.  On through a gate, we all went, to a huge area of beautifully manicured fields that had be carefully and magnificently tended by grass cutters.  Seems we were now invading ‘the sheik’s’ garden to add a bit of interest to the proceedings.  Another longish, openish, straightish bit took us to more interesting countryside with Wally wanting us to go faster as he needed his beer before 4.30 today not tomorrow.  He was put right as Deepcut just don’t do ‘fast’. He was also upset by those asking passing walkers if they had seen any blobs of flour; Oral Cheating, he called it.  Throughout he insisted we should use arm signals to save shouting but with his next breath accused us of failing to call and he calls Brian confused! Eventually we all made it in good form back from whence we started.  Then it was off to the Chobham Club where we later arrivers were delighted to find that we arrived just in time for the start of Happy Hour.  With beer at £2.25 a pint you may now understand our happiness. F&N eventually found us…and the way in…

On On

Next Hash: 10 June  – Probably Easy Rider- TBN (GR also TBN)





Hare:  Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue).

Hounds: Flash Gordon (Cruise Control), Jane Cox (Rs Over T), Tony Case (Fruit& Nut) and Sarah Nagle (Petal).

Wonderful Weather but only the Fabulous Five to enjoy the Terrific Trail.  Flash was designated front runner because the Hare would be no help, F&N would get lost  and RoT was not supposed to run.  So there he was – well to the fore all the time apart from his constant wish to follow all the false trails and even trails that didn’t exist.  Petal kept herself well positioned to take advantage of any Helpful Hare Hints.  So having waited four an extra five minutes in the hopes that maybe more Hounds would turn up the pack departed late.  Over the road to the south side with Flash shooting off up road ignoring the flour trail that was picked up (visually, not physically) by RoT.  A little later, Flash was back at the front and off up on another goose chase while Petal nearly found herself about to ascend unnecessarily.  Some way behind everyone was F&N blowing his horn and calling as though he was in the lead.  This pantomime continued for a while with Flash following his instincts to go up wrong paths. Having wended our way through the trees we came to a well-known junction of five paths for our first regroup.  Flash then took on the difficult steep uphill one while Petal looked about to go up another (but thought better of it) while RoT hit the right button and F&N tooted his horn for no apparent reason other than liking the noise. At the next check , Flash did it again (twice) while F&N led the girls astray (so what’ new?) and having gone wrong it was Petal’s turn to have a go. Anyway, it was Flash who eventually found the real way ahead and they were of almost at a run.  There was some pleasant running through sunlit trees and we then found ourselves at the second regroup not far from the bridge laying training area. Over the large open area we started with Flash now well-tuned in and leading a steady way ahead on to a concrete test bed for breaking shock-absorbers and knees. There was now some simple, pleasant jogging along a well-defined path in the trees for quite a long way to the next regroup. Having taken pity on Flash’s false followings he was pointed in the right direction and all followed until RoT spotted the move to the right  and we were soon overtaken by a speeding Flash who, believe it or not, went wrong at the end allowing the girls to take the lead once more.  RoT was encouraged by the Hare to ‘be brave’ as she pushed on to find the trail in.  Then it was all over with Flash finding he had run an extra mile than the length of the trail. The beer at The Tweseldown was just so welcoming…

On On

Next Hash: 27 May – Wally - Jubilee Hill Car Park, Chobham Common (GR 972645)

NB: Wally has arranged for admission to The Chobham Club for post-run drinks. Long trousers and clean shoes are appropriate and, presumably, clean shirts.  F&N is asked not to wear his short shorts.





Hare:  Flash Gordon (Cruise Control)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Lewis Soane (Even Number), Matthew Jones (NNY), Brian Langford (Cyclone),Jane Cox (Rs Over T), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Derrick Gray (Prime8), and Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue).

It was good to have Flash back in the fold after his last performance on 6 April 2011 when he laid a trail from Vicarage Road, Bagshot.  Your usual scribe was away on holiday so the report of his performance was somewhat brief “A good area, good trail, good fun.”  That was all.  Now for his return and latest performance.  Well, the skies over Deepcut wept tears of joy on him as he laid the trail.  For the pack, the tears stopped and the sun smiled once more.  The start was delayed giving strugglers through Frimley a chance to catch up.  “Over there,” said he with his arms wide out to the fore vaguely indicating the area of the married quarters.  So, off we went with MR and ER in totally the wrong direction while Sony soon cottoned on and we were called over to a path leading down the back of the HQ block and into fairly thick undergrowth. On the other side of the woods we stepped out into more sunshine at the fence to the Deepcut sports field.  The first regroup that gave a chance for Prime8 and RsOT (our two walkers) to catch up. Once again, MR took the wrong direction with several followers while EN and NNY got it right – but not for long.  The devious Hare took us into undergrowth and up to what was best described as a ‘dell’ where once more we rested at a regroup.  But there was no sign of the two walkers.  Wait too long, we didn’t.  It was EN who burrowed his way through the thick undergrowth to find the trail with Sony in hot pursuit and FL complaining of the dangers in the rough undergrowth.  Eventually we found ourselves at the back of the church and were soon crossing the Deepcut road.  Along and up the slope to the crossroads where we set off into the woods.  Over tricky ground we went with great undulations and twisting turns.  Our Hare had forgotten none of his trail laying skills.  Until that is the last part of the trail when he suddenly became most cruel to us.  “Straight along there but be careful of crossing the road,” instructed he as we looked in shock horror at the straight way home – how boring was that bit!  And long, very long. And hard very hard underfoot…  But then it was to the golf course where the beer was good, and the company quite excellent.  Altogether, a damned fine trail!

On On

Next Hash: 13 May -  Outridden Copse (Bourley Road GR 832510) - Mountain Rescue



FROM Queens Hotel, Selborne (GR741336)

Hare: John Elder (Seis Matters)

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit&Nut), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Lewis Soane (Even Number), Matthew Jones (NNY), Brian Langford (Cyclone).

It didn't bode well with six regulars emailing feeble excuses for non-attendance throughout the week. The hare determined that he would hash alone if it came to preserving the honour of the Deepcut Hash, however, that wasn't necessary as Sony brought along his two athletic friends - well younger than us anyway - by several decades. OK - many decades. One hare and seven harriers is a good quorum and we set off along the pavement north from the Queens Hotel. The first check had blown away (since the hare had laid the trail yesterday in sawdust) but it was the only missing mark. Easy Rider sniffed out the correct route across the road and the trail lead us into the 'desirable' end of Selborne: Gracious Street. With the temperatures climbing well above 23o C, there was a noticeable lack of enthusiasm, however, the young athletes lead the way to a rarely hashed trail towards Bush Down. The first regroup saw us, for a change, heading away from Selborne Common and the correct route lead further away. The youngsters were still in fine form and the hare instructed them on the finer points of hashing by leading them up the trail and showing them what a check-back looked like. This seemed to dishearten them for it was left to Ever Ready to lead the pack up a long, steep field edge to the second ROONB (Regroup of Outstanding Natural Beauty - apart from the hashers that is). Assuming that the hare would head for the highest point, the pack ambled up the nearest hill without paying any regard to the trail, despite Fruit'n Nut blowing his horn to the point of exhaustion down the hill. The youngsters then had a great time with Even Number first finding the route and Matthew going astray, then Matthew finding the route and Even going astray. This seemed to demoralise them totally, for now we were back into the jungle of Selborne Common and Easy Rider suddenly leapt to the front where he maintained his position, despite falling for every trap that the hare had set. Easy lead us into the third ROONB. One hour and a few minutes had elapsed so the hare gave the option of a short-cut home and suddenly, after 60 minutes of lethargy, the pack became galvanised and with his experience of campaigns in the Tropics, Fruit'n Nut shot to the fore and lead the pack home.

For once, the Queens had not run out of beer and we could sit in the garden, bathed in glorious sunshine whilst F'n N, without the restraining influence of Mountain Rescue, attempted to thank the hares since by this time Janet'n John, the hare's wife, had turned up demanding a drink.

So until next time, On On

Next Hash: 29 April 2015 ?????????




Hare: Colin Crofts (French Leave),

Hounds: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit&Nut),  Derrick  Gray (Prime8), John Elder (Seis Matters), Sarah Nagle (Petal), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Soane (Sony Tone), Helen Schwake (Stiffy) and Tom Schwake (Colonel Chit).

It started well with the welcome of Stiffy and Col Clint, two visitors over from Germany.  Overcast, cool but not cold that was the weather. The brief warned of a length of serious shig and a longish, boring-ish bit and three regroups. The indicated RV on the web map was wrong but we coped with that.  Into the woods with Seis leading and Stiffy not far behind.  Hadn’t gone far when the first check checked our progress.  Shortly, we were off again with a change of lead with Col Chit showing off that he was just as fast as Seis and on this occasion, more accurate and late Petal did well to catch us up so quickly.  The area was drying out nicely and firm underfoot.  We progressed through ‘untidy’ countryside which soon had Sony (b)itching because the gorse was getting at his naked legs.  There was now debate as to whether or not we should proceed towards the school that we had been warned would be avoided.  We heeded the warning and continued up the side of the main road and then turned back into woodland beyond.  Narrow paths soon gave out into wider passages and there before us was THE SHIG.  This soon proved to be not a problem as the careful probed for a safe way out of the real shig.  During the probing MR had a shoe sucked from his foot as things started to change for the worse.  Apparently on safe-ish ground MR confidently strode on, carefully making sure that there was some real substance to the ground underfoot. Selection made and he was up to his knees.  Body still moving forward, second foot too slow to withdraw from sucking mud resulted in a squirming, writhing body gaining great quantities of adhering stickiness.  He managed to extract himself eventually with a helping hand from Sony, only to be greeted by great mirth at the regroup.  Then a plaintive cry for help was heard.  It was Ever Ready who had taken the high road to bypass the shig.  In getting there, he discovered an electric fence that jolted his progress only to find that he was now on the wrong side of a very thick hedge of holly and a barbed wire fence beyond which was more holly and gorse.  Four good Hashers went to his aid (while the rest laughed) and managed to get him back to the pack complete with his clean shoes.  So now it was time to get home around the pond and back to the car park to finish a very good trail.  Mr Bumble gave us hospitality and a jolly gathering indulged.

So until next time, at Selborne, On On

Next Hash: 15 April 2015 – John Elder – Queens Hotel, Selborne (GR741336)





Hares: Alan Jewell (Easy Rider),

Hounds: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Tony Case (Fruit&Nut),  Derrick  Gray (Prime8), John Elder (Seis Matters), Sarah Nagle (Petal), Ian Angell (Hippo), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Matthew Jones (NNY), Steve Osborne (Wally), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Soane (Sony Tone) and Lewis Soane (Even Number).

Perfect weather for Hashing; sunny, warm, not-too-wet underfoot and avoidable where the puddles were plentiful so all looked good until the start.  Off we set directly into the woods, but no flour to be seen.  After hundreds of yards we were called back by the Hare who indicated a path off on the right into the trees.  Still no flour.  With Hare encouragement we continued further into the deep jungle where a certain sogginess started.  Still no flour and the Hare was becoming baffled.  On we went, and on some more and it was now apparent that some ‘irk’ had carefully and successfully obliterated all signs of the trail.  At one point it could be seen that a motorcyclist had purposefully ridden off the road to destroy the marks, leaving only the tyre marks as evidence. So the Hare was forgiven and not to be beaten, the pack eventually picked up the trail that suffered less damage from here on. Seis, as ever, was at the front as were young Even Number and his friend (Matt) who were both proving to be fleet of foot.  We were taken through what we thought may be familiar territory but we found ourselves on different paths and in interesting countryside.  We were ‘Wallied’ much of the way with lectures on how trails should be properly laid, how his flailing arms were better at indicating where to go (or not to go) than a shout, that the Hare (who he knew) would never go up ‘that’ hill or through mud – both of which proved to be very wrong and so he went on. Meanwhile French Leave for a change was leading us along quite nicely.  It came to mind that Wally was trying to beat everyone back, ‘despite his long period of no running and carrying an injury’.  Everyone else had been taking shortcuts whereas he had been on the trail the whole timeDear Reader, are you getting bored with this Wallyism?  If not, you should be because we were… However, I want those who were not there to get just as bored as we were. The three walkers were now home again and witnessed the arrival back of Wally and the youngsters who let him overtake.  Then blow me down, as the tailenders approached the car park who should be running back to join them?  Yup, it was him again, this time to sneak on the ‘sinners’ and make sure we knew what dastardly deeds they had been up to.  Didn’t have the heart tell him that we didn’t have down downs anymore but I did let him know that I didn’t give a s---!  Anyway, it was a splendid trail that ended up with us (less Wally) at the Crown and Cushion where we were treated by a generous Sony to really excellent chips. Thank you Sony after your long awaited return to our pack.  Now, the chips were so good but the beer was charged at £4.05 so fellow Hashers, be warned… looks like The Ely next time…

On ON until:

Next Hash: 1 April 2015 –                                                     





Hares: Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue),

Hounds: Tony Case (Fruit&Nut),  Derrick  Gray (Prime8), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Brian Langford (Cyclone), John Elder (Seis Matters} and Sarah Nagle (Petal).

The sun shone and the prickly bloomin’ gorse was.  There were few to enjoy the outside entertainment and there is not a lot to report.  Seis set of with great confidence and soon led the pack to the first check where he quickly went wrong.  Cyclone took the wrong path and F&N sauntered up another.  Seis came back from the check back but did not initially see the narrow path leading off through the undergrowth.  Then he was on and led the pack once more with his faithful followers following.  But both Sies and ER soon went off at a tangent again and this gave all the rest a chance to catch up. However, the Hare did not realise what was going on and thought that Seis and ER were well ahead so he helped Petal by indicating the correct path to take.  Then the errant two appeared from behind and that saved them another wasted false trail to check out. With the day’s favourite two front runners still at the front, they arrived at the next check.  Going straight on was too obvious so they did and went straight ahead and off into the woods.  It was on their way back that ER now spotted the trail on the far bank of the big (well, not that big) ditch and he hopped over, now closely followed by Seis.  They were both wrong and meanwhile the rest arrived at the newly re-surfaced closed car park.  What a waste was the main thought as the park is so seldom used nowadays. Primate was now investigating over the road and called the pack over to the first regroup.  The pattern had been set with Sies starting off in the wrong direction and F&N doing likewise elsewhere. ER, having learnt his lesson, was reluctant to adventure too far but after a Hare Hint he looked over the small bridge and then he was off at a pace.  By now, Seis and Petal were to the fore when they came upon an uphill up which they rose.  The rest took the easy path round the bottom and they all met on the far side.  Seis, off like a shot, missed the trail marked off the main  path, while ER took the correct path for the first part but then failed to see the trail going on up the slope.  He went the boggy way, and the prickly way, while the others met on the top for a regroup, a rest, an appreciation of the view while they wondered what had happen to F&N. Seis went down one way, ER another with Petal following the latter because he was ‘On’. But now the two front runners erred once more but soon found the right way up the steep hill to our front.  By now, Primate sensibly decided another hill of that ilk was a non-starter so he headed for home.  And the rest?  Well the planned trail didn’t happen from here because the Army were carrying out some serious sounding training and we kept to the outside edge of the area in order to get home un-shot.  The Tweseldown was able to assuage our thirst as they normally do.

On ON until:

Next Hash: 18 March 2015 – Easy Rider, Hawley Lake (GR  839579).






Hares: Tony Case (Fruit&Nut)

Hounds:  Derrick  Gray (Prime8), Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Colin Crofts (French Leave), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Ian Angel (Hippo), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Jane Cox (Rs Ovet Tit), Brian Langford (Cyclone) and Holly Jewell (Prickle).

Well, what a change in the weather – bright sunshine, temperature up to 11 degrees and a slight breeze. Ever Ready (ER 2) rudely asked Easy Rider (ER 1) if the young lady with him was his granddaughter.  Once mirth was suppressed we were reliably told that it was to be a short one so said the Hare, and so it turned out to be. ER 2 set off enthusiastically down the hill and into the training area while the less enthusiastic paused. AOT decided she wanted to go into the woods which excited Primate who volunteered to join her.  French Leave decided to start going up to the right and that was the general feeling of the pack where we met again at the top of the path.  MR was looking down all the potential ways to the right while Cyclone checked left.  As there was no one else checking up the more obvious choice to the very pinnacle FL pressed on to find he was indeed on trail but sadly led us all down t’other side where ER 2 was awaiting.  It was MR who took on the challenge to go up to the next top but was called back down. Half way down again, it seemed the pack was returning up so MR proceeded to the very top only to see the pack moving off again in the opposite direction.  The pack next regrouped and awaited the arrival of the Hare.  Off went AOT into the woods once more with Primate amorously in pursuit.  From our distance all we could see was AOT standing in the distance with her arms outstretched as though awaiting his embrace and Primate actually trotting, nay RUNNING, to join her – was is a sign of  adoration or just a barred false trail?  The rest of the pack didn’t wait to see – we all knew Primate would tire after such a spurt.  So now a simple trail took us back in the general direction of home.  MR didn’t believe we were just going home already so went over the main path, leaving the following ER 2 to check right,  Having gone too deeply into the jungle we were recalled by the rest of the pack who were now nearly back at the car park.  It all ended with ER 1 going back with Prickle for a walk as the rest of us celebrated the shortest trail of our existence.  It was enjoyable though… as was the resuscitation in Mr Bumble’s bar

On ON for now…

Next Hash: 4 March 2015 - Mountain Rescue




Hares:  Derrick  Gray (Prime8) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready),

Hounds: Colin Crofts (French Leave), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Ian Angel (Hippo), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider), Tony Case (Fruit&Nut) and Sarah Nagle (Petal).

It was so cold.  Freezing.  And windy.  And damp.  And miserable.  With just seven minutes to start there were the two Hares and MR.  Then French Leave arrived followed by Petal.   Then Easy Rider hurtled round the corner with shortly following disgruntled Hippo and F&N who had been waiting at the lower car park.  The briefing warned us of the dangers of crossing the motorway, the railway, of the brambles and barbed wire, the busy main road at the start and general excessive shigginess of the lengthy trail that was boring in parts.  By now not only demoralised but chilled to the bone, it was a reluctant pack that made for the main road where we experienced a further chilling while waiting for a gap in the fast moving traffic.  Then on the far side of the road MR and Petal started to run, sadly in the wrong direction.  Called back by Easy Rider (ER 1) we set off up the road for a bit before turning into the wooded area out of the wind – what brief joy that brought.  By now, ER 1, closely followed by Ever Ready (ER 2), set off into a large field of dead grass and sog (very spongey it was).  By now, all but ER 1 were through the field with the gate closed when the cows (and there were many) took an interest us and crowded around the gate and gave us and amazing sample of their choralistic cow communication.  Meanwhile, ER 1 was concerned about his safety with all those mothers and their offspring.  He managed to make it through the gate to the raucous cacophony of the much lowing herd. Then it was onwards along the country road to a check back where we had to go once more through exceeding underfoot sogginess.  There was a huge puddle right across the road followed by a ditch to be traversed.  With MR (now quite well known for his ditch-jumping ability) at the front, there was an audible sigh of disappointment when he safely made it across.  Through a tunnel under the motorway we proceeded and on to a check where FL set off right while MR went straight on.  It seemed FL was correct so that left MR to get back which he did.  However, F&N, not realising MR had checked the road ahead kept going just that bit further to find he was really on.  The other two by now were well into more sogginess in the field below and were reluctant to go all the way back when they could still see and hear the pack proceeding above them.  The time came when they had to try to rejoin the pack and this meant ascending a steep and very prickly long slope.  At the top the trail went down the other side and meandered over a BMX trail of great undulations that resulted in ER1 complaining of sea sickness.  Up it was now, just to get back to the level at which we had been before.  Then into the “boring” bit we found ourselves and we took a circuitous journey through a housing estate and back under the motorway before following main roads and a last bit of jungle path back to the car park.  The selected hostelry was the Station in Fleet where Hippo agreed to meet us on the understanding that their beer was up to standard or he would go home – it wasn’t so he did while the rest of us suffered with Doombar and Guinness…

On ON until next time.


Next Hash: 18 February 2015 – Tony Case – King’s Ride, Camberley (GR 875623).




Hare: Brian Langford (Cyclone).

Hounds: Colin Crofts (French Leave), John Elder (Seis Matters), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Ian Angel (Hippo), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready), Tony Case (Fruit&Nut) and  Libby Ralph (Old Thumper)..

At least it wasn’t raining but the wind was cool, nay, COLD. Off up to the main road where we turned left and followed Seis down the hill for a while until he’d had enough as he disappeared to the left into the woods.  He reappeared shortly but now followed the dulcet call from OT who was now well further on before she, too, turned left into the woods along a muddy, narrow path.  We were soon caught up by the late arriving French Leave as we followed the way along the wooded hillside and then, then we, Oh Lordy, we found ourselves at the bottom of the hill to end all hills; a near vertical rise of some considerable vertical rise.  Well, we made it panting hard as we found the first regroup.  MR managed to find a false trail while OT once again managed to find the lead – again.  There was a pause while a search for progress was made and we ere off once more only to find the third blob followed by a false marker.  Consternation from the deceived was met by “I never could count” from the Hare.  By now Ever Ready was off into the outback only to find OT was right again and in the opposite direction..  Now on a long wide and well paved path we were assailed by several dogs.  Fruit&Nut now sound his hooter to let us know he was not only at the front but on the right trail.  This brought a comment from Rs O T that “So, there is life after death…”   For some while we followed the main drag, checking the paths off to the left.  At the third attempt, MR tried going the gate to find that he was on Trail through some pleasant (but still cool) heather land.  This gave way to treacherous undergrowth that was full of briar threads across the way that grasped and tore and pricked and cut those foolish enough to cross the area (all of us!).  Once more OT led us on the surge forward having left Easy Rider checking out on his own.  Another check, another leader as Seis now took off into the distance leading us uphill where he was found to be bewildered by a lack of flour.  Full of confidence, MR found the trail leading off to the right but the rest of the pack called on to the left – so much for following the trail the wrong way… then he found himself on the wrong side of two fences.  So much foolishness in such a short time.  Eventually we finished up back at Dene Lane that took us back to the cars. On then to the Fox for a very welcome (and much deserved) pint.


Next Hash: 4 February 2015 –  Derrick Gray & Les Salmon –  Fleet Pond top car park GR 831554
                                                                                                 (Turn off A3013 over rail bridge and turn left).





Hare: Colin Crofts (French Leave)

Hounds: John Elder (Seis Matters), Derrick Gray (Prime8), Richard McAllister (Mountain Rescue), Brian Langford (Cyclone), Ian Angel (Hippo), Jane Cox (Rs Over Tit), Alan Jewell (Easy Rider) and Les Salmon (Ever Ready).

The rain tried but failed (thankfully) as we set off downhill from the car park.  Seis got us off on the right track on the left but it was ROT who spotted the trail leading off as we wended our way up through the trees and parallel to the main track below us.  For a while we proceeded along the trail until it crossed the main track with MR now to the fore leading the pack to the top of the rise.  Once at the top it was along a level path to a wide open area where checking was checked, searched, rechecked and eventually trail found leading to the first of three regroups.  Seis again set off taking us further into the woods where we were first confronted by friendly dogs and later a horse with rider.  It was now beginning to become apparent that this was a tricky trail – so tricky that Seis failed to turn up at a regroup for an age. Fairly frequent sudden changes of direction led the front runners on much wasted effort.  At one stage MR found himself facing the oncoming pack and the hunt for the true way ahead proceeded.  With some delay the problem was solved and the hare was overheard to say that he wondered how it was that Hippo managed to be on trail quite so often and decided that he must be a mind reader. The hare was somewhat relieved to see that Ever Ready and Prime8, our two walkers, were well able to keep up with the frequently lost runners.  Then we came across the first of several ‘human interference’ problems where the trail had been obliterated.  However, we managed to find our way with ‘pathfinder’ Easy Rider now leading us into a deep shiggy path leading towards the lake. But to the lake we never made as the trail took off uphill again and we found ourselves by the Engineers bridge-building practice ditch. By now, all the runners had found themselves at the front by accident or design which was a reflection on the deviousness of the trail.  As darkness descended rapidly in the woods, it was a bit of a relief to find the On Inn sign and everyone home safe and sound.  Those who were able went on to Mr Bumbles to celebrate another successful trail with a friendly and enjoyable quaff…or in some cases, two.


Next Hash: 21 January 2015 –  Brian Langford (Cyclone) – Lower Bourne Cricket Club (GR 849446).